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Messenger: JosephI Sent: 4/28/2004 7:53:08 PM

Greetings and Praises to all Idren of Israel in the name of HIM, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Rastafari!

I had a question for all the sons and dawtas...Lately, InI been reasoning with a strict-Orthodox Jewish brethen, who at one time, I believe called I-self Rasta. The brethen claims that HIM Selassie, during his reign, harmed or killed Jews in Eithiopia (the Beta-Israelite). Does anyone know if this is true? I-man know a little of the plight of the Beta-Israelites living in Eitiopia...poverty, xenophobia, and pressure from Muslims in Itiopia...Why did not Selassie do more to help them?
Love, respect and Jah Guidance to ALL.
Joseph I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 4/28/2004 11:47:40 PM

Blessed Love JAH RASTA FAR I

THe Falsha (SP) ?

I read the autobiography of Golda Meir, PM of Israel during the beginning of the establishment of the Isreal nation. She spoke very highly of HIM Haile I Selassie I. She was a direct woman and if there had been mistreatment of Jews in Ethiopia, I site she would not have had the sort of relationship with Ethiopia nor HIM. HIM supported the Jews in Isreal, albeit behind the scenes, and as well Isreal did offer aid to Ethiopia.

The Falsha are thought to be the Jews that came to Ethiopia with the Ark of the covenant from the thime of Solomon.

This does not answer your question, this is what I am aware of though.

Blessed LOVE

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/29/2004 12:37:11 AM


I haven't heard of Selassie I mistreating Jews in Ethiopia. But I do know that the situation for Ethiopian Jews became much worse after Selassie I left.

Selassie I worked for better living conditions for all the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopia went through wars and other problems, and the war with Italy caused extreme damage to the land and economy. Any country that is attacked by warmongers will suffer for a long time. And the people will suffer as a result of this. A country that has lost so much can't be rebuilt in a day.

Pay attention to babylon news and see how they speak of the bad living conditions in countries that have been through war, or are dealing with babylon sanctions. babylon likes to blame the leaders of the countries for the living conditions. But it is the war that was fought in the country that caused the poor living conditions. And often time, babylon was directly responsible for the destruction, or used CIA to rise up groups to fight eachother in a country. This is not a theory, check the research of Noam Chomsky or others, and you will see that it is documented by the government that babylon used the CIA in several countries for these purposes.

babylon blames the leaders as part of their propaganda campaign. Just think, if a group of people came to your house and destroyed your fridge, stove, and broke your walls. And then came the next day with the police and arrested you for not providing proper living conditions for your children. Does this seem right and true?

This is how babylon works, with deception, illusion, and destruction.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 5/7/2004 6:38:24 AM

@ Joseph I
Well the Beta Israel have had hard times ina Ithiopia all through their history.Mainly it was through confrontations with Muslimleaders and groups though.
There once even was a Law , that Non-Christians were not allowed to buy or own land, which affected both Muslims and Felachas ( while I must say that they do not like beeing called so at all...since it means " Stranger , Foreigner" and is meant in a bad way )
BUT I know of no Harm or any bad incidents H.I.M. should have inflicted on them. Selassie I stands for freedom of Faith and culture,
as well as for equality of all people. So why should HE have done so ?
I rather know though that Beta Israels coming to Israel were treated quite badly.They were not accepted as Jews , had to symbolically repeat their circumcision and were allowed only the lowest jobs of all.....apart of serving in the Israeli Army....where they were allways put up right in Front....where danger of harm is the greatest.
I am a member of a Jewish Forum as well....and once tried to discuss this topic......the result was stunning : Most Jews will not accept the Beta Israels because they are semitic...meaning dark-skinned if not black.....meaning that in the eyes of todays Jews they simply cannot belong to the people of Israel ( genetically spoken )...because Israel is "white ". Of course this is pure is the white Jews from Russia , east-Europe , USA ,etc. who are not the original.....but never dare to tell them this !... I tried, and was allmost banned from the forum ;-)
Anyhow....knowing this attitude of many Jews towards the Beta Israel , I truly wonder how that Jewish orthodox brethren , now points out their troubles in Ethiopia in order to bring a miscredit onto HIS MAJESTY.It doesn`t sound like a very serious argument to I.
IF H.I.M. had done something to harm the Jews ina Ithiopia....I say IF it had been so .....the Jews of today would appreciate H.I.M. more
....since HE would have done them a favour....since the Beta Israel are a sting in the foot of todays Jews concerning their History , heritage and culture.So that Orthodox Brethren seems to switch sides and opinion just to put down HIS Majesty.
Well...that is what it SEEMS to be like to I, from what I read in Th `Is posting.
So if Th `I meets that brethren again and reasonings continue....I `d
like to know , what he will say. I have found reasonings with Jews to be quite strange sometimes...but never the less very interesting.
JAH Love

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/7/2004 6:59:46 AM

seen I

i have read that HIM made shore that the beta-is-real-lights,got out of ethiopia befor the time came that they would have been all put to death,and HIM did it like JAH should do it,out of love.

we do want peace,but frist give INI equal rights and JUSTICE!!!


