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A Letter to HIM Haile Selassie I.

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Negus Amlak Sent: 12/17/2007 12:07:14 PM

April 21,1966.
We the African decendants in Jamaica welcome you, Hon Majesty to this shore for our deliverance of us the peolple in Jamaica. We give thanks and praises to you Hon. Majesty our God and King who come to deliver us from the hand of this wicked world. We welcome you Hon. Sir and your guest whi leave your royal throne. I Prince Emmanuel your humble servant who wait for your coming. I give thanks for your arrival.
Being the Monarch of this universal world of justice, I do know you have come to give international justice to your suffering sons and daughters, to be returned under our own vine and fig tree, Jerusalem our happy home ever dear to us. We humble give thanks for the universal cause of our righteous kingdom, that we are about to take our stnd again for our rigghteous justice and liberation, peace and happiness.
Hon. Majesty, I Prince Emmanuel Edwards your humble servant send document to all head of this government concerning international repatriation, such as Hon. Governor General, Hon. Prime Minister Busamante, also the acting Prime Minister and all Minister concerning freedom. Hon. Majesty, our God and King, You can let all Ministers pass document through your hand for the deliverance of us.
Hon. Majesty, I Prince Emmanuel Edwards send her Majesty Queen Elizabeth our international emblem, also document for such cause of our international deliverance when sha came on her international tour to the west Indies on March 3, 1966, Pertaining to our redemption back to Ethiopia under our own vine and fig tree. Our Imperial Majesty you could see through these document, we do give thanks for your international state visit in Jamaica under the United Nation Charter of declaretion of human right for us the people. This is the organization of the Ethiopia Africa national congress international government, parliamental proceeding universally for principle for all suffering people over the world.
Hon. Majesty, our ancient King of time, we are looking to be with you also our beloved majesty Queen Omega, also our sisters and brothers at home. Hon. Majesty we the Rasses in this country tell to the world of your righteous cause also the reugning monarch for Black Supremecy also our God and King, our Mighty Mediator. Hon. Majesty we welcome you under these international emblem, The Red Gold and Green, Red Black and Green also welcome your Hon. Majesty for our deliverance of our international repatriation we are ready now to go, we are tired of this wicked world of torment and frustation of these wicked enemies. We are tired of colonialism ruling. We want to return back eo our righteous world of plenty and peace and happinesss. Hon, Majesty, our God and King, we are awaiting now for transpotation to take us home.
Hon. Majesty our Excellency, we know you leave your royal throne, the Rainbow Circle Throne Throne, to see your royal sons and daughters of King David, also your Phrophets and Saints whose blood was shed in this country, also the House of Israel. Hon. Marcus Garvey had prophesied that the year 1966 will be the redemption of the House of Israel your people under their own vine and fig tree, Ethiopia Africa. Black dynasty ancient tradition. Hon Majesty we are willing to return home to let our love and unity with one heart as 1 in 1, two in two, as when we were created to make one tied of bridge, as one God for us all. Negus Christ Rastafari. I Prince Edwards would like you Hon. Majesty tp pay a visit at the back yard to see the have nots, your sons and daughters.
Hon Majesty, we the saints are ready, also the prisoner to be set free with freedom of movement, freedom on international repatriation back home to Mother Africa, Father Africa who stand as the morning star, the Lilly of the Valley, the Rising Sun, this is what we have to glorify thee. I Prince Edwards send these emblem, the Red Gold and Green, Red Black and Green, Statecal, represent the House of Israel, Ethiopia Addis Ababa, the royal house of you kingdom, until we meet on the bright shore where we all were birth. We are tired of hungry, shelterless and naked. We humble welcome you, King of Kings, Lord of Lords conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God and light of this world, His Imperial Majesty, first ancient King of creation, King Alpha and Queen Omega, the begining and the end, the first and the last, so we hail our God Selassie I, our almighty God who seat in Zion and reign in the hearts of all flesh, man and woman, protector of all human faith and ruler of the universe. Ethiopia Africa national congress international, statecal. You are the Bride Groom, the King of Israel, the Black Monarch and the Wolrd Mediator, I close these psalms, 68, 76, 18 Isaiah 9, Ezekiel 7, Rev5, 18, 22, Psalm 9 with love and joy.

I am Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards,
The Lord Servant.

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Haile Selassie I