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Messenger: LADO Sent: 12/28/2007 5:36:40 AM


Of all the disguises the colonialists have used and still use, the most lethal is that of the holy man. Hiding behind the image of charity, brotherly love and a blonde and blue eyed Jesus – a counterfeit version of Yehoshua or Yeshua ( that what he was really called ) – missionaries, preachers and churches became some of the most culturally destructive agents ever to walk the African continent.

Counterfeit Christianity is of course not the only culprit in the art of theological trickery and race based anti-spirituality. Practitioners of other religions have at various times unleashed the same sort of nonsense and justified their destruction of the ways of life of other peoples - in our case the Africans - with the reasoning that they were and are doing, the primitives a favour: saving them from their heathen and unenlightened selves.

It is without a doubt though, that the damage inflicted on the African Psyche, the self loathing, the inferiority complexes and the shameless refusal to accept anything inherently African as having merit or value stems from a mindset propagated by the agents of counterfeit Christianity.

Like a biblical plague of locusts, the missionaries descended upon our societies, bringing a forged version of the teachings of Yeshua the Nazarene. This lie they sold to us through the brand name of Christianity introduced a guilt ridden, self defeating, shame based venom to the African mind, disguised as the teachings of the supposed one and only Son of God.

The young African was delivered into the hands of these merchants of mental death through the colonial education system. Colonial state and colonial church worked hand in hand to ensure the oppressed lost all knowledge of self and sense of human dignity.

Lets set a few facts straight for those still clamouring to a slave mentality disguised as Christianity. The religion which you believe in, just to take one example, believes you to be less than human and cursed by God. Already I can hear the screams of disbelief and the accusations of blasphemy but bear with me for a moment and all shall be revealed.

The root of this thinking is thousands of years of old. It is a thought system that can be traced to the older religious beliefs, from which the Christianity preached by missionaries sprang.

It contains what came to be a basic corner stone in the justification of the oppression of Africans over the past millennia: The Curse of Canaan.

This myth is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, the Book of Genesis, the Book of Jubilees and the Haggadah – which is a collection of Jewish folk lore comprising the non legal parts of the Talmud. It states in one of its forms :

“ The descendants of Ham through Canaan therefore have red eyes because Ham looked upon the nakedness of his father, they have misshapen lips because Ham spoke with his lips to his brothers about the unseemly condition of his father, they have twisted curly hair because ham turned and twisted his neck around to see the nakedness of his father and so they go about naked because Ham did not cover the nakedness of his father. Thus, he was requited, for it is the way with God to mete out punishment measure for measure. Canaan had to suffer vicariously for his father’s sin. Yet some punishment was inflicted upon him on his own account, for it had been Canaan who had drawn the attention of Ham to Noah’s revolting condition. Ham it appears was but a worthy father of such a son. The last will and testament of Canaan to his children reads as follows: speak not the truth, hold not yourselves aloof from theft, hate your master with exceeding great hate and love one another. As ham was made to suffer requital for his irreverence Shem and Japhet received a reward for the filial deferential way in which they took a garment and laid it upon their shoulders and walking backwards, with averted faces covered the nakedness of their father. Naked the descendants of Ham, the Ethiopians and Egyptians were led away captive and into exile by the King of Assyria.”

( Louis Ginsberg, legends of the Jews 1909 )

Other versions of the curse claim the descendants of Ham are cursed by God to be slaves, black and some versions even attribute the shape and size of the black mans genitals to this God given retribution.

The essence in the myth is as follows: Black folks are degenerate and God cursed them for that type of behaviour. The logical follow up to the preceding point is, that if God hates them, then we (meaning anyone non black) is fully sanctioned to unleash all manner of hell upon them or “save them” from their degenerate selves.

At times unleashing hell and “saving the savages” became 2 sides of the same coin, at others junctions in history it was one approach over the other, but without a doubt the driving force behind any action taken was always that same sorry song: God cursed U.

This strand of thinking has managed to infiltrate all 3 major religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – in varying degrees.

On top of that, it has taught the African to hate him and herself to such a degree that we have become unable to love, cherish and defend ourselves as a people. The most perverse part of it is we hate ourselves in the name of a loving God. Thought patterns, Alien to our original civilization and culture, which view us as sub humans have become our core belief systems.

The examples of hatred for the Black African, layered in so called religious traditions, which have shaped the outlook of millions through history, are abundant. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons based his exclusion of blacks from his religious movement on the basis of the curse. The, to this day, prevalent view of the black male as an oversexed beast, ready to stick his oversized genitalia into anything that moves stems from here.

Even something as up to date as the approach taken to the issue of AIDS: that it is a matter of changing the sexual morality of Africans and improving their hygiene is an echo of colonial missionary thinking, which viewed the Africans as diseased, dirty and sexually out of control. These missionaries were again well versed in the initial source of this thinking, the curse.

The Catholic Church used the curse to justify its heavy involvement in the slave trade. Bishop John Brown of the Bristol Diocese was a signatory to the Asiento treaty, which agreed that Britain would export 4800 Black slaves from Africa to the Spanish Colonies in America annually.

Islamic and Jewish salve merchants and scholars used the curse to justify the trans- Saharan slave trade. Moses Maimonedes, the famous medieval scholar and rabbi considered black people higher than apes but lower than humans, akin to irrational animals. He expounded these ideas in the text “guide to the perplexed”.

Al Jahiz (Abu Uthman Al Jahiz), a famous Arabic scholar from Basra, who was a black African, wrote a rebuttal to the racist propaganda that had begun to flourish, as a result of a revolt which encompassed the entire southern Iraq, by black slaves as well as resident Africans in the area. In “The Essays” written circa 860 AD he states blackness is not a disfigurement or punishment sent by God.

Religion means to reconnect, to remember, one could say to realign oneself to the source of all life. Any idea that claims that a certain people are more deserving or worthy members than others in the fellowship of life is not religion but racist Hype.

And YOU don’t believe in Hype, do YOU ?

Ronald Lulua

Institute of Sudanic Studies - ISS



Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/28/2007 3:16:51 PM

Well spoken bredren. I and I believe in Yahshuwah ha Messiah aka Haile Selassie I not some blue eyed white boy counterfeit which mainstream shitstem promotes as "Jesus Christ". The Vatican is Mystery Babylon the Mother of all Harlots. The Protestant churches and nations of Europe are all daughtors of the Harlot. They too are harlots but the mother of them all is the Vatican. Islam as well is a daughter of the great Harlot.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/29/2007 11:28:15 PM

Yes I, the wicked use any means they can to group people together under their control and to use those people to help them gain more control and power.

I and I can never let anybody else interpret Jah for I and I. I and I must Sight all for I and I self, otherwise, we will lean on somebody else's mistakes. I and I must burn out domination and refuse to accept anything unless it is acceptable to I and I.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 1/3/2008 10:11:36 AM

Blessings bredren and sistren!

Long time I have not written, but have read what InI reason.

Ark I, as usual, your last post here, was a simplistic orderly response, as the peace and luv of RastafarI are simply, perfect order.

Jah Bless


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Haile Selassie I