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Messenger: ras ravin-i Sent: 12/15/2007 12:23:32 PM


It is right there before our eyes.

Rastafari more than any other, must be a major investor on the continent that is becoming the new frontier for investment.

This can be done by COLLECTIVELY investing in AN EXISTING COMPANY that has been researched and approved or by setting up new ventures.

All the colonizers are rushing to get a piece. So far I and I have only been returning to the continent with meager financial resources that are for the most part ONE-MAN efforts. As a result, the Chinese and every other nation will command more respect, gain more influence, and MORE PRESENCE on the African continent than I and I.

The new millenium is the time of COLLECTIVE SELF-EMPOWERMENT. That is why it is so good that Idren in Jamaica have reached the political maturity where they see the need to act as ONE. It is the only way that African people will get out of the hole/hold.

This is the consciousness that must guide I and I at this time: We have historically been sharing the same oppression and divided by placing too much importance on the difference of religion.

This is what Marcus Garvey meant by "RACE FIRST". Black oppression never asked or asks “what is your religion?” The trick of the oppressor is to make you believe that you have more in common with the man who shares your RELIGIOUS PERSUASION.

Therefore the oppressed African is lead to believe that if he is a Seventh-day Adventist that his natural ally is the Seventh-day Adventist from Europe . This therefore breaks up cohesion and prevents the oppressed group from mustering any meaningful resistance to oppression. This consciousness has to be added to the equation because Rastafari people are affected by this over-emphasis on FAITH and religion that prevents effective progress in the area of BLACK LIBERATION.

Unless this misdirection is quickly addressed Rastafari will loose its relevance as a force for African liberation. "Race First" is not inconsistent with His Majesty's teachings on becoming members of a new race. It is a natural survival instinct that a race IN THE GRIPS OF GENOCIDE must deal with racial self-preservation FIRST in order to create the basis for a new humanity where race is no longer a factor of importance.

Oppressed people can only free themselves from oppression when they make the sameness of their oppression their uniting factor. Any other emphasis reflects the influence of the oppressor. When the African is in his sane mind HIS FIRST FAITH IS BLACK LIBERATION. The struggle to free oneself from colonial bondage has nothing whatsoever to do with whether one man says Jesus, another one says Allah and another one says Jah. Let us break the spell.

Some have raised the issue of TRUST, but there are ways to guarantee and safeguard cooperative economic efforts. Whites, Chinese, Indians, Japanese and all other peoples have their CORPORATIONS and their COMPANIES. It is not that they trust each other more than we do.

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Ras Jahaziel

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Haile Selassie I