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Province Wollo; 1974

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Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/8/2004 9:00:27 AM

Greetings I

Iman was watching a TV Interview of Asfa Wossen Asserate, the grand-nephew of HIM living here inna Germany.
He talked about his grand-oncle with very big respect. He said, that HIM was a very fascinating personality etc... but then he said, though he always wanted only the best for his people... he mad big mistakes in the last time of his reign.
Asfa Wossen Asserate told about the hunger-cathastrophe in the Wollo Province in 1974.
He made clear that later the Derg let it seem completely different... negative... to use it against the Imperial Government, agains HIM and against the whole monarchy.
There is this famous movie, where this wicked Derg took horrible pictures in the catastrophe-areas and at the same time showed pictures from big parties of the monarchists were they ate and lived in luxury, while the people died. And the famous pictures of HIM feeding his Lions with big meat, and did not caring about the whole catastrophe at all. He made clear that all this pictures seeing them in luxury were taken in positive times of the country, where there was not any hunger at all... and also the pictures of HIM feeding his Lions were not taken at the time of the hunger-catastrophe.
The Derg used this first of all to manipulate the Ethiopian, by showing this film first on the Ethiopian TV the day before they took the government. And then TV Stations around the world showed this manipulated film... and they really destroyed the GOOD REPUTATION of HIM!
They did not show or tell the people that for example the Imperial Government did everything in their efforts to help this people. They raised money to pay the Flying Doctors for a year to help this people. Nobody told about this....

But beside all this propaganda of the Derg against HIM... there are still REAL mistakes HIM made, Asfa Wossen said.
So I wanted to ask the Is.... do you know of such mistakes?
Do God make mistakes?

Bro Gad I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 3/8/2004 1:51:02 PM

Give thx and praises for that revealing of the Truth.

Lots of bad propaganda around Selassie i his name.Them never loved Jah in ancient times,how can ye expect them to love Selassie in this time....Nothing has changed throughout the ages,nothing!!!

....Does anyone overstand this saying:``ye haffe put in,to tek out``

InI would say that His Majesty done that.But Him did all acoording His ways only.Him was ready and able fe get the Truth settled pon earth.To achieve that Him surely had to put in,to,being patience, tek out after.In some cases it is even known that this proces can tek more than 1 lifetime generation.If the Derg didnt tek over the country,it was most likely that Selassie his seed would rule after Him,with the same knowledge and overstandings concerning God and Humanity

The time gap between the putting in and the actual taking out,that is a period of time where some things can/seem go their way,either wrong or the the right direction.So,that period of time,a lot of not so nice things,could happen....
Todays hypocryt world sights those `` not so nice things`` mostly as a product of the {what they called it}``wrongly`` governing of the country its ruler.Its also InI defenition of the word MISTAKE,as used in your post,Japhet.Iman mean,InI defenition of how Babylon would redefine this word as it is used inhere now.

So,babylon come fe tell i that Jah RasTafari made mistakes{in their definition of mistakes},but me know that Selassie i wouldnt mek a mistake.Jah no mek mistakes,all things that happen are to be purposed.
Destinyed{??} by Him already,even long b4 we were born..Sight?
JAHPEOPLE are and will always being scorned by the heathen....
Me say just one thing:Now where ye stand for,and your for that,and nah mark the words of the Babylon...It a the work of Lucifer.As is written..

Jah,The Love of Jah and His Truth,are within ourselves,follow that!!
Nah need for a confirmation of anyone,except that from JAH.And that is that innerfeeling that ones should follow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JAH RASTAFARI!!!!!!!

Guidance and Itection evrytime, RasTafari

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/8/2004 2:18:07 PM

Greetings I

Yes, that is what I think too.... all Jah did, and all that happened had a purpose.
So I do not want to blame HIM, but to inform myself about this socalled "mistakes"(like Asfa Wossen called it) to try to overstand the purpose.
But still it is hard to overstand... I was not there... and I can easily say.... there must have been a purpose... I was not there seeing my Son/Father/Mother/Brother/Sister dying from hunger!
What did this people wrong that they got punished? Or wasnīt that punishment?

Asfa Wossen said, that the Government wasnīt prepared for such a catastrophe at all.
Yes, they knew little hunger-periods and how to handle them, but not such a catastrophe. But though they did what they could.
So... how canīt be Jah prepared?
Only one single word would have stopped all this dying!

Then I thought.... maybe the purpose was that then the Derg was able to take the government.
They needed something to blame HIM.... that prophecy get fulfilled. But at what price? At the price of thousands of children dying?
I just cannot understand it... maybe because I am not good enuff informed... so I would really like to here the thoughts od Idren who have already thought about this sides too... and how they did handle it!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 3/8/2004 2:48:38 PM

Personally,Iman think/know that things like famine,weather conditions and so,are mented to be....Thats what JAH gave them that time,and me nah love fe see it either,to see Africans dying of starvation,but what is to be ,got to be....Cyant change the things that already haffe come to pass.....and certainly cyant go against JAh his will.

Besides:Look fe instance how the goverments of today live up to such ``eventually`` things to come...Nato meks big ammunition and so,for the eeventually attacks that might overcome them...FOOLISH....

Slaughters kill evryday again much to many chickens and cows and other animals,for just one reason MIGHT occur that the ask after those meats could be large,much more than normally..``eventually `` that might happen...It never does.

