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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 8/7/2008 1:26:52 PM

blessed love

few days ago I read a newspaper don't remember the name it was on a train that I found it, it was about a killing in one of the caribbean countries, don't remember witch one, it was an article about a killing of neweds from UK, who where killed by some local drug diller, but the whole thing was that it was written that it he was sopposedly rastafarian...

Since when do they write "a christian killed two people and robbed them, a catolic rapped 27 women etc. xyet they are xtian...

And what made that man "rastafarian", just because he wore locks and smoked ganja? A killer is a rastafarian, is the works that make people CHRISTian, not xtian...?

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 8/7/2008 1:57:49 PM

''Wolfs and leapords are trying to kill the sheep and the shepeard''- D.Brown

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/7/2008 7:47:18 PM

I wouldnt put too much on that, seeing as how we live in a predominantly christian society.
Like the i say ,they sure wont say anything like, a christian/catholic etc did this and that. but you will certainly here things like "a muslim woman was arrested today..."

you second thought makes i wonder too, well,
he probably had locks,probably is black,probably speaks with a caribbean ofcourse he must be a they see it

All ini can do is keep trodding and show who ever comes into contact with ini what a True Royal Ethiopian Rastafari is like

Blessed,Hotep, i hope things are getting easier for the i by the day out there in a new place

Blessed Love

Messenger: IDread Sent: 8/19/2008 9:49:03 AM

I remember I read an article about this on I way to Egypt two weeks ago and it may have been the same article because it too said the man was a rasta. All I remember thinking was that even if that man claimed to be rasta then he would be lying.

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 8/19/2008 2:40:11 PM

Greetings in the name of JAH RASTAFARI. Let us all remember the truth and ony the truth. act and do the best to iandI ability to do as our most beloved Lord of Lords, oh JAH RASTAFARI. man or wombman will be judged by H.I.M and only H.I.M, Christ was crucified by his own people, so what the media says are words that shall be fuel to burn them. It is DREAD times I bredren and sistren, do good and good shall follow. if a man acuses you of a crime you did not commit than JAH know. I know only what is on I heart and JAH know. sometimes I know not, but JAH STILL KNOW. so the i man stays centered in JAH. I man ask how H.I.M would handle the situation. wisdom, knowledge and OVERSTANDING. Any thing else is a mind trip. SEEN. mystery babylon want everyone included and exspecially RASTA children to fall for the mind trip and get wrapped up in the news of the day. it allows the harlot to scheme and plot against I. STAND FIRM or YOU GONNA FEEL WORM! i read in another post of a RAS asking if it was OK for him to carry a gun. WHAT! the war is not of guns and bombs. We as RASTAFARI are hear to fight the spiritual war. and it is the war that starts in I own heart and mind I and I must win before i can fight any other. the only amunition we as RASTA need is WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, and OVERSTANDING. I know the defender of I is JAH RASTAFARI. Words, guns, knives, sticks and stones all can break i bones but none can touch I and I with JAH protection. RASTAFARI is i guide. let us not think of the man they said was a RASTA who did the murder (we know that is untrue) let us send possitive vibes to the family who lost the victim in the crime. Cain slain ABLE we are all brothers let us keep JAH in the center of our life and all will work for the good. RESPECT TO ALL WHO REASON THESE THINGS. i man wahdahdah send love and kind vibs to all bredren and sistren. and one last thing to keep in mind about the media and there tom foolery. they think the pope is the holiest and the queen of england is the royalist. they are limited in there vision. keep i and i mind focused on JAH works, every time we worry about who is sayin' what about who ever, satan forces is doing it's job and keeping your mind off what your heart already know. JAH KNOW> peace and one love respect due to all, ONELOVE SEEN!!! RASTAFARI! JAH RASTAFARI SELASSIE I!!! through the works they shall know JAH CHILDREN... wahdahdah...

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/19/2008 7:28:06 PM

I found this comment on one article from a woman in the Uk saying that she herself met the so-called rastaman called "cloud" who was arrested for this crime

"I am so relieved cloud has been released having spent some time with him a couple of months ago i was shocked when i saw his face as the prime suspect for this case in papers. Myself + boyfriend visted the island beginning of june. As soon as we hit the beautiful beach we were bombarded with local beachtraders trying to sell us everything- i have to say cloud was the least persistant out of the lot of them! We needed to go into town + he offered to take us, yes he wanted some money for his trouble which at first we naivly didnt realise, but of course he would want something- u never get anything for nothing these days. We gave him less than he wanted but he didnt get angry more disappointed. But the awkward moment was forgotten for the rest of our holiday. He would just come and sit with us while we sunbathed and chatted. He was such a chilled, happy kind of annoys me when everyone jumps on the bang wagon bad mouthing him. I believe he was arrested as they needed to arrest someONE"

As far as i can tell, he has already been released without charge, and 8 different people have been arrested

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/22/2008 12:00:15 AM

That is how the people of the world act.

Probably most any country you go to, if those in control of the media are against a certain group of people, or want to reduce certain people's influence on other citizens; They will likely mention, their race, nation, Livity, religion or mention whatever group they are a part of.

It is all part of making the public see those people in a worse way.

It is foolishness and wickedness, but that is how many people are.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 8/22/2008 6:13:51 AM

Aya the I dem didn't see the article and the picture underneith it..."Neweds brutally murdered" ,suspect found and the picture witch they had was with the guy smiling, u know what it creates, "he killed them viciously and look how happy he is" this is how Babylon works.

hotta fyah

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/22/2008 2:23:59 PM

Yes i, thats how it works.They put that front page for all to see and judge. But you wont see a front page like that when he is released without charge. The damage has already been done.
Its the same thing they do with all the so called terrorists. When they charge a muslim with terrorism,its all on the headlines,striking fear and prejudice in people. But most people never see that a higher percentage of them are released soon after

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