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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/27/2012 2:32:35 PM

Words of our Father King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, worthy Founder, Leader, President, God and King of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (E.A.B.I.C.)

King Emmanuel the 7th, the Black Christ in flesh


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 8/27/2012 4:54:10 PM

Give thanks for the Blessed Video's my Lord.

Black Christ Salvation does the I know where a one in Europe would be able to purchase a copy of ,The philosophies and opinions of the High Priest
and also , Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation?

Blessed Love

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/27/2012 7:00:05 PM

Heart of Love my lord!

Depending on where in Europe the I live at the moment there are priests and/or prophets (Royal Ambassadors)in almost every european country I think.

Many priest in both U.K. and France, try link them my lord.

Leicester Branch
Tel: (+116) 275 5781

Hon Priest Tesfa
Tel: (+44) 795 045 7967

Hon Priest Nyah
Tel: (+44) 795 174 2962

Hon Priest Karl
Tel: (+33) 680 445 447
Web Site:


Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/27/2012 7:14:24 PM


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/27/2012 10:41:14 PM

I give Thanks for the Blessed Word Sound of King Emmanuel

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/27/2012 11:04:28 PM


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 8/28/2012 4:44:52 AM

Give Thanks for the contacts bredren,
Is a blessing to be able to link with the Royal sons and daughters.

I love the oneness Holy Emmanuel teach, the more I learn about that man the more I See I Majesty through his works and teachings. True story

