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Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 8/27/2008 2:57:54 PM

i am a man of 43 earth years and born in this time with white skin.i have been checking for RastafarI since earth age 15. i am writting this to gain some knowledge, wisdom and overstanding of i man. it seems as though i am having some kind of identity crisis. i ask you as bredren and sistren to read and reply with open hearts to i who have seem to lost the way.
let i take you bake a few earth years and give some backround history. as i said born with the skin of a white man, Jah put i in an italian roman catholic family to find i way to H.I.M. i struggled as a child not feeling the teachings of the catholic religion and began to persue other studies. buhdism, judism, etc... then when i was about 15 my blood brother gave i a tape of brother marley and a stick of herb. it was quite an i opener. i began to really get into the music and listened to the message. but kept hitting a wall when the name Selassie came up. so i studied and even took trips to Ja as all probably do. i began to have visions and the viel began to tear. it frightened i, how could this be the truth. why did not the christians see it first. like the blind leading the blind. i left home with i realization of H.I.M. yet always there were doubts. which had been helped by many Rasta tellin i that since i had the skin of a white man i could never be a RASTA. i began smoking herb all day all night lots and lots. let i locks grow and tried to battle i mind with i heart.
(here is i confusion i man heart knows the truth of H.I.M. yet even to this day i mind stills try to beat i down.)
after many years and a queen and three children later, i was told by i blood family who was willing to financialy help i to grow up cut i locks and stop the herbs. i cut i locks (DREAD!) still smoked and tried to put RastafarI out of i mind and heart. things went from bad to worse. i man was told by i queen she wanted to divorce i and i was a drug adict. so i stopped smoking and joined the 12 step program. NA (narcotics anonymous) every day these people told i how sick i was and i was hiding behind Rasta so i could just GET HIGH (FYAH) i truelly tried to make a different life. for three years i stayed away from herbs, Selassie and reggae music. did not wear red, green or gold. nothing. life became very empty to i. one day i was doing i work it was July 23rd 2008 ( wife and i own a natural food bakery) and i dropped to i knees and said lord please show me what to do i am lost and do not know the way. in a whisper it was Selassie calling i (a whisper) i cried and turned and there on one of the post that holds up our cieling was a sticker of KING SELASSIE AND HIS QUEEN. you know the one. i cried and cried and said are you who i think you are and he said welcome home my son, my son. i cried and apologized to him. and asked where had he been his answer to me was right here all along. i knew this was reality. i was not smoking, nor drinking. it was real.
I had been very overjoyed for a few weeks and then the doubt has begun to set in. once again i mind is trying to tell me the same old story. i ask you my brothers and sisters what do i do. i feel almost insane sometimes. there are no Rasta who live near i and the dreads i see when i hail them in the name of H.I.M. look at me like what that was all nonsense. but i heart heres the call. please reason with i and help i to learn what to do in these times. i have a responsibility to i wife Catherine, and three children, lucille 10, Hailee 8, and Samson 5. the one named after HIM is asking all the time about RastafarI. i know in I nI heart the truth but i mind seems to when the battle some times. even when i pray i mind says you are praying to much you are just moving your adiction to this now. i feel so crazy, please council i in these matters. if this is not the place then could some one step forward and teach i what i need to know to carry JAH heavy load... peace and much love, wahdahdah...

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 8/27/2008 3:30:47 PM

Grretings, just to add. i realize much of i confussion is due to i own doing and unrightous living. i man can not serve two kings i realize i come again in humbleness to serve JAH, i just do not know where to begain begin again so to speak. so i ask for guidance and words from my bredren and sistren to help i. i also realize the confusion i am feeling is the burning of babylon that reside in my own mind and body. so there must be asense of loss felt with loosing the ego. i try to keep that in mind. i think what i ask to be reasoned with the most is i place in this time as the man i am and what i need to do for JAH. respect, wahdahdah...

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 8/27/2008 4:20:15 PM

I don't have much advice except PRAISE HAILE SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFARI GOD OF THE LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAH RASTAFARI SAVED I AND I! I used to not believe in God and lived in unrighteous manner, be careful, your sins come right back in your face. You can either serve God or Satan, remember that Satan will be bound in eternal torment in a place where the worm dieth not!

Haile Selassie I
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Elect of God
Negusa Negast
Medhani Alem

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 8/27/2008 4:38:37 PM

Words of Prophet Garvey

As Friends Men of the Negro race, let me say to you that a greater future is in store for us; we have no cause to lose hope, to become faint-hearted. We must realize that upon ourselves depend our destiny, our future; we must carve out that future, that destiny, and we who make up the Universal Negro Improvement Association have pledged ourselves that nothing in the world shall stand in our way, nothing in the world shall discourage us, but opposition shall make us work harder, shall bring us closer together so that as one man the millions of us will march on toward that goal that we have set for ourselves.


Messenger: Eboni Yehuda Sent: 8/27/2008 4:45:57 PM

Greetings in the name of Jah Rastafari Haile Selassie I

I am a queen in the livity. I came to rasta just as you did. The only difference, is that I am a black woman of the tribe of Yehuda(Judah). I was in a Christian church, and yearned for Jah, but did not know who he was. I cried daily, becuase I knew that I was missing something. I felt pain, and I knew that the church was not right for me.

