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Freedom,Redemption,and International Repatriation

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Messenger: kes rudolph Sent: 5/6/2004 12:06:15 PM

Blessed Love universally internationally to all without regards to color race and creed;
We have reached apoint on our journey now where there are only two things left for us to focus on, that is good and evil. The bible is used by both sides but we of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress the Church of Devine salvation were taught to love the good and to let go the other parts of the bible that would lead us out of our selves.
In the beginning we knew nothing else but good, until the subtile serpent got its way by making Eve commit sin and Adam followed her down the slippery slope of diobedience.
Today we see the evil world using a different trick and strategy to deceive those who are weak and even those that are confident in the victory of good over evil. The evil world has been using tokens to make us feel that those whom they choose are the best leaders for us.
However the evil world is always researching new methods and practises and procedures to use and deceive us. So plese do not fall into this trap. When we look around us today we see a lot of talking going onbut, but it does not translate into reality; What it boils down to is divide and rule. Some sell themselves for silvwer , some sell themselves for gold but I and I the righteous say give us Negus to clense our precious souls. We cannot claim to be of HIM and are still the devil's advocate.
Sweet and sour water cannot flow from the same fountain at the same time, we cannot serve HIM and satan at the same time;we will love one and hate the other. We must not allow the evil world to place the mask of neo-imperialism and colonialism over our eyes again. We have seen their evil practises and experienced their friends and collegues gangs operating world wide to discourage us from following the things that are good and upright.
The Western world have perfected their evil practises, and they have no doubts in their minds about their practises and procedures developed to prevent us from becoming a nation. They are confident that they can divide and rule us as long as they need,want and have interest in doing so. Do you think that they care about us the poor and needy other than when they require us to carry their heavy burden of sin and shame and death and hell.
Today every where in the world more so among Ethiopians /Africans the white world along with their allies have choosen from among the black people individual black persons to represent their interest at all levels. These are usually those whom our Father called the licky licky belly full black white heart oppressors. Note I am not cursing any one and I am not against any one. I am simply stating what is true.
Therefore it is difficult to find black people who are willing to stand up in righteousness of salvation for freedom, redemption and international repatriation. Most of our people because of pride, job and money have become symbolic.
We are Royal Ethiopian working for our God and King and we will not stop from fighting untill evil principalities and power are discredited , toppled and destroyed: so that the world will return to its natural state of righteousness of salvation as it was in the beginning.
Yes Blessed people of Ethiopia Africa, the world is full of people who are only interested in their own individual self interest , and these are the ones that the evil world use and want to use to represent rastafari. We the sons and daughters of the King of the Rasses will never listen to a strange voice. The sheep knows the voice of the shepherd; speak Holy Shepherd (Yesus Christus)and we (Rastafari) will hear but let not the evil world use their demons and demonesses to try and deceive us: Earthquake, lightening, thunder brimstone and fire upon evil principalities and power in high and low places.
Freedom, redemption and international repatriation is a must for all of us in the western world who want to return to the Mother land. We can only achieve this through hard work and sacrifice.We all must prepare ourselves for that glory in righteousness of salvation by constantly upholding every thing that is good. We must focus only on the good things in life. The good is our birth right from creation; so let us return to that first love and forget satan and his deceptions and lies.Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari.
Satan is a sluggard that fools those who are not sure of where they stand and uses those that are programmed by the lodges and masons in the name of christainity and religion to represent us the righteous in there activities that appear to be of interest to us the poor and needy. With their sweet and sour water;today more than ever, the black white heart oppressors have taken on the role of the the slave master more than ever before. The licky licky bellyfull amongst us cannot be seen as the real enemies because they are always up front in evry thing. They are the ones that the evil world called to represent us in high and low places. Their goal (read psalm 83).

Let us be more focused on the good things in life rather than the evil.Let us work as one team to bring forward the world to one good and so we would work always to discredit evil in high and low places. Let us all accept the bible as the guiding compass until we all reach home and we have no more night and day, but only day.Remember that although The Lord God Jah Rastafari created night and day in the beginning,but we the righteous did not know of night until Eve sinned. Yes there is no night in a zion,there is no night there, For King Negus is our light and we do not need the evil world candle light.Good is light only; evil is darkness.Symbolic teaching is what is keeping us back. up you mighty ethiopians africans look at our standard of living it is among the lowest in the world; yet me have so much resources. We are not represented properly;those whom the evil world choose to take with them have forgotten the cry of the poor and needy,although they are coming from amongst us. The moment most of our representives come in contact with the evil world, they forget all about hunman rights and justice. They are focus on their friends and collegues gang, and perpetuate the process of discrimination. They are corrupt in every thing that they put their hands. Rastafari is not like this. Our Father King SelassieI is always faithful and sure. He will never mislead us nor will he lie to us. We love HIM because He fisrt loved us:King Emmanuel The Seven Adoni God Jah Rastafari.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/7/2004 6:49:15 AM

seen,may knowlege,wisdom,overstanding,be seen by all.i pray this in the name of the one liveing GOD..JAH....RASTAFARINI


Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 5/9/2004 3:34:32 AM

Good will conquer evil,
and everyone will leave in peace.
We have to differentiate bitween pure Gold and imitation.
Babylon is using "selected africans" to run their needs in afrika! true.

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Haile Selassie I