Heres a brief Bio of the Black Christ, by Hon. Priest Jaja

"The ends you serve that are selfish will carry you no further than yourself but the ends you serve that are for all, in common will take you into eternity." -Hon. Marcus Garvey
     Among the countless number of immortalized heroes, who have selflessly fought for the upliftment of our race, the Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards' name will be forever etched into the annuls of history. Founder of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of True Divine Salvation, King Emmanuel struggled relentlessly for the rights of African people the world over. Undeniably, it was the Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel who coined the slogan, "Freedom, Redemption and International Repatriation," that for which the Rastaman and Woman so longed desired, the right to return home. King Emmanuel ever since the late 40’s has pursued the Right of Repatriation for the African slave children scattered throughout the west as a result of slavery. Noted for being one of the earliest agitators for Reparations, King Emmanuel and his Congress has for decades been on the forefront in the Repatriation struggle. 
     In this article I would like to examine the formative years of the EABIC and its Founder, Leader, President God and King. Prince Emmanuel or Brother Eddie as he is also called was said to have appeared in the Parish of St. Elizabeth (Jamaica) in 1915. Many speculations has been made as to how He actually appeared, but as He taught 'reincarnation brings back everyone through a Mother's womb and Father's lineage.' The Prince said that He was found has a child in an area called Treasure's Beach in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica by a family who thereby took Him in. Little is known of his childhood yet there is a recurring account I've heard from a few elders of how he earned the title "Prince." 
     It is said that the family who took in the Hon. Prince Emmanuel made a living by selling milk from cows. The young Prince Edwards became popular in the community, because of his tendancy to give the customers more milk than they paid for. It is said the people in the community began calling him prince because of his generosity. As Prince Edwards grew into adulthood he eventually migrated into the capital city. A migration pattern which was trending during the early 20th century. No exact age is known as to when Prince Edwards migrated into Kingston, yet we know it was during the early 30's. (Further research can be done to discover the actual age of his migration). The Hon. Marcus Garvey also followed said migration pattern, leaving his native St. Anne Bay to the island's capital in his late teens.
    While in Kingston the Hon. Prince Edwards was a witness of the Cultural Revolution that was taking place in Jamaica during the ealry thirties. Jamaica was at the time the operation base of the Hon. Marcus Garvey and his organization the UNIA which was in part instrumental for the shaping of the consciouness of the African people of Jamaica. The newly formed Rastafari Movement as well was gaining influence in the island and was gaining the attention of many of the inner city youths. I have heard of accounts of the Hon. Prince Emmanuel meeting the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey while passing Calvary Cemetery in the community of Trenchtown. I have also heard of other accounts of the Prince participating in some of Garvey's meetings. Yet as history records by the year 1935, after facing stark opposition in Jamaica, Marcus Garvey decided to migrate to London and continue his works from there. With Garvey abroad, the newly found 'doctrine of Rastafari' took its rank heralding the banner of race pride for generations to follow.  
    Figures like Leonard Howell, Joseph Hibbert and Robert Hinds began forming organizations centered around the Ethiopian Monarch Emperor Haile Selassie I the newly crowned 'Blackman God and King.' Though some may claim that Prince Emmanuel was at one point apart of the Howelite sect, in my research I have yet to find any evidence proving that to be true. However, I would accept the idea that Leonard Howell may have indirectly had an impact on the Hon. Prince Emmanuel. The Father would argue that the Movement rose out of the heart of the city and rather than St. Catherine which was the location of Leonard Howell's Pinnacle. Leonard Howell, however was influential in shaping alot of the idealogies and allegorical traditions of the Rastafari culture primarily through his books and street corner preaching. Terminologies such as 'King Alpha and Queen Omega' and 'World's money mint and all Bibles owner' that are still widely used amongst the Rasafari, are all terms coined by the Hon. Leonard Howell.
    During the late 30's or so Prince Edwards began working at Up Park Camp which was the headquarters of the British Army in Jamaica performing odd jobs. While Prince Emmanuel was working at Up Park Camp in 1940, Alexander Bustamante was imprisoned for subversive activities and served his time there 3 years. Alexander Bustamante was eventually released on one condition, the Hon. Prince Emmanuel revealed,that he (Bustamante) was to form a political party opposing his first cousin Norman Manley. Upon his release from prison Bustamante did just so and formed the Jamaica Labour Pary (JLP). The forming of the PNP and JLP would later proved to be a socio-political construct strategically engineered to derail the unifying works of the Hon. Marcus Garvey and to manipulate the Africans of Jamaica to remain divided along violently defended political lines for generations to come.
    After working at Up Park Camp for some period of time the Hon. Prince Emmanuel said He was called upon by his Father Jah Rastafari to redeem his people from out of egypt/Jamaica and the western world(the house of bondage). One day while painting a building Prince Edwards fell off a ladder, though he was able to walk away uninjured, it was that incident which he says led him to leave Up Park Camp to pursue His Father's mission. In 1944, Prince Edwards moved to an area called Ackee Walk which was apart of the famous or rather, imfamous area then known as Bac-O-Wall, which is one of the major cultivating grounds of the Rastafari culture.
  Some years following his move to Ackee Walk, in 1948 the Hon. Prince Edwards visited Up Park Camp ''to seek out the rights of his people." Upon Prince Emmanuel's arrival to the office of the Brigadier General, the Brigadier ran out of his office leaving the Prince standing there alone. Thus according to Prince Emmanuel by the Brigadier leaving him alone in his office he befell britain's crownhead. Since that visit to Up Park Camp in 1948, the Hon. Prince Emmanuel or Brother Eddie as he was then called, has continued to lobby the heads of the jamaican government, as well as the british crownhead for free transportation to repatriate the African slave children in jamaica and the western world.
