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Vatican is Mother of all Harlots

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Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 1/13/2008 2:13:52 PM

The Vatican is the Mother of all Harlots. The Vatican gave birth to the nations of Europe, The Protestant Churches. These in turn gave birth to the USA. The Jesuits also have come up with about every ism that exists. They made Communism, Nazism, Facism, and the Illuminati. The Freemasons as well are controlled by the Jesuits at the top levels. They control the world through the CIA, Mossad, M16, and numerous other wicked organizations, all leading back to the Jesuits and the "Black Pope". They killed the Jews in the Holocaust and then they founded the Modern day state of Israel, with those false Jews who are actually descendants of Khazars. The Synagogue of Satan. They are trying to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and rebuild the Temple of Solomon so the world can worship the Pope as the Antichrist.





Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 1/14/2008 9:49:19 PM

They are all together'
4-3-2000 TIME MAGAZINE page 38

An interview with Bill Dorich, one of the plaintiffs in class action suit against Vatican. (posted 1/21/00) or

Jared: This lawsuit initially involved Ukrainian plaintiffs but now it involves people killed by the Ustashe fascists in Yugoslavia as well?

Bill: Right. The Ustashe movement was marked by its clerical/fascist character. It was controlled by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The Ustashe killed Ukrainians first but they killed people in Yugoslavia too, especially at the Croatian Ustashe death camp, Jasenovac.

Jared: A lot of people don't realize that the Catholic Church was involved in this stuff.

Bill: Up to its eyeballs. Priests were directly involved in the mass murders. We want people whose families were taken to Jasenovac and never returned; we want evidence of people being killed; we want any documents, photographs, testimonies. There's a lot of material out there that we know people have. The Serbs have never brought it forward. The Serbs always said, "Well God knows what happened so we don't have to parade this material around to show people evidence." Well yes you do, and that's been probably the biggest mistake the Serbs made in the last 55 years. We haven't made clear to people what really happened.

Jared: So you were saying the lawsuit started with the Ukraine -

Bill: Right. The depositions started and a Serb named Petar Makara started working with the attorneys, Easton and Levy, and gave them various names of people whose families were victims, mine included. And they asked me to be a plaintiff. The attorneys have filed an amended complaint and they have named three of us. The Jasenovac Foundation in Birmingham, Michigan is involved. It's an organization to bring public attention to what we call the hidden holocaust. It is not an unknown holocaust. It is quite well known by scholars around the world. It is just that nobody wanted to come forward and talk about the victimization of the Serbs in the Balkans. Barry Lituchy from the Foundation is looking for a Roma plaintiff to join the suit as well.

We need people to come forward who have evidence to offer. Particularly pictures, documents and first person testimonies. There still are some survivors out there and of course family members of people killed at Jasenovac. And don't forget the Ustashe killed people throughout Serbia and Bosnia, as well as Ukraine. Jasenovac was a trial balloon on how to effectively slaughter large numbers of people. It was controlled by this clerical fascist regime in Croatia, under the control of the Catholic Church.

Jasenovac was the first death camp, the test case. The Nazi's wanted to see how many people it was possible to kill in how much time, the organizational problems and so on. This was before Auschwitz and the others. They didn't have gas chambers at Jasenovac so what they did was bludgeon people to death or disembowel or dismember them. It didn't take any bullets. They needed bullets to fight the war. They had contests at Jasenovac every night. To see who could kill the most in one night. One particular priest won by killing 1500 Serbs in an evening. This is all documented.

Jared: Oh my God.

Bill: And since there were over 6 or 700,000 people who were killed there should be a bunch of people out there, like me. My relatives were all killed.

Jared: My relatives were all killed in Lithuania and in Poland, in Lodz.

Bill: They are all together, in common graves. The Jews, the Roma, the Serbs, the Ukrainians. All together. It is outrageous that the world does not know about this, and about the terrible role the Vatican played both in leading - the fascist Ustashe and in hoarding this money, and later, in making sure the killers got away. The Vatican set up the actual escape routes for the Ustashe. These murderers, who were also Roman Catholic priests, fled to Argentina, Canada and the United States after the war with false passports prepared from inside the Vatican ''Ratline'' . This is all documented in the book, "Unholy Trinity" by Aarons and Loftus.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/27/2022 10:08:02 AM

The Vatican is the mother of all harlots. True. They are still at it today, continuing their evilness. The pope rules the world and USA is under the Vatican. The Neo-Nazis are being funded by the USA Democrats like Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They are planning evilness through their secret societies and the evidence is getting clear that they are still after to kill us useless eaters. Blessed love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/28/2022 4:10:47 PM

More politics... that has nothing to do with the OP. Do you think that simply spamming the forum is going to give you the best results?

Prove it.

If Democrats like Biden and Pelosi are funding Neo-Nazis then prove it.

Don't say "the evidence is getting clear" but you won't share the so-called evidence.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/29/2022 12:54:37 AM

It is not what I am saying, but what the news is saying. Like I said, I am here to bring the news. IPXninja, you are spamming the forum with negative messages trying to disprove everything. You, IPXninja, are also trying to protect the politicians.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/31/2022 10:37:48 PM

Id say the Mother of Harlots would be a Kardashian, maybe Pinkett Smith too, in this Iwa. Rome is many things but whole heap of Harlot running around Iah and most of dem know nothing of Rome or the Pope but they can tell you about Kim and Kylie 😂;


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/1/2022 4:36:33 PM

The OP was correct. Mystery Babylon, is a religious thing. Governments are represented by beasts. I think its okay to relate Babylon with confusion but sometimes we misapply the term just to encompass things we just don't like or agree with.

I'm actually on Will and Jada's side when it comes to "The Slap". Chris Rock is a sellout who has been attacking black people and black women in particular for years. I saw something my fiance showed me today at lunch and whatever respect I had for him before yeeted out the window.

Apparently, he allows white people to use the n-i-g-g-e-r version of the word around him and they don't even feel uncomfortable doing it.

This video made me lose all respect for Chris Rock

Respect to Jerry Seinfeld for not finding it funny

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