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Ible on Governments

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/8/2008 7:50:40 PM

what all u mean i dont overs that, that not a new thing.

have i said any thing not suported by words of H.I.M, or the bible i lean on my missunderstanding?

i did not say u believe i what hitler believed. i said to think one race is better than the other, is evolution theroy, selective something, the fittest of the fittest.

H.I.M spoke of that, until the phylosiphy that hold one race superior to another and another inferior is finally and permenently disscarded and abandon....

what mkes one better than another in jah eyes:

In order to appreciate the real meaning and value of freedom it is necessary, first of all, to study and to develop an enquiring mind. An educated person will himself be aware and take care to restrain himself from acts of licence. But an uneducated person requires as guides men who possess knowledge and uprightness, so that he may save himself from perdition and be useful to himself as well as to others.

Apart from this, it is your duty and privilege to be of service to our country and to our Emperor to the best of your ability, as you are yourselves an example by which the inferior person recognizes the duty of complete obedience to his superior, and the superior appreciates the propriety with which he is to issue orders to his inferior.(
In order to appreciate the real meaning and value of freedom it is necessary, first of all, to study and to develop an enquiring mind. An educated person will himself be aware and take care to restrain himself from acts of licence. But an uneducated person requires as guides men who possess knowledge and uprightness, so that he may save himself from perdition and be useful to himself as well as to others.(chp 30 auto bio) it is to obay

rasta is not a colour thing, in all race have rasta.

lucky dubby said nt every black man is my brother not every white man is my en enemy.

dont take it personal u always do


Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 10/8/2008 7:59:31 PM

Young Lion,

I sight that RasTafari's presence in England was judgement for England's hypocrital ways. It was to seek refuge but it was also for judgement. If you look at the period when RasTafari was in England to when RasTafari triumphantly entered Ethiopia again, you will see that that was the exact same period that the Blitz happened.

The Blitz was the sustained bombing of Britain by Nazi Germany between 7 September 1940 and 10 May 1941, in World War II. The name is a shortening of the German term, "Blitzkrieg", or "Lightning War". While the "Blitz" hit many towns and cities across the country, it began with the bombing of London for 57 nights in a row. By the end of May 1941, over 43,000 civilians, half of them in London, had been killed by bombing and more than a million houses destroyed or damaged in London alone.

Look at that time period. And look when the Blitz ended. May 10, 1941. RasTafari triumphantly re-entered Addis Abbaba on May 5, 1941.

So England payed the price for their hypocritical ways. The English also spread rumors that Haile Selassie was low on funds and did not pay his bills. But Haile Selassie was low on funds because he had to support the large population of Ethiopian exiles living in England with him as well as in other countries. And everything was payed up afterwards.


Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 10/8/2008 8:02:53 PM

Young lion,

America also is NOT FIGHTING THE POPE. AMERICA IS IN LEAGUE WITH THE POPE. Did the I pay attention to Pope Benedict's visit to America a few months ago? Did you see how Bush bowed down to him?

This article is from the Washington Post and is not conspiracy theory at all. Look what Babylon openly says:

A Catholic Wind in the White House

By Daniel Burke
Sunday, April 13, 2008; Page B02

Shortly after Pope Benedict XVI's election in 2005, President Bush met with a small circle of advisers in the Oval Office. As some mentioned their own religious backgrounds, the president remarked that he had read one of the new pontiff's books about faith and culture in Western Europe.

Save for one other soul, Bush was the only non-Catholic in the room. But his interest in the pope's writings was no surprise to those around him. As the White House prepares to welcome Benedict on Tuesday, many in Bush's inner circle expect the pontiff to find a kindred spirit in the president. Because if Bill Clinton can be called America's first black president, some say, then George W. Bush could well be the nation's first Catholic president.

This isn't as strange a notion as it sounds. Yes, there was John F. Kennedy. But where Kennedy sought to divorce his religion from his office, Bush has welcomed Roman Catholic doctrine and teachings into the White House and based many important domestic policy decisions on them.

"I don't think there's any question about it," says Rick Santorum, former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and a devout Catholic, who was the first to give Bush the "Catholic president" label. "He's certainly much more Catholic than Kennedy."

Bush attends an Episcopal church in Washington and belongs to a Methodist church in Texas, and his political base is solidly evangelical. Yet this Protestant president has surrounded himself with Roman Catholic intellectuals, speechwriters, professors, priests, bishops and politicians. These Catholics -- and thus Catholic social teaching -- have for the past eight years been shaping Bush's speeches, policies and legacy to a degree perhaps unprecedented in U.S. history.

"I used to say that there are more Catholics on President Bush's speechwriting team than on any Notre Dame starting lineup in the past half-century," said former Bush scribe -- and Catholic -- William McGurn.

Bush has also placed Catholics in prominent roles in the federal government and relied on Catholic tradition to make a public case for everything from his faith-based initiative to antiabortion legislation. He has wedded Catholic intellectualism with evangelical political savvy to forge a powerful electoral coalition.