   On August 1st 1951 Prince Emmanuel handed a letter to Governor Hugh Foote demanding the rights of the people in Jamaica desirous to return to Africa. Though no was action was taken by the colonial government to resettle the Ethiopian subjects exiled in the diaspora, Bongo Eddie struggled relentlessly nevertheless. In 1953 on the day of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd coronation he cabled her a telegram demanding the release of his people. By the 1950's Brother Eddie was becoming a prominent figure in the Rastafari movement edifying the people of their true heritage and nationality. A few elders I have met testify of their earlier days gathering with 'Brother Eddie' underneath the Ackee Tree. The Ackee Tree bearing the symbolic colors of the red gold and green and red black and green our Creational banners.
    Following a decree issued late 1957 by Governor Hugh Foote, which declared that self governance will be given to the people of Jamaica, Prince Emmanuel organized and convened a 21 day seminar on the topic of repatriation. The Convention which was held March 1st 1958 is historicized as the 'First Groundation' of the Rastafari Brethren. Prince Edwards was the chairman and Bongo Watto the ceremonial High Priest of the occasion as 3,000 Rastaman, Woman and Children, sung and chanted to the Nyabinghi drums. Sir Kenneth Blackburn, then govenor, also paid a visit to hear the opening remarks of those present at the Convention. The Convention was held at the former residence of the Hon. Prince Emmanuel, 54b Spanishtown Rd. Kingston, Jamaica. The Convention was highly publicized and people from all over the island came with the hope of embarking for Africa.
    Note: During this March 1st Convention the Ethiopia Africa National Congress was formed, now Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress.
  Following the weeks long seminar the Prince led a march from his headquarters to Victoria Park downtown Kingston. The masses of Rastafari brethren and sisters, not to mention onlookers, began pouring into Victoria Park that early morning. The march was peaceful until a group of Rasses decided to climb and brake off a piece of Queen Victoria statue. That action caused the jamaica constabulary force to disrupt the gathering. When the police arrived many of the brethren and sisters fled but the Prince decided He wasn't going to run for 'only the guilty run.' Prince Emmanuel took up a child in his hand as the police approached him, the constables snatched the crying baby out of Emmanuel's hand and vicously attacked him with batons. Smoke bombs were also used to disperse the crowd, those who weren't able to escape the jamaican police force were all viciously attacked as well.
 Following the brutal assault Prince Emmanuel returned to his residence at 54b Spanishtown Rd. Kingston, Jamaica undeterred and continued to agitate for the rights of the people. Most of the Rasses who were apart of the Convention went their seperate ways, leaving only a handful of souls remaining faithful members of the Congress. The same year of the Convention the Congress was raided by the police who once again attacked Prince Emmanuel who was also unjustiably imprisoned. The case was highly publicized and drew public criticism of the people directed at the actions of the JCF. A number of people wrote to the jamaica gleaner and expressed their disappointment with the jamaica government.
   According to Leonard Barrett in his book 'The Rastafarians' a sociologist among the many who wrote the gleaner predicted.."in the long run the type of Prince Emmanuel may have more to do with west indian future than the type of Lord Hailes.." former Governor General of the West Indian Federation. A statement which is believed to have been somewhat reiterated by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd on her state visit to jamaica March 1966, which I will get to later. The Trial of September 1958 with Prince Emmanuel caught the attention of Barrister Evans a famous lawyer who was said to have defended some of the Mau Mau fighters in Kenya.
 Eventually Prince Emmanuel and his apostles were freed and returned to his headquarters at 54b Spanishtown Rd. Western Kingston. Though allowed to return Prince Emmanuel would later still encounter countless confrontations with the brutal jamaican police force.The resilience of Prince Emmanuel in the midts of such violent opposition must be noted, he,withstanding the countless attacks, imprisonments and injustices was able to pursue adamantly the basic human rights which are to be guarenteed to all. By the 1960's Brother Eddie who by this time was becoming to be more widely known as Prince Emmanuel intensified his agitation and began laying the legal framework of the EABIC.
    Following the dispersal of the Howellites at Pinnacle in 1954 coupled with the growing number of migrants from the countrysides of jamaica, to the city of Kingston, areas such as Bac-O-Wall quickly became the target of the government namely due to the spread of the "Rude Boy culture" as well as Rastafari . By 1963 the government began the "urban renewal" process which included bulldozing the of homes of 3,000 people in back-o-wall and downtown kingston. Prince Emmanuel however remained at his former residence at 54b Spanishtown Road up until July 1966 when the entire Bac-O-Wall area was destroyed by the JLP government in order to errect their politcal stronghold  'tivoli gardens.'
    The bulldozing of the bac-o-wall community displaced thousands of people, many of whom were left homeless, many of whom were forced to sleep in the bordering May Pen Cemetery. Jamaican Sociologists all agree the bulldozing of back-o-wall in 1966 was 'to counter the positive and radicalising influence of the Rastafari.' It could be assumed that the government intent was to frustrate the efforts of the Rastafari movement in asserting their  Basic Human rights. The year 1966 saw the turning point of the Rastafari movement following the visit of Emperor Haile Selassie I to the shores of Jamaica. Prior to the Emperor's visit to jamaica, Queen Elizabeth also visited the island on the 3rd of March 1966.
    While visiting King's House the Hon. Prince Emmanuel delivered a red, white and blue pouch to the queen. When the queen recieved the pouch she unveiled the three banners which were contained inside, the Red Gold and Green, the Red Black and Green as well as an all Black flag. When the queen raised the three banners the red white and blue pouch fell to the ground, symbolically representing the union jack being subdued by the black nation creational banners. It was told to the Hon. Prince Emmanuel that the queen bowed to the flags He presented and she declared, ' there is an individual in jamaica who no one is to molest for that individual would be lord over her lords.' Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari
