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Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/31/2008 7:25:33 PM

Blessed Love
Something funny happened today, I was in a lecture on Identity and Difference today and it was abt sub-cultures and how they can be political movements against mainstream thought. So the lecturer starts to talk abt the influence of the RasTafarI movement and on the powerpoint presentation she'd written Rastafarians believe Haile Sellasie I will be reincarnated to come and free the Rastas from Babylon. I laughed when I saw this and immediately put up I hand in defence of I Father, I Self and I Way of Life. I corrected her and told His Majesty is the RasTafarI King, there is no reincarnation when HE is God incarnate descendant from the line of Solomonic Kings. JAH won't come to free I because HE already did. The woman was amazed HIS Majesty came from this line & said in the future she'd want to know more abt the spiritual significance of His Majesty. I went to to explain why the importance of the invasion of Abyssinia and what it meant for early RasTafarI rising as a sub-culture in the UK esp with the influences of Garvey & Bob Marley.
This class never fails to proove one thing over and over again to I, that there is a serious need to overhaul the education system and correct the mis-information being taught to young people. Having a degree out of such misguided education is like having no degree at all because your judgement of the world is still poor and you don't know the Truth. In this class I really like to talk and ask controversial things because its important for I n I to take back the knowledge - not just accept Marxism or Freudian thought as a rationale of the world. Too many times it talks abt culture from a White British perspective - not the fault of the lecturer (she's a very nice Mauritian lady who always encourages people to think). Its just evidence of the fact that the books we read and ideas we call cultural theory are made by educated White men - most of whom are dead and never entertained the possibility of what a Black person's reality might be or what knowledge I might have. Why are Haile Selassie I's speeches not taught in philosophy or politics classes even those specifically about Black/African studies? Why is Marcus Garvey seen as an Afro-Caribbean hero but never a mainstream revolutionary? Why is Bob's music considered political & intellectual, but at the same time the RasTa is looked down upon in society? The educational struggle is a heavy, but essential struggle that's got to be fought until I n I get the full recognition within academic discourses. And I am speaking of RasTafarI but not ignoring that there are also many other world cultures that take second place to White European mainstream culture. A culture that loves to consume difference and loves "ethnic" things because they are trendy, but this Babylon culture would never want to be on equal footing with I n I because they know the truth, truth being I n I have knowledge(s) that could overturn all of their theories and ideologies and prove them wrong. So as I see it, the mission for those of I n I in this educational struggle who aspire to become academics; is to re-educate and shift the gaze from a dominant White Western gaze to a more grassroots overstanding of the world, a re-education that incorporates I n I philosoiphy and overstanding of the world.

Hail HIM High
Bless Up!

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 11/3/2008 9:17:50 AM

praises for truth dear sistren

I always tell the youth I teach and mine own, it is individual responsibility to get education, and by all means go to college, but under no circumstances do you allow "them" to educate you


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Haile Selassie I