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spirits and mystics

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Messenger: JAH-C-I Sent: 10/10/2008 2:39:14 PM

Bless up..I c d i dem a reason on d mystic and spirits..well through d passage of time when wisdom was each mans gift of a free mind,,free heart and free spirit of knowledge of ones lower self(physical=Greed,Anger,Temptation,hate,jealousy,Lust,lies)
then ones higher self (spiritual=Love,compassion,forgiveness,kindness,truth).In those times when these aspects were practise by all cultures for the better
ment of their civilizations(Aztecs,Incas,Africans,Chinese,Indians,) Before Barbarizm took over of the hidden knowledge of man beein a part of the universe as JAH himself(LOVE),,the romans went against these principals and teachings went against this order and created this System/Sour and call it life,,man is still the same as 200,000 years back to now,,the only thing diferent on earth is the SYSTEM,,When one reconncted his beein back to the universe and illiminate it from the negative which is CREATED around him daily,,he will find back his true SELF,, what the KING SELASSIE I represent is this god Force/Energy which live INSIDE each man and woman the (SEVEN SEALS)..Ethiopia always held these teachings close because they new what will happen to the world in goin against the commandments (hell will come about,,which we live in NOW) We are beins of LIGHT/ENERGY,, we are conciously taken away from this inner light by the dark FORCES(ILLUMINATI),,So our six seal (Brain) is constantly in stress,,so we cant find the inner peace ,,cause once the brain is stress it affects our beeing weather consciously or unconsciously..We are the god ever incarnating EVERYDAY,,through the inner heavens of the GODDESS/WOMAN (womb of Man)..When we Overstand what Selassie I jobwas ,,we Overstand who we are..He is the God force of who we are ,,He Represent what God/Jah looks like and how Jah live,,A Pure concionce,,A Pure heart,,A Pure body,,A pure soul,,to let his inner light shine ,,Ethiopian teachings are the teachings of life of the heavens and earth..Nuff said in the name of....JAH RASTAFARI ONE UNIVERSAL LOVE

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/11/2008 3:23:57 PM

i heard people say about people talking to dead people. i'm asking a question.

are the dead not dead? u can talk to them.

thats no the teachings of the bible or his majesty, the bible refers to death as sleep, no one can say when they sleep they are awake.

now if we dont die, why would jah come for ini?
there are more than just words but have long lets say implications;

if we have all truth in us, then we need not jah?

13Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. (john 16)

don't get i wrong, its jah spirit who lead ini, and although we develope it we are always in danger of falling away.

remeber many are called few choosen. the potential to go astray, some even go as far as saying they are God.

not god as the reflection of God the creator, but he himself, thats what happened to lucifer .

29) For the past hundred years or so, if someone was robbed of money or of other possessions and chattels, there were men—from a family related by descent or by marriage—who claimed to be able to find the thief by giving a drink of medicine to a boy

under the age of 15; these men used to live, wandering about at Addis Ababa and in all other districts, by seeking thieves, with the permission of the government, administering the medicine, and receiving payment from people who had lost money. They would

claim to have found the thief if the boy, to whom they administered the medicine, went and entered a man's house and lay on the bed in a trance, or seized the man hitting him with his knee (or forcefully) and lay upon him. If things were done in this way, the

man was seized by force by this procedure alone, without there being any indications or witnesses to the theft, and was under an obligation to make payment to the owner who had lost his property. Since deeds like these were being carried out by lies and fraud, they were in a position to hypnotize the liebashai and to introduce him into the house of an innocent man who had not stolen anyone's property or to arrest and oppress people by causing the boy to hit someone and to lie upon him in a trance. But afterwards We gave orders for the liebasha method to cease, as We were convinced, after proper investigation, of the fact that it was impossible to find a thief by administering medicine, unless a theft like this had been subject to an examination by a judge or proper evidence or witnesses. Consequently, there was great rejoicing in every province, as We had protected the people from the iniquities that came upon them in this matter.

dose this qualify

there is also the story of the astrologers who claim of the intersection of loe and aires to give the birth the devine child. will get it to post

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Haile Selassie I