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Teachings to New students of The Most High.

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Messenger: sizzla kalunji Sent: 3/25/2004 11:37:02 AM

InI is from Jamaica, Now InI live in New York one year. InI just start accept the livity of rasta and the most high. What is the I's teaching for InI.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/25/2004 2:21:12 PM

Blessed Love Jah Rasta FarI....

GIve thanks and Praises JAH, Ras Sizzla......

Live up Rasta Man to the highest of Livity that is the INI.

Study the scripts with a open heart , two eyes and 2 ears to the Vibes of the WORD....Don't be downpressed with the talk talk talk of any MAN that claims to KNOW the TRUTH.....THE TRUTH IS WITHIN INI...fiayh pon those religions those politrickers.

INI sight that reading the Psalms 119 each day break is nutritional food for I spirit. Listen to elders and Youth....HEAR JAH in what comes out of the mouths of them....BE-LIE-ve NO MAN.......

Love is the only law to obey....that is what the truth is. KNOW YOURSELF and site the ALmighty.......

Site nature to overstand INI purpose in world livity......KNow that each moment is a deesion between what is right and wrong....Not following a law book of rules and regualtion....FOLLOW INI Heart within to check the I sin. Humble livity that banishes pride greed and vanity.

Live with no fear when the I know that all that is intended is for JAH glory...KNOWING that the I is a prefect image of the I-rator. KNow that bliss is ini when I KNOW the I-rator that created and manifests ini. Accept nothing less than perfection, and give nothing less than INI.

HaiLe I Selassie I

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/25/2004 2:39:34 PM

True that!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/25/2004 4:15:38 PM

@Sizzla Kaljuhni
Well if Th `I comes from Jamaica, the I might have heard a lot of things allready....maybe a lot of dicouraging things as well as confusing ones.
First of all Thy Bible....and second of all .....listen to NO man or woman telling Th `I anything what is to be done or not to be done.
Open Thy heart and learn....for Thyself.
So right now I will contradict Iself and try to teach the I a little something :
Ina I Ankwa ( language ) " I n I" means I AND I......refferring to more than it Plural....meaning I ( me ) and I ( My ) Neighbour)
If Th`I talks about himself " I " is enough.
Seen ? So right now it is I talking .....and it is up to Th `I to accept that or not.
Don`t even read I words......or rather dispise them... since Th `I has read them allready.....but check out for Thyself , what is good for Th `I.
Learn if it seems worthy to learn, listen if it seems worthy to listen
but in all cases of life...let JAH guide Th `I....and there will be no mistakes.
JAH Blessings

Messenger: Roots Dawtha Sent: 3/25/2004 5:04:22 PM

Ras Sizzla Kalijuhni,

ALL the answers are within. I too am from Jamaica and you will get different opinion and suggestion on rastafarian. Just remember read,read,read the I Bible and educational books on Selassie and of rastafarian. Most of all beleive there is a higher force dominating I and I. Walk good and may Jah continue to bless the I.

Roots Dawtha

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 3/25/2004 7:28:49 PM

Be true to yourself, I-dren... that's all InI really gotta say. Rasta livity is about I&I... not about how the I looks or impressin anyone or anything. You make decisions cuz you feel them... you read the Bible cuz you want to... you live righteously cuz that's what you see fit. That's what it's all about... In the words of Ziggy Marley, "Gotta be true to myself" ya kno?

Bless up, Idren... One love

Ras John

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/25/2004 9:47:09 PM


Sizzla, there is so many teachings, I will put a some links here that explains a few things.



Who is RasTafarI

Selassie I is a man that is One with Jah

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 3/31/2004 2:13:14 AM

1st Ark I i saw your works! Big up this linking system.
2nd there are many teachings of Rastafari which contradicts each other. take care with them.
Thre must be a reason that struck your heart to Jah love in the name of HIM Haile Sellasie I stick to it. Strive for a rightful education and wellness of your heart and body and mind. don't let anything turn you back as InI is a living reality.
Stck to jah love and get involve in reasonings where a knowledge of Jah is learned don't fear to reason anything eventhough you will offend others that is the meaning of reasoning and a sorry must mean sorry to you .
Iman is a Tanzanian living in Tanzania for most of my earth days.
Jah love guides us all, whole strong and tight.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/31/2004 4:51:52 PM


Peter, I assume that when the I says that RasTafarI teachings contradict each other, that the I is talking about teaching of Rasta people, and not the teachings of Haile Selassie I. Because I haven't found any contradictions in Selassie I words.

Correct I if I am wrong in I assumption.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 4/7/2004 6:57:40 AM

ARK I, you give a correct reasoning, there is onmly one teachings of rastafari others are man made teachings, correct!
Let's look back at rasta itself, The teaching is supposed to be one and for unity but the teachings of man had divided it. Check the herb thing, I man don't think that early elders like Mark douglas or archbald dunkley did it. i don't know where the houses come from. Divinity of Sellasie is a arguable issue. and so more..
That is what i did meant.
We unite in Jah.

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Haile Selassie I