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Messenger: Rastafari The First Sent: 11/3/2016 2:14:24 AM

Greetings to I brothers and sisters..
I agree... When I started rising... It happened to I.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/24/2016 8:55:32 AM

Goddess Sekhmet is traditionally worshiped and summoned as NYABINGI or NYABINGHI in Rwanda, Karagwe and Uganda. A sect of Rastafarians with a non-violent principle also summon and praise Nyabinghi.The spirit and cult of Nyabingi is of ancient African origin and not of Amazon origin as some Eurocentric writers purported.Natives of the Amazon have no idea nor have they ever heard of a god name Nyabinghi.How then did it originate there?!

Term “Nyabingi” is Lunyankole, Luhaya, Lunyoro, Lukiga word for “Goddess of many“. Some writers have regurgitated and recycled lies written by colonialists about Nyabingi, and misled researchers on this topic. Nyabingi has no connection with Amazon as Local African women did not have contact with Amazonians ever since Pangaea until trans-Atlantic slave trade that provided almost a one way trip to the western world. Nyabingi was an African Goddess of defense and justice from ancient times.

In Uganda during colonial wars against Europeans, the exiled wife of Rwanda king Rwabugiri, Queen MUHUMUZA (who refered to as NYIRAGAHUMUZU MUSEREKENDE in Rwanda and who was in Rwabugiri’s select group of wives known as “Abaterambabazi”) used NYABINGI powers to fight German colonial aggressors but because of her rivalry with Queen Kanjogera who was in the counsel of Germans decided to flee Rwanda and conduct her revolution in Uganda and Tanzania . Muhumuza was a magician Queen.She performed miracles by shapeshifting and passing through hard rocks. Muhumuza led a strong resistance against Germans and the British colonizers in East Africa

Queen Muhumuza

Similarly, a Ugandan warrior remembered as KIBUKA OMUMBALE during Buganda against Bunyoro wars,used Sekhmet/Nyabingi powers to defeat enemies by attacking them from the sky without visible evidence of aid by aircraft or wings.He was eventually captured and castrated.People believed his powers lay in his private parts.His private parts are on display at the Ugandan museum.His remains were enshrined at Mbaale ( now known as Mpigi) and he became the Guardian of War. His temple was desecrated by the British and the contents, including his jawbone, were put on display in a museum in Cambridge.The phenomenon or ability to levitate and defy gravity and even conduct air travel on a Mat to far away distances was well known among Some African groups long before western discovery of Aerodynamics! It was done by the Cwezi and was still practiced by the people of Gisaka (Kibungo) in Rwanda and Karagwe until the late 1980s.

Goddess SEKHMET is the warrior Goddess as well as Goddess of healing for sub-Saharan Africa and wife of Ptah. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the ancients of the Nile valley. It was said that her breath formed the desert. She was seen as the protector of kingdoms and lands and led kings and soldiers during warfare.It is possible that her persona is that of Goddess Oya among the Yoruba people.

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