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Ethio-Afro Diaspora Unity Millennium Council

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: ras ravin-i Sent: 12/14/2007 12:51:55 AM

Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council
Jamaica Afro-Centric Commission
121 Windward Road
Kingston 2, Jamaica W.I.

“"Leaders are people who raise the standard by which they judge themselves and by which they are willing to be judged. A love of high quality I n I must remember is essential in a leader" H.I.M.

December 11, 2007


This is to confirm Ras Sela/Carlos Seales’ representation of the EADUMC in matters relating to the development of our organizational goals. As such he will communicate the intent of the programs and events that the Millennium Council is developing and the mechanisms that we are seeking to use to attain our goals and objectives, with the aim of gathering support from and informing international Community representatives.

Various consultations regarding the governance of the Rastafari Community has been ongoing and EADUMC has been convened and been actively working in this capacity since June 2007.

The critical need facing this organizational effort and momentum is the financial support to
• Upgrade the administration and structure of the Millennium Council
• Support of the Global Conference to integrate international objectives in August 2008
• Coordination of collective proposal to the African Union Diaspora Summit in February/April 2008

One Love, One Aim, One Destiny

Ras Junior Manning - Chairman

Ras Howie Wright – General Secretary

Nyahbinghi Ancient Council/Theocracy Reign First Order of The Nyahbinghi David House
EAIBC International Peacemakers
12 Tribes of Israel Dreaded Nyahbinghi
Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church Camp David
School Of Vision EWF
Ethiopian Orthodox Church/Maxfield RCO
Mystic Revelation of Rastafari LP Howell Foundation
Haile Selassie Theocracy Government


Greetings to the global Rastafari community, and let the wise mind of Haile Selassie The First teach I and I the right path to choose and the right moves to make as I and I seek a way out of the present colonial bondage that has been inherited from the first days of our enslavement.

In response to the document from the Ethio-Afro Diaspora Unity Millennium Council I humbly offer this food for thought .RE: Resolution # 1, that a massive global fund raiser event is put in place for April 21st, 2008 – the anniversary of the visit of H.I.M. to Jamaica , for the development of several Rastafari projects. Some projects mentioned are: repatriation/reparation project, Pinnacle heritage project, Shashamane , Scott Pass, Pit Four Binghi centers and Bobo Hill infrastructures and facilities development, social development program, Africa Land purchase portfolio, EADUMC working capital, Rastafari Nation Secretariat working capital, ecological village/organic agriculture development in Africa and the Diaspora, IP project, maritime project, educational/health project, security contingency force (Rastafari Imperial Guards) and any other projects InI can submit. All projects/proposal must have budget attached.


A people who have been DISEMPOWERED and made ECONOMICALLY POWERLESS ought FIRST to focus their collective fundraising efforts on addressing the root of their problem. It would be good to have nice tabernacles and nice community facilities, but the attainment of such things will not change the basic root problem of economic powerlessness that all Africans are facing.

The first question that should be asked is WHAT IS THE NATURE OF OUR PRESENT ECONOMIC CRISIS, and how are our fundraising efforts directly addressing that crisis?

We are in the grip of an economic bondage where our individual economic activity is not producing wealth for ourselves. We own no wealth producing enterprises. Therefore the majority of Black slave-descendents are doing exactly the same thing today that enslaved fore-parents were doing yesterday….PRODUCING WEALTH FOR THE OWNER while living in poverty and powerlessness. You are a people living with paralyzed dreams and stifled ambitions because you are living on temporary relief funds in the form of a paycheck that barely manages to pay bills. Any effort to mobilize the global community for the purpose of Fundraising ought therefore to be channeled in the direction of purchasing economic assets that are CAPITAL-GENERATING. That should be our first priority as we move away from being a disrespected nation of cheap laborers to a nation that OWNS CAPITAL-GENERATING ASSETS. In today’s world cheap laborers command no respect, neither in the east nor in the west. As Marcus Garvey once said “A people without real power are a people without respect”. That therefore is the challenge before us, to make the transition from the status where poverty is our most notable badge to that status where our exertion of REAL ECONOMIC POWER commands the respect of all nations.

