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I and I give Rastafari Praise for helping I transition to a new school

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 1/30/2008 8:58:53 PM

I and I got expelled from my Catholic High School 1st semester for herb and giving Selassie praise as GOD. Now, I and I go to a public high school 2nd semester. It feels so good not to be under Devil/Vatican control. Now, I and I smoke herb in the morning to wake up and go off to school without a gayass uniform, without being forced to worship a man who claims to be Jesus on Earth (Pope/poop)-in the place of the TRUE CHRIST-HAILE SELASSIE I, and without living in fear of being caught for herb. True, there are some rednecks at my public school of the neo confederate type, but there are also many people who smoke the herb, including my main dealer!!! Now all I and I have to do is get through the rest of 2nd semester and I and I will be free to go to college or do something else. I and I might go to Appalachian State-they have good herb there.

Thank you JAH for freeing me from the Power of the Vatican!!!!!


RasTafari Liveth ForIvermore

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Haile Selassie I