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Ible on Governments

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Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 10/10/2008 2:28:48 PM

YOUNG LION Iman apreciate that the I realizes him shoot at RASTAFARI. AS RASTAFARI I man take every opurtunity when I out trodding BABYLON to represent RASTAFARI. WAHDAHDAH means love in action. I man carry Iself with that vibe so every move the I make is to teach in I comunity and spread I&I RASTAFARI Vibes through this earth where Iman live. And in the BRead I man bake for I living is a TESTAMENT to what RASTAFARI Has givin to the I SEEN. Man can not live by bread alone so with every Loaf I man sell I give freely the Teachings of Selassie I. Iman discovered H.I.M. speeches and things over 25-30 years ago when I was a sprout. There was no internet and convienience to have H.I.M. speeches handed to I. Iman Had to go out and search for them. for they tried to Keep hidden H.I.M. words. but RASTAFARI gave I a direct Link to SELASSIE I. SEEN THE YOUNG LION is LUCKY to HAVE things and information at his Fingers. But all the written words do not mean anything if the I does not Know RASTAFARI and only through Livity can the I truelly overstand RASTAFARI. Iman did not study RASTA I man LIVE IT Through everything Ido. Even in I weakness I recognize Iman am weak not RASTAFARI. I man Have flesh that is Burnin' here in babylon' so that which needs to burn off and is not of reality I man shall feel if I&I have conected with it SEEN? Every man doubts. that is part of the BURNIN" of FYAH I&I Shall do to continue to progress towards perfection. Sometimes we must Live in Wonder and be willing not to know so we may experience Hope. FAITH : the evedince of things not not seen. That Brhadah is not a weakness but a grace ...
As far as POLYTRICKS GO and the truth the I is trying to find in a political party I tellthe I it is an ILLUSION. THIS is a TWO HEADED BEAST the DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICAN are of the Same body. The man OBAMA may be an Honest man in his heart but the beast is not it is TRICKS and ILLUSIONS. THIS Government has created it's own demise and shall fall away and burn just Like the Flesh OF I&I bones. this is not personal towards the YOUNG LION. Iman am telling THE I this is how it is. It is Like looking for a diamond in a bucket of DOG POOP. You can search for ever but all you will get is full of shitty. SEEN. SEEK the JAH Kingdom and the I must build a better nation. One that starts with the I. And it is being kind and not shooting arrows at ya BRAHDAH, SEEN. That is what BABYLON TEACH YA. JAH RASTAFARI is Of LOVE , WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, TRUTH, RESPECT, Overstanding, This is not America. CAPITAL IZM IS ABOUT GAIN< GAIN OF POWER< MONEY< LAND< OIL< SELF FULLFILLING for the SELF not one another.
Iman Love the people here I SAID I LOVE THE PEOPLE not the Government it is anillusion. do not get I wrong, I would have moved out into the mountains and lived a monks life years ago if I did not. JAH Has I here to spread positive Vibes to the people. RASTAFARI VIBES. I man am building a better nation. I am not waiting for The Governments of any nation to do that for I. They are concerned in saving themselves from the fire that will BURN them down. I have I THREE LITTLE BIRDS which is what I QEEN and I call our CHILDREN and BAKERY. Iman KNow they are being filled with KNOWLEDGE< TRUTH < WISDOM< and OVERSTANDING. It will someday be up to them to do what they will with that. But I give them a chance to see it. It brings to mind This MONDAY. A BLASTED HOLIDAY FOR A pirate they call columbus. I children Call it PIRATE day and They will be tought and do things that show them the truth about the real Columbus, (the only thing he discovered was free slave labor and easy way to steal. That Young LION is what American GOVERNMENT is about.) While the other children learn what a great man he was. FYAH BURN! Ya SEE YOUNG LION, it is over and over, HALF THE STORY HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD. The I knows that saying' it is the same As it everwas. SEEN. SO LIVE STRONG and go and check obama and his speachy words but realize the I watches one of the heads of the beast it is not a reality. The I would do good as CHRIST SAY BE a WATCHER of the DECIEVERS and learn the difference, then the I will know more about the FATHER SELASSIE I. The reality is JAH JAH RASTAFARI and what can the I do to bring that into full manifestation through I&I. With LOVE and RESPECT. WAHDAHDAH

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/11/2008 10:13:40 PM

What we seek is a new and a different way of life. We search for a way of life in which all men will be treated as responsible human beings, able to participate fully in the political affairs of their government; a way of life in which ignorance and poverty, if not abolished, are at least the exception and are actively combatted; a way of life in which the blessings and benefits of the modern world can be enjoyed by all without the total sacrifice of all that was good and beneficial in the old Ethiopia. We are from and of the people, and our desires derive from and are theirs.


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Haile Selassie I