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Where does shiva fit into the Rastafari movement?

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Messenger: Nathan I n I Kingman Sent: 1/2/2008 11:09:38 AM

I n I stated a few months ago in my own forum that there is a large Indian community in Jamaica due to Indians being brought in by British Empire to replace the African slaves.


Well i read on another message board that "the communities undoubtedly intermingled, celebrated festivals and philosophised together. Indians brought the practise of smoking ganja with them. Rastas called this gunja or 'coli weed' a reference to 'Kali Mother' a Hindu name for the female attribute of the one unseen God.

Indian Sadhus who worship Shivayah for thousands of years had their matted hair look just like Shivayah and at the same time look just like Rastas. They often smoke ganja in clay chilums which look just like big spliffs. Other similiarities include: vegetarianism (Ital); belief in karma and reincarnation; and terminology such as, 'Jai Rama' - 'Jah Rastafari'; 'Shiva/Jah Most High Unterrible God'; and 'I n I JahRastafari' - 'Aham Brahmaasmi'- expressing the Unity of all Beings and God.

Rasta is a Philosophy in response to Colonialism and is different from Orthodox Christianity.

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