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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/23/2004 6:49:17 PM


The wicked men of the Earth enjoy the fruits of wickedness. They like to talk of "a long time has passed since then" whenever the evil that they did is brought up.

To babylon, a long time since their wickedness could be 20 years, 50 years, 100 years or more. Whenever it is about their evil, it is a long time ago.

This is a wicked excuse of Babylon. They stole a people's land, they built their nation with slave labour and brutality, and they enjoy the fruits of it today. And they have continued with their wickedness up to the present time. Just changing the forms and techniques of their wickedness. They sterilized many First Nations people of the America's only 30 years ago so they couldn't have children. They continue with their downpression of the First Nations, Africans and others.

For the people that suffered through the wickedness, it has not been a long time. The effects of that sufferation continues today in many forms.

In a couple of decades, all their wickedness of today will be excused by "it happened a long time ago". Nothing has changed.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 3/23/2004 8:04:27 PM


I notice this all the time! We always hear about how bad things were when it was on another country's side (e.g. Holocaust) but we don't hear how bad things that we did were (e.g. bombing of Dresden)! And we hear about how there was police brutality at protests at Kent State University, but not about police brutality at the WTO protests in Seattle a couple years ago! They try to fool us saying that there are no atrocities going on these days, and that those who protests are ignorant radicals, but we know what's going on! Rastaman no fool! InI say we BURN THEM!!! Babylon ya throne gone down, gone down! Babylon ya throne gone down!


Ras John

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/24/2004 5:04:14 AM

A true that...
And moretimes Babylon does not even say...oh that is sooo long ago....but simply continue at a different scale.
The Holocaust was mentioned.....people were put into concentration-camps and got a number tattooed onto their arm.
Now Germany is still paying great amounts of money to the socalled nation of Israel to make up for that.....and what are Israeli-militaries doing with that money ?using it to downpress the Palestinian people....put them in camps and giving them numbers.
That is not long ago...that is TODAY....just the sides have switched,
but hardly anyone realizes this.
Just as well the church used to be into the inquisition-business....
torchering and killing thousands if not millions of people.Well...that again is long ago....still it happens today. Just the sides have switched....before it was the it is them politicians ( just look at Guantamo for example, or Iraq)
Then the Conquistadores killed whole nations of American Indians or robbed their identity ( the same with black African nations connected to slavery ).....all that was sooo long ago !?!?
It happens just the same today.....everybody knows that the number of death-penalties varies greatly among different races in one country...
the differences in schooling and life standart are all in all mental and economical slavery just exist the same today.And by socalled "Globalization" it is once more the small and weak to loose their identity and their basics of life. So Conquistadores are still at work....they just call themselves by different names.
" They say they set I free...but I `m not free " ....and that is not long ago...that is NOW. And it is getting worse every day. So " That was so long ago " is a Babylon lie....and even if it weren`t...
it is still no excuse for what has happened.
As a youth I once tried to kill I brother with a Crossbow in extreme anger.The bolt missed him merely by inches and slay a big hole into the door behind him. Well since that day the relationship to I brother is pretty how can I say ...that was soo long ago ?...the effect is there still....and I guilt for I anger will not vanish. Time will not take away responsibility.....only JAH can do this. So don`t listen to those people putting all their responsibilities into the past....just so that they can continue their doings in the present and future.
JAH Love

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/24/2004 11:16:11 AM

Blessed love JAH RASTA FAR I

True true true Ras Benjahmin....those are the hard truths that so many ones want to forget. The I personal story made the tears well up in I eyes, KNOWING X-actly about those things that have a consequence. I very rough lesson.. a blessing indeed...and a cost that has no price. I have A lesson like that....the guilt is knowing that I chose the blessing of a lesson rather than a blessing because of I choice. It ti good either way....the lesson had to be sited at somepoint.

The Scriptures of ancient times have those teachings for INI not to repeat the sins of the ancestors.....IN have the blessing of thier expereince and also the blessing of free will to not heed.

Benjahmin, I site the guilt, let it go. Site the lesson as a mark of SELF KNOWLEDGE. Be reconciled with the bredren, in spirit. Site a NEW way to site the brother.

Time is seemless, it is not a calender not a clock it is a tool of Babylon. Days are precetped byt he almighty sun by day moon by night....labor and rest.....for livity of JAH best....

Give thanks and praises for this meditation.


Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/24/2004 1:44:52 PM

Irie Nefertiti
Give thanx for Thy overstanding.
But never mind I feeling is OK so. If this one was the only guilt on I back....I would be an angel of man...seen ?
But it is should learn ones lesson.....and I think I did.
So I think I am forgiven as well. It is a harsh memory....but not a burdon seen ?
Anyhow I brother ( he is I true Brother in flesh) has chosen a different way than to follow JAH call....all I can do is to keep I Arms open for him , if he should ever return.So to come back to the topic " Time "...." Time will tell"
JAH Love

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Haile Selassie I