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Bush wants to change the world

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/14/2004 4:45:27 PM


I saw Bush's question session yesterday. He was speaking about the great change that will be happening in the world because of his present and future actions. He spoke that he will remain on the offensive.

They will continue to attack more countries in many different regions in the worlds, and they will continue to build military bases in these areas. This will go on over time, until they are ready to establish their world goverment. They are not going to rush into it like the Germans did. They will go at a fast pace, but hold back just enough to keep the illusion that they are only fighting for "freedom".

Bush said that he felt that Iraq must be handed over to the entity by the June deadline to stop suspicions about babylon's intentions. He first said he will hand it over to a new Iraqi goverment, but soon corrected himself, by only refering to it as an entity. He didn't make the mistake of calling it a government again throughout the question period.

The June handover is just an illusion, to make it appear that control is going back to the Iraqis. There is a good reason that Bush didn't want to call the entity a government, because it won't be a government. The entity will do exactly as it is told by babylon, and if they refuse, the entity will be labelled a terrorist, and babylon will hand the responsibility to another entity.

Another benefit of this entity is that Iraqi traitors that work for the entity will die while fighting the Iraqi freedom fighters, instead of babylon soldiers.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 4/14/2004 11:48:17 PM

"We got to build a better nation... clean up JAH Creation"
- Peter Tosh, 'Fools Die (For Want of Wisdom)'

Ark I you know what InI talking about... one.

Ras John

Messenger: teff Sent: 4/15/2004 2:12:17 AM

big fish eat the small fish.
big tree shadows out the small tree.
fishermon catch big fish.
smallaxe chop down big tree.
small tree grows stronger.
herb man eat good fruit from the tree.
herb man offers to the creator.

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 4/17/2004 2:26:46 PM

It looks like no one can stop the Americans!
They do whatever they want as we reason from the prophecy of John! where are we going to run to. for the day is comming when no one will be selling or buying without having that number 666..
We know that jah will protect HIS peoplle are ready for this protection?.
Yes he will conquer all the world but not Jah,

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/17/2004 3:46:55 PM

Jah will stop babylon. Babylon has its time and when the time is done, they will be no more.

The downpressors of today and yesterday all think that they can go on in their wickedness forever. They think that they are higher than Jah. But Jah will give them the time that Jah wants for them, and then Jah will take their time away. As in the past, today, and for the future. Nothing is new under the sun.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 4/17/2004 7:38:43 PM

Blessed Love Rasta Far I

It is discouraging what is going on in the world that I live in. Bredrens and sistren bind up INI and site that the Babylonians are gonna fall, the wall of Jericho gonna crumble by thier own wickedness. Jah don't have to do a thing, cuz Jah set up nature since creation. Those who live by the qsowrd will die by the sword. What one sows is what he will reap.

Bind up prepare for a livity that is rough for the many but blessed for the chosen few. Bush nor none of those wicked leaders can do anything to Jah I-dren. have no fear, instead walk tall, watch the step and don't fall to the politricrckery of those who want to enslave you with thier bling bling of vanity greed and pride.

MANY are called and few are chosen. be prepared in mind to be an outcast to be alone and to be taunted. Speak the truth to all who question you. These are the threshing times, the wheat from the husk. WHO report do you believe? INI KNOW the Jah is INI. Wear not the garments of Babylon wolves in sheep clothing, but puton the armor of the Most High, Righteousness, Truthfulness, Courage. Be not afraid when Man curse INI because who JAH BLESS NO MAN CURSE.

love all of creation, but do not fall prey to the emotional love of Babylon that is unasatiatable dark pit that sucks the life out of the body. It wants yours soul bredrens and sistren and will leave you with a peice of bread and nothing more.

live up Rasta Live up. THe days are coming when those who mocked you and cursed you will be crying out to you for help to eat and to live. Be prepared and be aware. THe time to test your knoweldge and put to task WISE-UP.

have no fear, and distance yourself from those who will entice you with doubt. Now is not the time to be witnessing by words, but by te actions of your own livity. Do not depend on amy man for your survival because MAN will let you down.

The world leaders have thier own wicked plan and may let you beLIEve that they will let "GOD have the last word" (yes that is what has been quoted). Rastaman KNOWS that JAH has all the words and INI actions to show that INI are the I-dren of the all mighty. INI marching up to Zion.



Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/19/2004 4:19:44 PM

Jah will keep I and I in all of I and I ways. Babylon can do what they want, but they can't change a thing for I and I.

Jah is the Highest of High.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I