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Leaving country

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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 7/28/2008 6:19:03 AM

blessed love

a little update, well it was hard, for 3 days no where to sleep just some hostels, finally on the forth day, when all the hostels where closed, no where to sleep that day, but somehow I hoped that all will turn well, just goes without saying that it turned out , give thanks to JAH, actually it was destiny that we met this girl who is actually a Lithuanian, who got a number from here friends friend, of this guy who can find rooms, so we got a room in East London. JAH guide.

Was in Brixton couple a times also, wonderful hood, would be good to live there, love JAH Idren.

Hole Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/28/2008 11:36:01 AM

Its good to hear that things are looking up for the i.
Jah is a lamp unto the feet of the Righteous

Keep ini updated
Rastafari guide

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 7/30/2008 7:10:17 AM

blessed love Iyah

well, now it is hard to find a job, they want all kind of experience, all I have worked ever as a bartender, but with I looks it is a problem, actually yesterday I mom talked with her friend about a job in a hotel, but I need to do one thing I need to shave me self and cut I locks, witch I refused, so my mom said that I still think as a teenager, anyways it is a problem for a Ras Tafar I immigrant u know, I know I could work in a bar or pub, but still the looks, I bet they would hire I because of that. Times are hard, but it was harder when I was homeless and JAH helped I, I hope and I pray that HIM shall shine the light towards work.

Ras Kebre I hope the I is all Right and the I loved ones are better.

blessed heart of love lawds and empresses

Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

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Haile Selassie I