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I story

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 8/8/2008 4:10:08 PM

may Jah itunially bless

I was sitting in the Washington Dullies airport waiting on my flight to Ethiopia last summer, i'm listening to reggae music in my cd player with a Haile Selassie I necklace. I see Fire man walking through the crowds and he came by my way, we greeted with a nod. Not to long in InI conversations he starts saying fire burn fire burn inbetween his words. So i check myself because i was making un-necessary smiling gestures. the Fire hurt at first but it end up helping. I corrected myself quickly and by some time in the plane he came to shake my hand, and said Bob marley's line.... Natty Dread 21,000 so miles away from home, i tried to finish but the Fire man finished, oh natty NATTY AND THATS A LONG WAY FOR NATTY TO BE FROM HOME! i didnt see him for another 2 months until my last day in Ethioia we met in Tikur Ambessa, he kept the fire burning. I got to see another rastafarian come to greet him and the shook hands in a way an InI could shake hands, his partner only gave me a fist to pound, but insisted i was worthy of a hand shake, but end up giving me a fist again at the end. I come back to America and i keep thinking about the fire burn and how i can improve my whole conduct as i've been seperated from the kingdom since i could remember. Things got ugly in December of '07 when i ran out of my Grandfathers (priest) place and went crazy with the fire that was burning, i end up running from cops when they tried to help, and end up fighting them, when i was really fighting myself, i end up going to jail thinking my life was over and attempted to commit suicide by bashing I head onto the sink, i end up going to a mental health rehabilitation center for 4 months then finally to jail for 1 month, prayed for Jah to set I free and he did. I'm now on probabtion and i surely can say that the fire the Rastaman burned made me a stronger man, after i recieved a blessing today from my Grandfather i could feel strength and i turned my weakness of talking trash in my head to singing reggae tunes, i was on the Bus today and at the library as i type and i see my iditation is getting better, i'm not at a level where i can sit down and have reasonings but i can shake hands and say bless and still be in total home is in my head

May Jah Bless

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Haile Selassie I