"There is an awareness in the White House that the rich Catholic intellectual tradition is a resource for making the links between Christian faith, religiously grounded moral judgments and public policy," says Richard John Neuhaus, a Catholic priest and editor of the journal First Things who has tutored Bush in the church's social doctrines for nearly a decade.

In the late 1950s, Kennedy's Catholicism was a political albatross, and he labored to distance himself from his church. Accepting the Democratic nomination in 1960, he declared his religion "not relevant."

Bush and his administration, by contrast, have had no such qualms about their Catholic connections. At times, they've even seemed to brandish them for political purposes. Even before he got to the White House, Bush and his political guru Karl Rove invited Catholic intellectuals to Texas to instruct the candidate on the church's social teachings. In January 2001, Bush's first public outing as president in the nation's capital was a dinner with Washington's then-archbishop, Theodore McCarrick. A few months later, Rove (an Episcopalian) asked former White House Catholic adviser Deal Hudson to find a priest to bless his West Wing office.

"There was a very self-conscious awareness that religious conservatives had brought Bush into the White House and that [the administration] wanted to do what they had been mandated to do," says Hudson.

To conservative Catholics, that meant holding the line on same-sex marriage, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, and working to limit abortion in the United States and abroad while nominating judges who would eventually outlaw it. To make the case, Bush has often borrowed Pope John Paul II's mantra of promoting a "culture of life." Many Catholics close to him believe that the approximately 300 judges he has seated on the federal bench -- most notably Catholics John Roberts and Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court -- may yet be his greatest legacy.

Bush also used Catholic doctrine and rhetoric to push his faith-based initiative, a movement to open federal funding to grass-roots religious groups that provide social services to their communities. Much of that initiative is based on the Catholic principle of "subsidiarity" -- the idea that local people are in the best position to solve local problems. "The president probably knows absolutely nothing about the Catholic catechism, but he's very familiar with the principle of subsidiarity," said H. James Towey, former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives who is now the president of a Catholic college in southwestern Pennsylvania. "It's the sense that the government is not the savior and that problems like poverty have spiritual roots."

Nonetheless, Bush is not without his Catholic critics. Some contend that his faith-based rhetoric is just small-government conservatism dressed up in religious vestments, and that his economic policies, including tax cuts for the rich, have created a wealth gap that clearly upends the Catholic principle of solidarity with the poor.

John Carr, a top public policy director for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, calls the Bush administration's legacy a "tale of two policies."

"The best of the Bush administration can be seen in their work in development assistance on HIV/AIDS in Africa," says Carr. "In domestic policy, the conservatism trumps the compassion."

And other prominent Catholics charge the president with disregarding Rome's teachings on the Iraq war and torture. But even when he has taken actions that the Vatican opposes, such as invading Iraq, Bush has shown deference to church teachings. Before he sent U.S. troops into Baghdad to topple Saddam Hussein, he met with Catholic "theocons" to discuss just-war theory. White House adviser Leonard Leo, who heads Catholic outreach for the Republican National Committee, says that Bush "has engaged in dialogue with Catholics and shared perspectives with Catholics in a way I think is fairly unique in American politics."

Moreover, people close to Bush say that he has professed a not-so-secret admiration for the church's discipline and is personally attracted to the breadth and unity of its teachings. A New York priest who has befriended the president said that Bush respects the way Catholicism starts at the foundation -- with the notion that the papacy is willed by God and that the pope is Peter's successor. "I think what fascinates him about Catholicism is its historical plausibility," says this priest. "He does appreciate the systematic theology of the church, its intellectual cogency and stability." The priest also says that Bush "is not unaware of how evangelicalism -- by comparison with Catholicism -- may seem more limited both theologically and historically."

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, another evangelical with an affinity for Catholic teaching, says that the key to understanding Bush's domestic policy is to view it through the lens of Rome. Others go a step further.

Paul Weyrich, an architect of the religious right, detects in Bush shades of former British prime minister Tony Blair, who converted to Catholicism last year. "I think he is a secret believer," Weyrich says of Bush. Similarly, John DiIulio, Bush's first director of faith-based initiatives, has called the president a "closet Catholic." And he was only half-kidding.

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 10/8/2008 8:10:43 PM

Also the "terrorists" that America fights were created by and armed by the CIA. Al Qaeda was created during the Soviet-Afghan war by the CIA. Ronald Reagan and the CIA armed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. The CIA deliberately sought out the most radical Muslim fundamentalist jihadists they could find and armed them with state of the art weaponry to bleed the Soviets to death without America losing a single soldier. It was supposed to be like the Soviet Union's Vietnam.

So no, America is not fighting the "terrorists". That is an illusion that Babylon has created to justify things like the Patriot Act to increase the governments powers.

In fact, America has armed "terrorist" groups throughout the 20th century, such as in Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and practically everywhere else in the world to install puppet regimes that perform the USA's will. So to think that America is fighting the "terrorists" is serious illusion and is exactly what Babylon wants you to think.

You are only a "terrorist" if you fight against America. But if America does terrorist actions, it is perfectly legitimate as it is defending USA Babylon interests.


Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 10/8/2008 8:16:07 PM

And Black Supremacy means that Black people are the first nation of Iration. All people on earth, white, asian, indian, native american, they all were Iriginally Black. So that is what Rastas mean when they say Black Supremacy. It is not at all like what the Nazis or KKK mean with white supremacy. It is completely different.


Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 10/8/2008 8:54:03 PM

YOUNG LION, THE I have shown his card. tO Iman. That was disrespectful to ask the I if Iman was running scared. if that what the I resieved from I first post than FIRE BLAZE upOn THAT. If the I would realize the name WAHDAHDAH I asure YOUNG LION would bow his head not for I but the name YOUNG LION is a name Given to SELASSIE I that ment love in action. SO CHECK thySELF please. I man did not discredit thee but YOUNG LION come back and take a phrase Iman shared this House on one of I post when I was feeling a bit doubt ful and use it to be RUDE and foolish, watch the weak heart who tremble, fire burn. RASTAFARI FREE I ALONG time ago YOUNG LION> it is GROCERY that make I belly turn FYAH burn. WATCH the YOUNG LION will check what time and who weak heart tremble when The HEathen hear JAH name RASTAFARI. The vibes from that and other post has shown I as did eboni expose herself so shall the YOUNG LION> I do not know if the Other BREDREN and SISTREN cought that arrow the I shot at I but check it LION I saw it and JAH RASTAFARI saw and eflected it. FYAH BLAZE and THE I and YOUNG LION step in and see who will be running scared. YOUNG lion the I showed I that the I's interpretation was not what the I in I post was trying to convey. It does not surpriseIman that instead of the I seeing honesty and integrety of having faith the YOung Lion Decided to use I&I moment of weekness to his advantage and try and cut I down. when in fact it is not I&I tree that will fall. For I TREE IS THR TRUE TREE OF LIFE. RASTAFARI. SEEN? That is not tolerated YOUNG LION. Thanks and PRAISES for showing I man your teeth, bombs and bullets. I man cast all that into the fire and make HOT and show the YOUNG LION who run. RSTAFARI, SELASSIE I KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS. Iman is his brothers keeper that means keeper of the ONENESS and what the YOUNG LION did was show full seprateness.
Why would a man intentionaly try to brutalize another man be it with sticks , stones or word sound power? If Him a man of CHRIST, teachings? I man BLAZE FIRE burn out wickedness stengthen Iron, JAH RASTAFARI. FYAH FYAH FYAH SELASSIE I LIVE!!!

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/8/2008 10:17:40 PM

Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation heb 13v7

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/9/2008 3:05:44 AM

"rasta is not a colour thing, in all race have rasta."

And you ask i what do i mean by you lean upon your own misunderstanding.

If you did not lean on your own misoverstanding,you would not be saying these things
If you did not lean upon your own misoverstanding, you would stop talking about what you assume Black Supremacy to be, and instead you would start to seek for what Black Supremacy really stands for.

Doesnt matter, you can misoverstand it, you can even deny it, but like i said, Every True Rastafari pon earth is living proof of Black Supremacy, even you, idren.

You keep surprising I,Ras
I put up the "until the colour of manīs skin...." speech up for you,
just to show you that ini have not forgotten ini Fatherīs words, just so you can start to think, well, if the idren have not forgotten these words perhaps Black Supremacy means something else than what i think.

But instead of wondering that, you put up the same speech again and repeat the same foolish assumption that Black Supremacy has anything to do with one race being superior to another.

Might i remind you that ini chant Nyabhinghi,death to black and white downpressors?
Why is you sight so linear,idren?

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/9/2008 5:14:23 AM

Ras, i know i and i have dealth with with topic bout black supermacy, in another post.
Like Eleazar 1234 said it is different from the theaching of the white supermacy. I have some european freinds and when i talk bout black supermacy they get all swollen and vex because they sight it the X way.
Black supermacy is NOT earthly rule it is beyond that. "Out of darkness must come the light".In everyman that walk on the earth there is the black DNA wheather you like it or not.
unless I and I know that and accept that. It will become racial war. i belive that the words of H.I.M meant that."which hold one race supErior and another inferior....
In Jah eyes every one is equal born equal, the trod that i and i take in life make i and i different, because i and i fight daily to conquer the flesh and the earthly. That makes i and i differnt from those who are not willing. I am not saying i have conquerd my flesh, but Jah knows my fight.
Rasta is not colour thing that is true !!!!!
Who ever say they are RastafarI sight a black king a black king that loves everyone.
Jah live

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 10/9/2008 7:31:36 PM

I apoligize wahdahada for shooting at you, i must learn to be more kinder. I see a new change for america with leadrers like Barack Obama rising with integrity and truth. He will be in my city tommorow so i will be seeing what kind of truth he will be speaking, only truth can set us free. You say you have been america 43 years,your a Rastafarian, you know Christ returned and you see all of his speeches on this website, have you ever taught students, have you ever played a role in your community? The father delivered to all of minas and we must trade with them until the end of our time so we can produce for enlightened people, he who took his mina and hid it into the ground will be called a wicked and lazy servant

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