   The following month marked the most memorable day in jamaica and Rastafari history. The visit of the King of Kings to the pit of jehosophat, the island of jamaica. It was April 21, 1966 the day celebrated by the EABIC has the moment Abraham met Melchizedek. Prince Emmanuel was among the 31 leaders who met His Majesty at King's House and were presented with gold medals.
     Documents were said to have been left with the jamaican government stating that whosoever desires to return to Ethiopia should be handed over unto the Ethiopia Africa National Congress and its Leader the Rt. Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charled Edwards.
Hector Wynter editor of the gleaner was to publish such document to make known publically the open invitation of the Emperor, yet said documents were destroyed and such right of the people held down. Jamaica was also invited to have an observer seat in the Organization of African Unity, an offer which jamaica has never taken up. It could be speculated that the Emperor's endorsment of the repatriation agenda and his embrace of the Rastafari Movement led to the final bulldozing of bac-o-wall in July 1966. 
    The bulldozing of Prince Emmanuel's compound on Spanishtown Road, left the Prince and his apostles homeless not to mention the over 3,000 poor and have nots forced out of a home. Prince Emmanuel then moved to Harris Street then onto a number of locations as he was constantly bulldozed, fire torched and assaulted by jamaican police and soldiers.The various locations of Prince Emmanuel campgrounds were in time given biblical names. Ackee Walk became known to be (Nazareth) Harris Street (Galille) Eight (Capernaum) and Ninth Street (Bethlehem).
     Prince Emmanuel's following mainly consisted of inner city youths many of whom were previously involved with gang and other criminal activities. By the late 1960's West Kingston was becoming a hotbed of political violence and many of the Kingstonian youths were being engulfed into the rudeboy culture that was sweeping the capital city. The Hon. Prince Emmanuel opened his compound for many of the displaced youths who were turned from home toil and kindred leaving all for Rastafari dear sake. The young were driven from their parents home for the name of Rastafari, and many would come to Prince Emmanuel to live and subsequently build themselves within the Order of the Priesthood office. The EABIC has long been admired for its principle of self reliance and has created a broom industry which is universally recognized as one of the trademarks of the 'Bobo Shanti'.
     In 1967 the Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charles Ewards registered the Ethiopia Africa National Congress with the United Nations and began to direct his petitions through the office of Human Rights. The following year Marc Shreiber of the Human Rights Office met with a delegation sent by the Hon. Prince Emmanuel and witnesses declare that he said that Mr. Edwards was to be recongnized as the only 'Champion of Human Rights' in the island of jamaica. Prince Emmanuel was never officially awarded the title for he was continously barred from many of the communication from the UN and there began to be rumours spread that he was dead following a bulldozing and firetorching of his residence. The false report of Prince Emmanuel's death was printed in the jamaica gleaner, was just another frivolous attempt to silence the Hon. Prince Emmanuel and to discourage him from his work.
     Nevertheless in September 1969 Hugh Shearer then Prime Minister visited Ethiopia to have dialogue with the Emperor. In the meeting between Haile Selassie I and Hugh Shearer, Shearer requested of the Emperor an ambassador from Ethiopia be sent to jamaica. The King was said to have replied that He already has his Ambassador in jamaica whom He will shortly pay a visit. Indeed the Emperor paid the Hon. Prince Emmanuel a private visit circa Jan.1 1970. It was an Empress of the Congress name Empress Menen who was said to have seen the King looking for the Hon. Prince Emmanuel at his former residence at 54b Spanishtown Road. She informed the King that the Congress has moved and offered to escort the King to then location at Davis Lane.  
      When Emperor Haile Selassie I paid his visit further documents were left with the Prince and the jamaica government, yet shortly after the private visit of the King, the jamaica government once again bulldozed the dwellings and church grounds of the Hon. Prince Emmanuel now King Emmanuel Charles Edwards. Once again left to sleep on the streets Prince Emmanel and the members of his Congress began heading 10 miles east of the bloody city of Kingston. Fulfilling the prophecy that 'man must go 10 miles east on the mountain top watching babylon running red hot.' The location of the Congress has since been at 10 Miles Bull Bay St. Andrew Jamaica on Mt. Teman widely known as 'Bobo Hill.' Away from the constricted confides of western kingston the Hon. Prince Emmanuel spent the remaining years at Bull Bay rebuilding the networks that were destroyed during the bulldozings at Bac-O-Wall and continued to lobby the heads of government....

      Much can be written and plenty can be said of such a Mighty hero such as the Hon. King Emmanuel, who Prince Dawit in the late 80's bestowed the title Emperor Emmanuel concluding that the Priest reminded him of his grandfather King Selassie I Jah Rastafari.Give thanks for the Mighty Redeemer the Black Christ in Flesh King Emmanuel the 7th Adonai I God Jah Rastafari. I hear the voice of Negus say I am this dark world's Light look unto me and thy morn shall arise and thy days be bright. I looked to Negus and Lo I found in him my star and my sun and in this Light of Life I will walk until my travelling days are done. Our Redeemer Is Strong Lord Of Host Is His Name Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/28/2012 6:04:46 AM

Blessed Heart of True Divine Black Love my lord! INI do give thanks for posting the brief bio. Here is another link Regarding the Melchizedec unchangeble Priesthood Order.

Blessed Love.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/29/2012 7:05:41 AM


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 8/30/2012 3:37:20 AM

Blessed love
Hon Black Christ Salvation can the I re up the link? Also does the I have a e mail so InI can reason in private?

One Perfect Love

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