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A Poem 4 U

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Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 10/15/2008 12:49:25 PM

Birth of a New Day

Some times change
When you can
Watch the world evolve
Like autumn leaves
A vivid reminder that
Summer is over
In the dead of night
When old things
Remind you to renew
Pants are longer
And days are shorter
Green sleeves instead of thumbs
The road is long
Hitchhikers look for warmer galaxies
Slums become villages
As home fires burn in
Empty oil barrels and
Strays get out their best behavior
In order to be
Brought in from the cold
And feast on scraps
Give a dog a bone
Find an orphan a home
Spare some change for salvation
How great was the sacrifice of Judas
To be remembered as a villain
For helping a child go back home
With a broken heart
To a father’s love
Only a sinner is afraid to die
Only a heathen calls Earth home
Angels live in Heaven
For in my father’s house
There are many mansions
Death is only the beginning
Life is for the living
Eternity is for immortals only
Mortality is for the morbid
What good is a body
Once it has been discarded
By a free spirit
Decay is for fungi
How can you be saved
If you’re still apologizing
For things you know are wrong
How can you be sorry
One day a week
For what you’ll do tomorrow
And the next day
Holy men called Jesus a heretic
For healing sinners
On the Lord’s day
And calling God Father
So that the saved could one day
Give babies god-fathers
On their christening day
Wash me in the waters
Of Saint John Baptist
To put out the hell fire in my eyes
Because I see doom’s day
Mushroom clouds raining blood
The day after judgment day
Those who fear death
Don’t deserve it
I pray for Heaven to call
And say my work here is done
This life is bittersweet
Like swallowing a book of secrets
While being told a pack of lies
Sold a bedtime story
Designed to give me nightmares
To get me to open my eyes
Don’t wake me
I’m dreaming
Can’t you feel
A brand new day
Goodbye yesterday
Good morning heartache
Like a penny with a hole in it
Slavery left empty spaces
On the face of freedom
Copper colored feet and
Wooly pads of hair
Shepherds facing a king
Leading sheep to the birth
Of a child of God
Born from the womb of a woman
Humbled by the words of an angel
Made to walk to the land of their forefathers
To be counted
Because a change was coming
A king would lead them
To the land promised to them
Searching for the freedoms
Written in the laws
But never extended to them
Refusing to accept
That there was no room
For a king
Who dreamed of a world
Where a child
Born of two worlds
Could become
A leader of former slaves
And a shepherd of sheep
Even as the wolf
Tried to separate the flock
Wise men kneeled
After following a star
To where angels stood guard
And the humblest of beginnings
Saved a race of men
Who always knew
God was coming
To save them
On judgment day

Let the sinner
Be sinful still
And the righteous
Be right
In the end
At the dawn
Of a brand new day

By M-prez Sunshyne

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/15/2008 5:05:56 PM

Nice to sight the I again, give thanks for the fire wordsound, such vivid images. It takes just 26 letters to make sense of the world, and 26 to start a revolution and question those that purport to be the holderes of knowledge and disbelievers in the Inciency of Scripture. Praises Sister.
JAH Live, Zion Live

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Haile Selassie I