But anyway to make a long story short, I literaly just like you fell to my knees, and begged God to show me the way. I was so angry too, that I told Jesus, "If you will not help me, then I will leave you forever, and you are not the real god".

After I said that, I was ready to get off my knees, and as I was getting up, a voice said to me, "BEFORE YOU LEAVE ME, I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO I TRULY AM, AND NOT WHAT PEOPLE TOLD YOU I WAS". Instantly I knew that was the lord. He continued, "ALLOW ME TO TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY".

I surrendered myself to him, and Jah showed me all the things of Selassie I that I never new. And JUST LIKE YOU, I said to myself...."how can we see the divinity of H.I.M, yet the Christians do not see this"??????????

Jah made it as plain as day to me. I fell back on my knees and swore to lift up the name of Selassie I forever!!!!!!

You see I had a certian issue that was bothering me. I was wondering how Jesus could do this certian thing to me, and yet all I did was love him, even from a little child. Selassie I showed me that he was sorely misrepresented by the Christian community, and I was blessed by H.I.M. that day. I was baptised in the spirit of Selassie I.

I was amazed that a woman like me could gain the knowledge of Selassie I, yet other more noble women did not. I wondered how could this be? But it goes to show you, that Jah deals with the heart, and not with what men judge us by.

But afterwhich from that day on, I have walked in the livity of rastafari, and have loved everyday since then.

MY BREDREN, YOU HAVE NOT LOST THE WAY. I felt as if at one time I did as well. But that is just a demonic trick from Satin, becuase he know that Jah lives, and that Selassie I is the truth. He knows that you have found the truth of the quest of your mind. Also it is not easy living in Babylon society. Infact that is why Revelations 18:4 tells us to "come out of her my people".

But likewise pray for I as well my bredren, as I pray for you.

The might of Selassie I crush all evil. Stay strong as a lion of Judah.


Messenger: Eboni Yehuda Sent: 8/27/2008 4:49:56 PM

I am happy to express that Selassie I is the king of kings.


Messenger: Eboni Yehuda Sent: 8/27/2008 4:50:55 PM

Give praises and thanks to the Ancient Of Days.

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 8/27/2008 4:58:22 PM

I man give thanks to The word sound and power, sister. ou have brought i back to i heart and feel it. it remind i of the heart knows what the mind cannot. give thanks. May Jah guide always. wahdahdah...

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 8/27/2008 7:11:20 PM

Yes I, Give thanks, InI was wondering if ARK I could reason with i on these things as the sister has done. i man do apreciate learning and knowledge. respect to all. One love Selassie I live. wahdahdah

Messenger: IDread Sent: 8/27/2008 10:24:35 PM


I feel that when I first came across Rastafari I situation was similar to the I's. I too was raised in a white Catholic house, and I too felt as if the church was not something I wanted to be a part of. Although instead of what the I did and look to other religions, I looked to Atheism. For many years I was an Atheist, but when I got to about age 16 (it may have been younger in fact but I don't remember exactly) I began to feel unfulfilled in everything I did. I have long been a lover of reggae music, even before I even overstood the concepts and messages in the music. It was to these positive messages I began to turn. While I pondered Rastafari for the first time, without me realizing at the time, life was leading me towards Jah. Every year there is a music festeval in I home city and every year many Rastas attend, amoung thousands of others. It was during this festival that I was wandering in a rather aimless fasion when a Rastaman motioned me over to his stall and asked me if I was Rasta. I should explain here that I have had my hair in locks for many years, since before I even began to consider Rastafari. I explained to this man that I was not Rasta but he could tell somehow that it was something that was on my mind. He asked if I would like to reason with him so I sat and reasoned with this man over some herb for several hours. Although that encounter did not convince me completely, it was what this man gave I that is what led I ultimately to Rastafari. As I got up to leave when we had done reasoning, the man asked me to wait a second while he went and got something for me. When he came back he gave me a book of the speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I. I thanked the man and offered him some money for the book. He refused the money and sent I on my way. For days after that I did almost nothing but read that book and eventually I came to the truth. The night I finished reading all of the speeches I had a dream in which a Lion came to I and told I one simple sentence that made up I mind. "Trod the path, have no fear" it said and I knew that this was HIM speaking to I in the guise of the Conquering Lion.
It is strange though that even after that night, even though I accepted Rastafari completely, I still felt as if I was somehow seperate from the rest of Rastafari. It seems silly to I now but I realized soon after that I was insecure about I race because I am white. I knew in I heart that this should not be so. I had read as much in HIM speeches, but for a long while this troubled I. It was only through reasoning with Iself and other Rastas that I managed to overcome these feelings. It has been almost a year since then and I have rarely looked back.
My recomendation to you brethren wahdahdah is that as well as reasoning with other Rastas, the I reasons with yourself to help the I overcome any negative feeling the I may have. If you meditate on the the troubles closest to the I's heart and reason through them then I think it would help the I greatly.
Jah blessings be with the I Itinually

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