Likewise with weather cyant know what comes tommorow,only JAH knows.So,should one therefore mek his works fit to the ``eventually`` things to come????Things we have no rule or dominion over???InI would say:..NO

What if tommorow a worldwide catastrofe teks place,and majority of humanity is dying of starvation??are all that worldleaders{specially that ones of the developed countrys},at sudden ``bad ``leaders,only because JAH hath given us this conditions????Again i would say:...NO

Dont overstand me wrong..I sight almost all worldleaders of developed countrys as Babylon ,in refering to the not ``bad`` what i mentioned.....only in this topic i would say that its not their faults nor mistakes that the land is suffering from famine.Ya dig??

All these examples i mentioned are ways of the Babylonians,and Selassie I WASNT one of that an answer,perhaps??

Messenger: fire Sent: 3/8/2004 2:55:58 PM

Echo "The truth is always with you" - when in doubt aks Jah. Only Jah knows.

His Story be told in naked truth. Babylon has always been there where Jah needed to teach the masses 'bout luv and humble respect. Seen, the prophesy will always come true. Be like a child and learn to take luv first and leave all else for ways of the earth.

Selasie I (Blessed is He) is Jah and Him has humbled himself the second time and this his rule is foeva. Know in your heart that truth of luv is within and the Kingdom is within where Jah lives, within our hearts.

Many recordings of the past cannot be trusted 'cause as you can witness in this time, the world is in the hands of the blind and that's exactly how Jah wants it, so that his own will remember him and humble Iyaself in HIM.

Praise Jah

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/8/2004 3:05:19 PM


It doesn't matter what kind of planning was done for the famine. There was not enough resources to deal with a tragedy like that. Since the war, resources were being drained to rebuild Ethiopia. And Ethiopia was already low on resources after the war.

So when the bad conditions came, Selassie I did everything possible to help. But money can't come from nothing, so there was not enough to take care of all the problems.

Babylon always uses propaganda to make their enemy look bad. They distort the facts and leave out things and add things to their lies.

Selassie I did all that he could with his physical resources. Some people have asked I why he didn't miraculously fix the famine. I then ask them why Christ didn't miraculously free the Jews from the Romans. Jesus Christ came and fulfilled His purpose, and Selassie I come and fulfill His purpose.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/9/2004 12:22:20 AM

Jah rasta Far I....

INI site this reasoning serious, give thanks and praises for that. This historical view of Selassie I is something that all ones must face and come to ovestanding about.

The scriputres in so many ways reveals a lot, in fullness.

Just now I would like to mention that the house of Judah is from the seed of Jacob,(a liar) from the Issac(confused in giving the son's there birthrights) from Abraham(polygamist and practically a child murderer)....Ancients not perfect in OUR modern eyes, site....Notice though that JAH destiny comes forth despite man's flesh.....Joseph said to his brtohers, "you intended to harm me, but Jah intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." GEN 50.20

Site the world and our own weakness become central to our judgement of of ourselves sadn to others. We lift our selves up or down to others standards and to how we site them....Jah desintes INI to live how he created INI. WE don't change who we are... we come to a greater awarenss of who INI is within I to chose to be tranformed to our organic I. From weakness of flesh to the perfection of spirit that overcomes the desires of flesh. It choice of free will that JAH blesses INI, cuz Jah is over all....choice.

The most awful murderer who does not repent site's his god as who he is.....the weakness being in that he sites death as greater than life, fearing his own demise in reality...

A real mystical awareness that is so contrary to what religion or the world teaches I. Truth is beauty that glorifies not man, but JAH Rasta Far I...

Give thanks and praises, Jah Rasta FAR I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/9/2004 12:26:18 PM


True words Nefertiti.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/10/2004 7:10:49 AM

Rastafari Greetings to all-
It is a historical fact, that Selassie I was not even informed about this famine in time to be even able to do anything.....through intrigues and powerplay of HIS ministers. So as a political could HE have reacted ?

Now considering HIM to be JAH Rastafari HE was not in charge of the Ithiopian population as such....but for the worldpopulation as a whole.And in that century well as this one now....many many catastrophes have occurred...including war , famine , natural catastrophes and so on.One has to see the world as one....and so all things happening are a part of the prophecy....." there will be war famine and disease.....crying and tearshed all about....but let this not worry You I Idren....salvation is near.
So what is the problem ? It has all been prophecised....I n I just have to see the reality in it. It is Judgement time ....and bad things did happen and worse are to come......who is going to blame JAH for beeing true in HIS prophecies ?
And since especially the Ithiopian population did respect Selassie I as a leader and King...but NEVER as beeing inspirited by JAH...why should just THEM be saved from what was announced long ago ?
Even today there are very few Ethiopians seeing HIM for what HE is....
just as the Jews untill today don`t see Yeshua as for what he is...but did have HIM cruxified....why should especially THOSE people be saved from judgement and damnation ?
I personally can see no fault at all in the dealing of HIS MAJESTY with that situation.As a Man he could not help JAH He fulfilled a part of the prophecies. Just read the book of Daniel....just read revelation....and then blame JAH for doing wrong in fulfilling these things ?!?......Just cause Mankind hasn`t listened and changed ?.....NO WAY I could ever do that ! I do very well overstand Bro. Japhet Anbessas question...and doubting....I am reasoning with him privately....and know the mans thoughts....but any Babylonian come to I and say JAH Rastafari has failed, is practicing pure Blasphemy...I flame down that !!!
JAH Blessings

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/10/2004 9:11:04 AM


Another thing, Selassie I warned the people a long time before about what they needed to do to prevent this catastrophe. But the people didn't do their part to prevent it.

Forestry - Arbour Day


Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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