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Messenger: rootz Sent: 11/5/2008 2:01:43 PM

what-m deh mi i-dren and sistren,

i consider myself a baby rasta because i feel like i've yet to know a lot and the more i go into this reasoning room and read all these posts, the more i feel like what i've known hasn't been much. it hasn't been much AT ALL! i'm the type of gyal who wears skinny jeans and nice tops and plait my hair(braid extensions etc) coz im black. i cant help thinking im fake calling myself a rasta when im doing the things im doing. i didnt know how else to ask for advice so i decided to start this topic and hope you all can feed me with knowledge of being a true sistren. i can feel the sistren in my blood but i dont know how to go about with things. lately i've been thinking to pack away my jeans and start wearing the skirts and the head wraps... i didn't really want dreads but lately i find myself having this unexplainable longing to plant them... i just threw all these feelings out and i hope someone out there feeds me because im eager to know more.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 11/5/2008 4:37:36 PM

Sistren the first thing I will say to the I is that no one can rise you in RasTafarI but you, there are Ites who will help you and reason with you and show you the many ways of Selassie I, but ultimately its down to you to rise. You have to know for yourself who RasTafarI is and what RasTafarI means to you and when those things become the most important to you, material things of skinny jeans & latest trends will fall away. These are only garments we wear when taste commands the heart but when the spirit takes over Sister, what a joy you will feel and what a freedom you will have; you won't even need them jeans & stuff. RasTafarI is not for those who do see His Majesty for themselves, those who do not love and praise HIM.
This is a holy incient order and the feeling comes from within. Let reason and spirit take over your sights. If you pack away the jeans and things but your heart is not with Jah but in those fashion objects then you are wasting your time, wearing skirts and turbans will never make you a Daughter of RasTafarI until and unless you find the Father, Selassie I, put HIM first in all things and the rest will come naturally. You are not here to be fed but to rise - its not like an infant who is spoon fed but its about having an active relationship with the Most High. If you feel I burn fire, know that I burn fire for purification and for the rising of the I.
Ises High,
Selassie I Iternal Fire

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 11/5/2008 4:45:09 PM

Inside out!


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 11/6/2008 7:16:03 AM

Hi Daughter.

Don't worry about changing your look for now... your look will change to manifest your rems (meditations / reminiscences) and it will be the best fashion choice ever made... because it will have been made for you, and will be the best look that suits you because it is your natural look, the way thee I was born and created to look. You shall manifest your own representation. This is one of the joys. As far as feeling like a fake... well, the feeling is not invalid. It is always easy to say rasta these days... it is like being a punk, or a skater, or a rocker, or a hippie or whatever... "rasta" is also the name of a fashion sub culture that models itself from the glories of InI "she maketh herself coverings of tapestry, her clothing is silk and purple" (proverbs 31:22). Fortunately for InI, we don't have to seek these things, they are our reward for seeking our heart of virtue as Daughter Zion. We are denied nothing in virtue. Selassie I lives.

But the point is, I would cease referring to yourself as rasta until thee I actually identifies thee Iself as such in reality. Feeling like a fake will only manifest doubt which is an anti-clockwise circle.

My advice is this... read as many things as you will stumble upon. If you don't have the urge to do this, then give up now... it is probable that you are not RasTa. But if thee I picks up things and one leads to another, and the thirst and hunger grows, then read as much stuff that you feel is related to your existence on the planet to date. When reading, search for yourSelf within the knowledge. Don't just take this as they are presented... look for things that ring true and above all... take yourSelf seriously!!!

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/6/2008 10:50:16 PM

"Leave your NETS and follow H.I.M."

Messenger: rootz Sent: 11/9/2008 12:48:55 PM

give thanks. your advice is warmly appreciated! that is very enlightening what you say! stay blessed!

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