Messenger: JosephI Sent: 5/7/2004 7:17:18 PM

Greetings Benjahmin, Bless up and Mis Ganna for the response concerning my enquiry. I-man, knowing Iself to be Rasta had serious questions and issues with the Orthodox Jewish brethen InI been reasoning with...on this issue and others. To complicate matters, the brethen is dark-skinned, wears locks, has taken the Nazarene vow...but also says he is a Messianic-Jew. So Ini dun really know what to make. No doubt this brethen is very wise, knowlegable but at the same time I think he may be confused and narrow-minded. Of all the reading InI done so far, no where have I read about these alleged abuses of HIM toward the Beta-Israelites. It does not make sense to me that HIM Selassie I would go out of his way to harm these people...especially considering that they were of the same lineage...the 12 lost tribes, Jacob, Issac, Abraham, Yeshua, David, Solomon... I agree with you that they, were and are in fact, probably part of the original Israelites...I have heard that they are of the lost tribe of Dan. Very confusing to me why other Jews would not accept the Beta-Israelites. As for the brethen InI been reasoning with, I think he is moving farther and farther from Rastafari toward Judaism. For InI, HIM was human but of divine lineage and he did good and he set example of how to live life with Jah...just like Yeshua Christos did before.
Give thanks again for the posting,
Jah Bless
Joseph I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/10/2004 1:45:16 PM


It is about power and control that some Jews don't accept the Beta-Israelites.

From what I have been told about the European Jews. The reason they are Jews is because some Jewish people went to Europe and mingled with Europeans, giving birth to the European Jews.

I don't know if this claim is true, but this is the claim.

Either way, these European Jews came together as a group and eventually killed the Philistine people with the help of the British and Americans, and took over their land and pushed them out of the land that the European Jews occupied.

This group of people are enjoying a lot of power and control, with the help of America. And their racist mentality causes them to see themselves different from the African Jews. So many Euro-Jews don't want to accept the African Jews into their group, and they don't want to share their control and power with the the Africans, so they denounce them as an excuse for keeping sole power to themselves.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 5/11/2004 12:17:07 AM

Blessed Love JAH RASTA FAR I

INI site that the "jews" are a religious designation, not an ethnic designation. But note that they get that status that puts them with eurocentrics.

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 5/11/2004 2:00:58 AM

Greetings !

@ Ark I ......Yes...that comes very close to how I think about it.
Through history Jews have moved from Southern Europe into the North ...and the East...reaching Russia even...where they mingled with Europeans and emerged as what they are to be today.And it is indeed a matter of power they are dealing with, but also a desperate attempt of modern self-identification, especially since the Holocaust and the forming of the state of Israel.

Well , Jews themselves would not define themselves through their Faith ( religion), but through their ethnic and genetical History.
In Germany there is the term : "People of Jewish Faith" which is seen to be more political correct than to simply call them Jews.
But they dislike and fight this term...since it "reduces" their beeing Jews to their Faith ( as they feel it )instead of seeing them as a people...a nation.A Jew becomes a Jew mainly by right of birth...meaning having a Jewish mother.Most of the Jews emerging into Europe from Russia today know very little about Jewish Faith and customs...still they are acceoted as 100Percent Jewish through their heritage.Iself is seen as a Jew by them.....having a Jewish Grandmother, even though I never saw a synagoge from inside and do not practice their religious customs.Yes believe it or not....quite an amount of Jews have become atheists...but still they are accepted and seen as Jews.Even Jews converted to other religions may be seen as traitors...but still as Jews. The rule goes : Once a Jew...allways a Jew, no matter what one believes or lives like.
So I don`t really know , wether it would be correct to define them through their religion.At least they themselves don`t neccessarily do so.....but rather see themselves as a Nation....a special people.

@ Joseph I-
Well , that Brethren beeing dark-skinned, and calling himself a "messianic Jew" is confusing.As far as I understand " Messianic Jews " are the ones believing in how can he be an Orthodox Jew then ? Somehow in I eyes that doesn`t make sense.( ??? )


Messenger: derech67 Sent: 6/1/2004 3:35:34 PM

Selassie have not done anything for the people of Eithiopia i believe that if most people would study truth about who selassie was and and his true family history then we would know that he is not who people or these lying history books say he is salassie was a trator to the people of eithiopia and was not the rightfull heir to the throne in fact he murdered the one who was to take the throne and
he appointed him self to the throne, do the reseach, forget about these books that are just sold for profit do some real searching.

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