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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Nesta sista Sent: 4/18/2004 2:12:02 PM

Homesick for Jah Rock.

Just want to land on de firmanent and shout, "JAH RASTAFARI!!!"

Babylon tries to hold onto ini life of livity but cyn't dem a see Jah lifting ini up???Me win awards now and go into media a lickle. So dem a see dat and try to choke ini to bring ini down again.

But Jah have a plan. Seen!!!

If JAH could take InI to Jahrock 11 times already, BELIEVE ME!!Jah can overssee ini release from poverty into financial freedom.

To live up inna bush it takes de dunzai to have the cattle and lickle money for supplies.

Jah know.

Nesta sista

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 4/18/2004 2:14:11 PM

JAH bless... one love

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Haile Selassie I