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Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/15/2007 8:27:55 PM


We are spiritual beings, Manifested in a physical world.

Most illness people in this world refer to as physical illness and mental illness, has a spiritual foundation. It is caused by a spiritual imbalance. People today dont want to know The Truth, they would rather hear whatever rubbs them the right way. They want quick fixes, and they dont want to have to think further than the phonenumber of a "doctor".

There are spirits all around us, There are Truthful spirits, lying spirits, foolish spirits, and wise spirits. There are Good Spirits and Evil Spirits. The Holy Spirit, and the unholy spirit.

These spirits can touch us, walk through our bodies, stay in our bodies, and even follow us around ("spiritual stalkers") When we come in contact with these spirits, they manifest in our minds as thoughts.

This is the explanation to why we sometimes start thinking of some random things. Why we think of things we do not want to think of, and why we sometimes recieve enlighteling thoughts seemingly from "out the blue".

Most people are not aware of the greatest tool of the evil side. That tool is Spiritual Warfare.

When you have the majority of people unaware of the reality, the reality of How much of spiritual beings we are, and how little physical. But instead they are focused on the "visual reality". It becomes really easy for the devil to control us, scare us, hurt us, and sometimes even kill us (suicide), since most people view all that goes on in their minds as products of their own will and feelings.

Some people who talk about "voices in their head" that are telling them to do certain wicked acts are not aware of the fact that this does not mean they are insane, but it means they are under spiritual attack.

People who suffer from "Compulisve thinking" --people who have unwanted re-occuring thoughts, are suffering from "spiritual stalkers", evil spirits that pretty much follow you arround and keep "buggin you".

And some people who are in "psychotic" stages are posessed.

Where the devil has put in effort when it comes to this, is not the war methods, since they are very simple, but he has put in effort to make us all unaware of whats going on around us, make us "stuck in the visual and physical". And ignorant of what's causing certain things that start off as spiritual and in the end manifest as physical.

People are under constant attack by an enemy they dont even know exist. In this society, the ones with "power" have invested alot of time and energy into turning the society into a technological society. In Ancient civilizations and societies they had wisdom and knowledge of the Spiritual world, and the connections between the physical and spiritual. Many look at our society today and think to themself "mankind is on top right now, we have never been this advanced before". But in reality, we have never been this handicapped before. We have no idea of what kind abilities we have. The technology has only served to make us even more ignorant, handicapped and stuck in the physical. We have been taught all our lifes to look at everything from a limited standpoint. They have made us believe we are limited by the physical world. While they, themself know the truth, and use the spiritual world against the unknowing masses.

The Spiritual affects the Physical, and the Physical affects the Spiritual.

Things we eat can have spiritual effect on us. Things we smoke has spiritual effect on us, things we drink has spiritual effects on us, chemical drugs are designed by them to have a certain spiritual effect on us. This is the ultimate control they can achieve, and they achieve it by spiritual warfare. They are literally; in peoples heads, doing what they want to do, saying what they want to say, and all along, people are not even aware of it. The people think that it is actually themself. So they dont even know who our enemy is. We start hearing our enemy's words while believing that it is our own thoughts and feelings.

We still have free will, and we choose if we want to act on all thoughts manifested in our minds or not, but when we are unaware of the fact that there ARE spirits all around us, manifesting in our minds as thoughts, then we believe that all thoughts are actually of ourself. And when you add "re-occuring" to that, we foolishly believe stronger and stronger that the thoughts are of ourself. And even if we at first were uncomfortable with the thoughts, we start accepting them. Once we have accepted them as part of ourself, we start acting out on it.

There are so many things satan can achieve from doing this, he can make us believe we are going insane, he can make us believe we are homosexual, he can make us believe all kind of lies. If we were aware of this, it would be much harder for him to succeed, since we then recognize that; when a thought is unwanted and wicked, it is not a thought that stems from our soul. We recognize his attempt and can fight it. But aslong as we are unaware, he can steer many in the direction he chooses.

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Haile Selassie I