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Second Inaugural Address Abraham lincon

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/8/2008 9:50:26 PM

if we have the spirit in i, and do and have the same mind as he, when i see some one doing his work i should be able to say if its jah or not

If ye know that he is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of him.1 joh 2v29

the man life, works and words, only jah

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/8/2008 10:11:36 PM

Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation heb 13v7

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/8/2008 10:52:35 PM

Lincoln, the great man who fought for freedom for the African slave

"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union"

Give Thanks Ras KebreAB for the quote.

I knew abraham lincoln said that but I didn't know the full quote. I was going to mention it when I saw the reasoning and was happy to see the full quote already there.

It is the same now as it was then. The misleaders of america don't do what they do in the world because they care about this or that people. They do what they do in order to weaken the people they want to weaken and control the people they want to control. They use both sides to weaken each other, or they use and control one set of people to weaken another set. And sometimes flip the tables when the set they help gets stronger than they want them to be, especially if they also become less obedient.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/10/2008 5:18:42 AM


Okay. Now I know what americanised rasta might mean... lol. Abraham Lincoln...? I've heard it all now... :}

I think that the reason why the founders and first presidents of the US Federation (Washington & co) are the descendants of the branch of illuminati (or whatever the proper terms are) that originated in bavaria or some east european country (somebody can check this out with some more concrete facts)... and their sworn enemies are the vatican branch of the illuminati... know what I mean? This Bavarian branch are more related to the Scottish set (who are the ascendants of the Queen of England, and even Tony Blair and all of them). See it? So it's like the children of the anti-christ have been arguing and fighting with themselves over who gets to dictate the formula for new world order... the vatican have one version, different from the US & Church of England types, different from blah blah blah. There is no doubt a lot more to it, but one does not need to look far to hear them still arguing over the foundation principles of the anti-christ order.

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 10/10/2008 10:27:46 AM

Who is this Lincon man to I?...
Prophet Marcus Garvey guided i to the right way.
Emperor Haile I Selassie I the FIRST freed I.

Is here any one from the union that lincon tried to save or saved?
I realy don't think so.
I and I focus is on His Majesty and to learn the right way of life, so that we will be happy in our hearts and love life we live in HIS name.
No linclone can give I that. He wanted to save the union what it may be and not the Africans in chains.
Praises unto HIM my saviour.

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/10/2008 9:58:50 PM

jah use all kind of people to prepare the way for himself, to creat the atmosphere which was sutiable.

when his majesty was in england he read abraham lincon biogrophy, and i dont think it was because he was that evil. the life of the man is incredible.

he spend less that 1 year in a school room, but walked miles to get books to read, he educated himself.

he hated slavery, because he worked hard,and thought his father treated him that way.

when war came he read to learn tactics, he said increadible me a man who couldn't cut the head of a chicken in the middle of this great war.

you must see his biogrophy on histry channel or pbs or A&E.

the man made the state ment because, as president that was his oath, to keep the union, and he said how ever he canhe would, fedrick duglas was his friend and as a result was the first black man to attend an inaugural address. in which he said:

It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God's assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men's faces, but let us judge not, that we be not judged. The prayers of both could not be answered. That of neither has been answered fully. The Almighty has His own purposes. "Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh." If we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which, in the providence of God, must needs come, but which, having continued through His appointed time, He now wills to remove, and that He gives to both North and South this terrible war as the woe due to those by whom the offense came, shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes which the believers in a living God always ascribe to Him? Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether."

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