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Mortimo Planno


Tell Out King Rasta Doctrines
Around The Whole World.
Tell Out King Rasta Doctrines
Around the Whole World.
Get your Bible and Read it
Read it With Understanding.
Tell Out King Rasta Doctrines
Around the WHOLE WORLD.

Zepheniah 3. Verse 9

Then Shall I Turn Unto they People
A Pure Language that They all may
To Serve Him with One Consent.

Girmawi Kadamawi
Hyla Salase

The Earth Most Strangest Man
The Rastafarian
Man's Immortality
Lives in His Progeny

Memories! They are like echoes, always come back. So, also with the Memories of Slavery.

Slavery Has caused the world to be aware of a cancerous growth in race relationship between Black and white people in every country both races are domicile: Only a direct Confrontation of Both Races can prove the theory of those observer who continually forecast the out come of the Hypocritical Psychologies of the Slavemaster in Disguise of Truth. The Rastafarians has a peculiar type of truth which only can be recognise by careful studies of the Rastafarian movement. Such Movement has two Professional Papers written by Professor's of Univercities. The Rastafarians believe that a Univercity is an institution liken unto a Research Centre. The Role of a Universcity therefore is to make new discovery known unto the world through Educational Interpretation. Here Colombia Univercity offer through Professor Ambrose Comitas the opportunity of Pubilication of a Paper on themselves which would be published in a Book form. One thing worth mention is this Author was one of the Brethren who figure in Most of the Movement representatives activities He wrote The former Governor General of the British Colony of Jamaica, the Then Sir Kenneth Blackbourne in 1959 (3/3/59) -- who forwarded his letter to the Then Minister of Home Affairs The Hon. Dr. Ivan Lloyd, who met a delegation of 12 Brethren of the Rastafarian Movement 10/3/59

This Author wrote the Principal of the U.C.W.I. Professor Arthur W. Lewis asking him to survey the Rastafarian Movement and Report his finding to the proper Authority with his own Recommendations which was done in 1960, and a Mission was sent to five free states of Africa in 1961 on account of Professor Lewis's Recommendation. I also went on this Mission. The Mission on its Return was called upon to Sign a Comprehensive Report and I did not sign which this opportunity will enable I to Explain why I did not sign. It will interest many Readers to imagine how a Rastafarian think, and why do he think that way, and most of all How He became a Rastafarian Himself.

The Echoes of the Memories of Slavery resounded in the minds of the yet unborn of those who passes through the tribulation of Slavery Truth can only be identified by Truth. So I approach the Haunting Memories of Slavery! I may caution here that I believe, that Education should be a Right and not a privilege, yet I Education is limited as the Colonial System Represent. There is an old saying. "They have to fool mi to Rule mi" The British has completely fool our ancestors to Rule them. But we are made products of our own produce, by our acceptance of their Political System. Here is where I am trying to paint a picture that can be seen by even the Color Blind.

The British I an I Slavemaster write various conflicting Histories on African Slavery, lies, lies, lies, most of the Truth of African Slavery has been written in other foreign languages but not the British. I an I firmly know that Ruler's were not made But were Born. In as, Men made Rulers days are numbered. But He who Born to Be Earth Rightful Ruler, will have to Rule or esle the turn and overturn will never stop until who'se Right He will get it. The British try to hide the identity of I an I by saying all the Slaves in Jamaica came from West Africa without Explaining that the Market Sold East West North and South African Slaves Sometime Asians and even Europeans. These confusing lies create an anxiety in I an I to learn more about Slavery and the British. I an I learn that King James vision of the Bible was given to I an I ancestors as valuable treassures of missionaries which was only a camoflaugue. The real purpose of the Bible was to christianize and civilize I an I ancestor. This system work for upward of 400 year's which seem to be I an I Sentence in this Pit of Hell. I an I ancestor worship with the Bible I an I also worship from the Bible but do not worship the Bible. The Parson stand upon his pulpit and orate out lies like flies buzzing around the ear's of his Congregation about a unknown God who have no meaning other than a Name until He is known. All these and many more will be surpprising to the world to know How simple understanding can come to man. The faith of I an I is unbroken regardless of propaganda, So I an I will have to present and Represent I an I father Business, the Truth. The Bible was given finally, to our ancestors not before it was fully interpreted by Parson. But faith show I an I that words used can expound truth. WORD is Power and Power is God. The first Father in any Language I an I want to give to the world what is owed to them through the Mercy of I an I God. The Rastafarian all claim that they are Ethiopian one writer put it, and was so sure of his sentiment that they all want to go back to Ethiopia. By Ethiopia I an I mean one continent, by Ethiopia I an I mean the Country Ethiopia with its capital Addis Ababa. By Ethiopia I an I mean All for One, One for all operating in this manner there can be no failure. The only true interpretation for Africa for Africans. I an I being in captive Has to admit, to names of those wo did pass through great tribulation: Such as Daniel, John, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, David, Shadrack, Meshek and Abendego, Dreamer Interpreter and Dreadlock Rasta: All these names are Biblical, but there true identity has reproduces its manifestation. So I an I invite Human to a travel through Prophesies.

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Haile Selassie I