Please read the following excerpt from the document “THE WAY FORWARD” that was posted some time ago.

“What is the five-year plan?

Survival depends on the people’s ability to creatively put together the organizational framework that will enable them to COLLECTIVELY embark on the project of WEALTH CREATION that brings independence and the power to shape one’s own destiny.

Look all around the world and see that when one Black brother is going to another’s house to ask for a loan, most often he will find that the other brother was thinking the same thing and just about to come over to his house to ask for the same. Everybody is in the same boat.

If our people’s development is being strangled universally through economic strangulation, then beside the movement for external reparations, the challenge before Zion seekers is LET US COLLECTIVELY EMBARK ON THE PROJECT OF WEALTH CREATION. Let us collectively institute the model of economic development that offers hope to our people. Marcus Garvey’s vision of collective ownership that enabled the establishment of The Black Star Line and many other commercial enterprises must be studied and resurrected, AND IMPROVED. Within the strength of collectivity there is wealth. A million people investing one dollar each is a million dollars in investment. Let the bright minds amongst us develop the organizational and administrative structures that can take a million dollars and multiply it ten fold and a hundred fold. This pathway will place the Rastafari nation in a better position to command respect, and it will also help to influence the direction of Africa ’s destiny. Let us not squander the potential support of the masses by rallying them around ephemeral goals that offer no lasting solutions.”

The above was written some time ago but the point remains that while it would be nice to fix all the tabernacles and all the Binghi centers so that they have modern facilities etc, we are at a stage where we need to create THE ECONOMIC BASE OF NATIONHOOD in the form of ECONOMIC-GENERATING ENTERPRISES. We will not build true nationhood by seeking donations and grants and BEGGING African governments to recognize us. Neither will we be able to attain our reparations from the robber before we establish our own INTERNAL REPARATIONS. Let us focus all our energies on COLLECTIVELY building the base of the economic pyramid first.

INVESTMENT and CAPITAL OWNERSHIP are the words that need to come to the forefront of our minds in this time of economic lynching. True progress will not be generated by DONATIONS, but it will surely be generated by INVESTMENT in income-generating projects. Fundraising that is built on donations is part of a cycle that leads to further fundraising based on further donations, and fundraising based on the aid of “philanthropic agencies” can never produce the sustainable development WITH INTEGRITY that is needed. In this time when the masses are constantly being bombarded from every direction with appeals for donations let us show the masses an investment plan that benefits all that contribute.

In the initial five years all organizational structures should be run on the smallest budget possible so that the majority of the funds can be used for generating capital growth. If the 45-seater bus that is mentioned in the budget is to be used commercially for the purpose of generating funds, that is fine, but if otherwise then such funds should be used in the investment pool. In other words, in the first phase of nation-building, to the greatest extent possible, any money that is spent should be money that is increasing economic power. The base of the economic pyramid should be about investment, investment, investment, and the purchase of capital assets that are INCOME-GENERATING.

All of this that has been said is not to knock down this man’s proposal or that man’s proposal but to point to a deeper level of economic surgery to address the African problem. We need to develop that model of COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT that is a true model for African development globally.

We need to visualize the Rastafari nation as a nation that has collective ownership in some INCOME-GENERATING enterprise on the present economic playing field. Let us say no to a nation that is begging for aid and yes to a nation that conceives an economic plan and sells shares to African people who are ready for self-empowerment. A healthy internal-reparations model will pave the way for external reparations. Revisit Marcus Garvey and improve on what he has done while maintaining the character of collective self-help. Let us not squander the potential support of the masses by rallying them around ephemeral goals that offer no lasting solutions. Let us THINK POWER and put in place the economic programs that will guide the poor to the full realization of REAL POWER.

Ras Jahaziel

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Haile Selassie I