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The Feast of the Assumption - "Filsata Mariam"

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Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 8/22/2008 9:23:24 PM

The 10th Week After the Feast of Pentecost
"The Ninth Sunday of the Ethiopian Rainy Season"

August 17 - 23, 2008

The Feast of the Assumption - "Filsata Mariam"

Friday, August 22, 2008

From a 12th Century Manuscript

Alleluia! Alleluia! Saint Mary has been taken up into heaven; the Choir of the Angels rejoice. Alleluia!

Rejoice you of whom we ask healing, O holy full of grace, Ever-Virgin Mother of God; offer up our prayers on high to your beloved Son that He may forgive us our sins.

Rejoice, you who did bear for us the very Light of Righteousness, even Christ our God, O Virgin pure, plead for us unto our Lord that He may have mercy upon our souls and forgive us our sins.

Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, Mother of God; holy and pure, very intercessor for the human race. Plead for us before Christ your Son, that He may grant us remission of our sins.

Rejoice, O Virgin pure, very Queen; rejoice, O Pride of our kind. Rejoice, O you who bore for us Emmanuel our God.

LET US PRAY: O Almighty and Eternal God, Thou hast taken up into heavenly glory the body and soul of the Blessed Ever-Virgin St. Mary, the Mother of Thy Only-begotton Son. May she who was Assumed into heaven, ever interceed for us here below. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen!



First of all it must be understood that it is the duty of all Christians - especially of those whose calling dedicates them to the spiritual life - to strive always and in every way to be united with God, their creator, lover, benefactor, and their supreme good, by Whom and for Whom they were created. This is because the center and the final purpose of the soul, which God created, must be God Himself alone, and nothing else - God whom the soul has received its life and its nature, and for Whom it must eternally live. Abba Gregory

Repentance is the renewal of Baptism. Repentance is a contract with God for a second life. A penitent is a buyer of humility. Repentance is constant distrust of bodily comfort. Repentance is self-condemning reflection, and carefree self-care. Repentance is the daughter of hope and the renunciation of despair. A penitent is an undisgraced convict. Repentance is reconciliation with the Lord by the practice of good deeds contrary to the sins. Repentance is purification of conscience. Repentance is the voluntary endurance of all afflictions. A penitent is the inflicter of his own punishments. Repentance is a mighty persecution of the stomach, and a striking of the soul into vigorous awareness. Abba Yohannes

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JAH bless our Holy Mother Mariam without Babylonish exaggeration

Haile Selassie I Lord of Lords and Savior

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Haile Selassie I