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Ras Kebre Ab ( personal message)

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Messenger: liberated_Ras777 Sent: 8/12/2008 12:38:21 AM

Haile Selassie I And Empress Menen I

Ras Kebre AB

Yes beloved I have noticed that the I has flung several stones at I person Being that I an I do truely Honor His Majesty and I Keep His Law and Immandments I refuse to fill the board with disagreements. I rather reason out personally being that the I has a problem with I I invite the I to reason out the I issues with I man at this address May Ian I come to love and light thru Ivine reasoning

I await the I reasonings

Rastafari love bredren

until such time!!

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/12/2008 5:30:23 PM

Well, first let me say, i am confused right now.

Actually it is funny if you think about it because i havent said one word directed at you since when i said "Give thanks for clarifying" on the Yoga Post....and yet, i am being accused of being judgemental,and of loving argument,of throwing stones etc
When i said "Give thanks for clarifying", i had already said what i wanted to say to you, i was done and all was well.
But when Ark I joined the reasoning and added onto it, that started i on a different line of thinking and i responded to him......that is reasoning, one adds onto it,another adds onto it,,,it goes and goes,,,,that is what ini love...Fyah burn Argument, and Fyah burn your accusation of i loving arguments, you do not know i well enough to speak of i so

So the part which is confusing i is this,

I EXPLICITLY put it forward that " i am not speaking of anyone here.....i dont know the i them well enough to speak about them....i am just relaying what isperience has taught i"

I wrote that with purpose and intention......just so that what i see happening now wouldnt yet it did.

When i was writing that i actually thought, do i really need to write that i am not speaking of anyone here, surely the i them know that i am just thinking out loud from what i have seen in different ppl through i trod.
And still i said,better to be on the safe side and just mention that i am not speaking of anyone here............and look how little good that did i

You completely ignored that and instead you accused i of being highly LARGE LETTERS
You went on to say "the I does not know I or knows I trod kingman save the I self from the depths in which the I is falling and dont even know"
lol, right after i said, "i do not know the i them well enough to speak about them".....u turn around and tell i that i do not know you or your trod??????????????
If anyone can sight the sense in that plz enlighten i because i fail to sight it

And then you started telling i at what age you began trodding Rastafari and such things

You act as if i made a post with the title

Thats how you speak, you took everything i said on a personal level
I still do not know because not one word of that post was about you...and neither was it directed at you.....I God and King is i Witness

And i am the one who love Argument?
I am not the one who is seeing argument where there is none, so how am i the lover of argument?

Did you know
when you accuse another of judging when he had done no such thing, you are being judgmental in yourself?
Did you know
when you accuse another of throwing stones when he had not, you are throwing stones?

You are so caught up in the idea that this is an argument that you dont even sight the real reasoning
You are so caught up and busy with pointing out that i am falling to the depths, that you fail to sight the likkle pit you just dug for yourself.

Cause if you had sighted the real reasoning then..

when i said
"It will be sad day for i,if there are more ones who sit and say "AUM", and yet be unable to recite the Lordīs Prayer in Amharic."

You could have just simply replied with
"When one can recite them in oneness all is blessed. I have always encouraged my good brothers and sisters to learn ahmaric"

and i would have replied back with something like , "that is all well and blessed, Give thanks"

But eh, instead you had to keep going on with words like ""so next time you open your mouth to cast false judgemnts"

It is a pity that you would invite i to talk with you personally for such a reason as you said "being that the I has a problem with I"

Well, i didnt have any problems until i came on and saw what has been happening today
It seems to i you are having the problems with i....and i still cannot see the reason why....perhaps its i language, perhaps i am not making iself clear enough
But whatever it is, i do not have any problems enough for i to talk to you personally.......i would have preferd if i had been invited because i idren wanted to reason more with i, not because he thinks i have a problem with him
But if you still feel like you have a problem to fix, you can find i on

If i can just ask one more thing
I am sure most who have been to this forum for a while know that if i have a real problem with something that someone said, i come straight and tell for example, when you wrote "ini is stagnant" the first time....i spoke to you directly and showed you what my problem was with that statement....right ?

So ...i cannot believe that you did not see it when i said ""first let i make it clear that i am not speaking of anyone here"
You surely saw it...but chose to ignore it
and I am wondering why
could be two reasons

perhaps, you just wanted to argue and chose to ignore it
you must have thought i am some kind of snake, who says one thing and does another, like someone who says...."i am not speaking of anyone here", and then turns around and talks about ppl behind their back

Is that your impression of i?
Jah Knows

Well,give thanks still, today was unexpected


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Haile Selassie I