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Prophecy of David ? (Kebra Negast)

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Messenger: Dan Sent: 10/8/2008 5:48:50 AM

"And if we rule there we shall be THREE kings. And REHOBOAM shall reign here over ISRAEL. For thus saith the prophecy of DAVID my father: The seed of SOLOMON shall become THREE heads of kingdoms upon the earth."

What is this prophecy ???
Is it in the bible ???

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/8/2008 3:41:50 PM

is the following not manifested?

And the word which God spake unto DAVID His servant was not made a lie, "Of the fruit of thy body I will make to sit upon thy throne";1 and again He said, "Ordained like the moon for ever";2 and again He said, "God sware unto DAVID truly and will not repent."3 He Who reigned on the throne of DAVID His father was JESUS CHRIST, his kinsman in the flesh by a virgin, Who sat upon the throne of His Godhead; and upon earth He granted to reign upon His throne the King of ETHIOPIA, SOLOMON'S firstborn. To REHOBOAM God gave only two stems (or, roots); and the King of RM is the youngest son of SOLOMON. And God did this in order that foolish people might not call us JEWS, because of SOLOMON and because of REHOBOAM his son-now God knoweth the heart-and He did this that they might not imagine such a thing. They called REHOBOAM "King of JUDAH", and they called the King of SAMARIA "King of ISRAEL". And of the generations of REHOBOAM, from REHOBOAM to YḲM (JOACHIM) were forty-one generations. And there were born to MALK two children, LEVI and SHEM, the begetter of HNS. And HNS begat ḲALMYS, and ḲALMYS begat JOACHIM, and JOACHIM begat MARY, the daughter of DAVID. And again L begat MALK, and MALK begat MT, and MT begat L and JACOB, and ḤANNA, the wife of JOACHIM. And L took a wife and died without children. And JACOB took to wife YḤAD, the wife of L, and he begat by her JOSEPH the carpenter, who was the betrothed of MARY. And JOSEPH was the son of JACOB in the flesh and the son of L according to the Law; now God had commanded MOSES that the ISRAELITES were to marry their kinsfolk, each in the house of his fathers, and that they were not to marry alien women.

Messenger: Dan Sent: 10/9/2008 5:54:04 AM

Ok, Thank you for your answer.

Where it's written that the Salomon bloodline has to reign on 3 kingdoms of the earth ???

3 kingdoms of the earth ???

Maybe in the psalms ???

In the Kebra Negast, he's said that the king David has prophesied for 3 kingdoms.
It's spcified for three.

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/9/2008 7:18:01 AM

Dan i don not know where you are headed, i just can get that vibe from you. I want to know what motivates your questions.
If you have read the next chapters you might find the answers to own questions.
Reason out your motivations. is it comparing?
try and read beyond the line.

Messenger: Dan Sent: 10/9/2008 11:19:31 AM

I try the just truth.
I try a biblical proof of lineage of David in I-thiopia.

I speak English a bit.
I come from Reunion island (french department), next to Madagascar and the Mauritius island, in the indian ocean.

Because of it, it's difficult to express myself.

In your next post, I understand that you have said, that Jah RasTafari has make a covenant with the king David.
You have said me, that Salomon has 3 children(Kebra Negast).
Then, you say me the seed of Rehoboam until the Christ Yahoshuwa.

In Christ,
Yahoshuwa ha mashiyach
Our Lord & Savior.

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