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Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/12/2008 5:22:40 PM


The one who when grown would be
King of sky all lands and seas
When issued from his mother's womb
As wisdom's child, salvation's groom
Betoken the end of a consuming droughtı
That scourged young princes and princesses mouths
When the rain began to fall
Captive souls were disenthralled
Like water baptism, that Christian rite
Which washes one of sinful life
And restores to one in purest form
The life intended for one when born.
Ebon maids and Ethiopian Rases,
The nobles and the enthralled masses,
The flora and fauna, all things living
Were cleansed before they met their king.
Comets and celestial bodies did agree
To show some sign in astrology.
Like the three Magis, the Zoroastrians
Signs were given to the Ethiopians.²
Since in the year thirteen and two nines
Astrologers were seeing signs
Pluto they say and Neptune
Were gliding towards each other would meet soon.
Their soon was in years four hundred and ninety three
Then the planet would meet their destiny.
When met (this I'm glad I know)
Would influence the constellation Leo,
The sign under which with body bloody-wet
The baby issued forth from Yeshimabet ³
This birth was the literal fulfillment
Of anciently written prophetic statements
Contained in the book, the Holy Bible
Or the Metshaf Kidus to the Ethiopian people.
Hidden somewhere in Isaiah 9:6
Is that prophecy; that quint-essential promise
Of this child who would grow to rule
As no ambition's slave or time's fool.
At a tender age his biological mother died
Out of love and compassion the infant cried
"Oh, lady of a thousand, divinely chosen,
Mother of all chaste and virtuous women
Blessed of the women of the earth
Thy task is completed in giving birth.
Oh woman of a thousand, blessed of the earth
Your endured pains have brought others mirth."
The child at a very tender age
Developed the discipline and knowledge of a sage,
As he advanced in youthful years
His knowledge and mien surpassed his peers.
As one pen wrote and I agree
He is the actual personification of majesty.
His astute comprehension and quick insight
Proved him a youth strikingly bright.
Even his tutors and instructors were all amazed,
"Could so many wits be in so little days?"
Lalibelan4 priests in cathedral carved of rock
Were left in states of virtual shock
When they confronted Lij trying subtly
To catch him in acts of blasphemy.
As Iyasus Christos5 and the priests in Jerusalem
So Lij Tefari6 was seated among them
Relating biblical narratives with intricate details
He told about the war in Tsion and why Satan failed
Then revealed secret markings on the Ark, Igziabeher's7 throne
"Those esoteric knowledge to mortals were never made known"
Said one priest but still listened on
As he narrated stories of Moses and Aaron
And expounded on Miriam's curse and the reason
When she opposed Moses and the Ethiopian's union
"Some things cannot be fathomed by man
Amlak holds the ultimate plan
Ethiopia was then with Israel made one
By the union of Moses and the Ethiopian"
Not that Israel was favored most and Ethiopia less
If so then Amos 9:7 would be just a jest.
Then the priests were more engrossed
When he touched the preaching of the cross
"This hand carved, T-shaped piece of wood
In veneration never should
Be placed; for this act done
Is contrary to commandment one.
Furthermore, scriptures stated clearly
That the Negus8 was hanged on a tree.
And Rastas use a tree as burnt sacrifice
But not to venerate and to fetishise
So if you must follow some custom
The use of the tree is a better one."
Then as the youth related priests and monks listened
Suddenly the saintly halo around his head glistened,
But his words attracted more attention
than any outward sign or prognostication.
Then he spoke about the thousands, how they were fed
With two fish and five loaves of bread
Then some shrewd priest ask why and how
A man living to the Nazarite vow
Would take five loaves and feed the mass
With two hasar and two carass
"Note this Abba, in biblical literature
This is called a metaphysical metaphor."
Then he spoke of the death and the resurrection Placed emphasis on the crucifixion.
If one man must die for the rest to survive
Then all were dead before he came alive.
And if when see God's face a living man must die
What death was it then to see God die.
It is argued in the faith of Islam
That Adam was the superior man
'Cause while he was made by God's own hand
The Negus issued from a mortal woman.
But not from whence thou come makest thou great
'Tis thy intrinsic principles, thy inherent faith.
This was epitomised by the self-same youth
Who was David's offspring and David's root.
The word acquire currency in Ethiopia's land
This mystic youth had at his command
Ken of things past, current, what will be
Biblical fulfillment and prophecy.
Consequently all reverence was given
To this Lij at the age of seven
'Twas heard that this youth used to chat
With dogs, lions, and other jungle cats
Just like Abba Samuel9, the Ethiopian hermit
Lonely animals would go and visit.
At thirteen, they made him politically attached
By giving him the post of Dejazmatch.10
Meanwhile, his his abat was becoming convinced
That he should be the governor of Harar11 province.
Though his knowledge allowed, the protocols of the state
Decreed a little more time he should wait
And partly by Taitu's12 treachery
To secure the post for her own family.
But when the time was ripe, the post to him was given
And his cousin Lij Yasu was made the King.
Lij Yasu acted unbecoming an Ethiopian King
By choosing to become a Muslim.
Then in Allah's name with sabre and gun
He created havoc and destruction.
He wrought the same as Ahmed Gran13
Also a follower of the Holy Quran.
Innocent lives faced sudden demise
Simply because they wouldn't compromise.
Then when the clergy found it necessary
They called for the young prince Rastafari.
Knowing if you must fight youthful conceit
Use his victor, maturity discreet.
"Fight you must to defend this throne
Passed down to us by King Solomon14
Ethiopia Was always a Christian dynasty
We can't surrender to a Muslim infantry."
Rastafari marshaled his troops in neat array
To fight the Battle of Sagalle.
Iyasu was out-maneuvered by this great tactician
Who to some was nothing more than a magician.
When Iyasu was caught he was placed in prison
To indulge with food and fair maidens
Just to keep him away for the sake of peace
But his father took it not with ease.
He marshaled a sizable army to fight the prince
The bereft governor of Harar province.
Rastafari, out of respect for his elders
Penned three or four persuading letters
Unsuccessfully beseeching him to desist
So vain blood shedding would finally finish.
But Ras Mikael still failed to adhere
So discreet force replaced its persuasive peer
Then Ras Mikael guilty of boast
Eventually surrendered up his ghost.
Then peace only for a little while
Reigned as king on Ethiopia's soil
Zauditu, whose name means 'crown mistress'
Replaced Iyasu as Ethiopia's Empress
With her Rastafari reigned as Regent Plenipotentiary
In Abyssinia's15 absolute monarchy
But how can a ruler rule in truth
In a monarchy that is absolute.
So he started redesigning mentally
Ethiopia's age-old dynasty.
His favor with the people began to grow
They loved her; but loved him more.
When the people's love Zauditu saw
She sent for her husband, Ras Gugsa
To send him against the valiant Ras
That the ascending Regent would be smashed.
But to her surprise and to her pain
Her beloved husband was cruelly slain.
The news when met her, oh what bad luck!
Gave to her a death dealing shock.
Now the throne mentioned in Prophecy
Was left entirely to Rastafari.

Taken from the book 'Dread Verses Babylon, An Anthology of Rastafari in Guyana'

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 10/13/2008 4:44:53 AM

blessed love JAH Bird

give thanks for this beautiful poem.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/13/2008 4:47:28 AM

Give thanks again i idren, coming out of the Sabbath and starting a new week of work, this was a nice thing to read.

More Strength

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/13/2008 6:00:02 AM

Praises for the word, sound, much needed fire when I n I trod in a Babywrong

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/14/2008 6:27:34 AM

blessed love

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