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Reparation before repatriation

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Messenger: kglass1 Sent: 11/2/2007 11:10:11 AM

Greetings Rasta Bredrens and Sistrens. I know there has been alot of discussion on the issue of repatriation. But what about reparations? My concern for the African returning to Africa would be the situation today in Africa. The resources that come from Africa are not really in the hands of the African people. The oil,cocoa,diamond,aluminum,bauxite,just to name a few are still in the hands of European countries. I feel that before anything else, reparations must be paid and the resources put into the hands of the African so that the African Nation can truly begin the rebuilding process. Also, I know this is a different subject however
since I am new to this forum I have had the pleasure of not only reading
speeches of HIM, but I read an older discussion that I would like to respond to. There was a question something about white people living in Africa and if they should have the right to stay there. Not exact words but something along those lines. My personnel opinion is that Mother Earth has no borders. Borders are man made. However, if a person is to live somewhere they should live under the original social system/government.
For example Africa under African government(true African government), Native American rule for the Americas and so on. If a person lives in Africa and owns land, perhaps they should sell the land to an African and then rent the land or property instead. This way, one would be contributing instead of taking. Give Thanks for this site. LET'S GET MOVING RASTA!

Messenger: Ten Sent: 11/2/2007 7:30:54 PM

I feel I should share I feeling on this subject: there is a big difference between repairation and repatriation both of which are a must. Reparation is what the Babylon must give back to all those that suffered under slavery and those generations scattered across the globe that continue to reel from the effects of that horrendous act. But repatriation is totally different and the two cannot be lumped together in I opinion because there is danger of confusing them for being similar. Reptriation is the voluntary but neccessary act of I n I people of Afro-Asiatic descent and those that consider Africa to be the Motherland. Its a mental and physical action from those resistant against all forms of oppression - regardless of whether that oppression is in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, Australsia or North Amerikkka.
In addition I feeling is that we cannot just expect the oppressors to pay out repairations in the hope this is some quick fix pill for Africa. Its deeper than that, repairations in this case would be no different from the sympathetic drop the debt for poor Africa, but in all honesty what good does it do? Is trade fair? Has anyone really understood Africa's economic system thrives on principles different form the West? What underhanded policies are governments in Babylon and Africa dealing with each other? Will repairations take out the rot of corruption that is in our own goverments? To whom does the money go? Who distributes it? Can money really atone for four hundred plus years of injustice, pillage and plunder?
A million and one questions come to mind for and even though I feel its neccessary, there are all these added complexities that make I wonder what repairation really means.
And regarding Africa for the Africans - well Julius Nyerere with the ujamaa concept, Kwame Nkrumah's Pan-Africanism and Patrice Lumumba's visions and HIS Majesty in setting up the OAU succeeded at this. And they are exemplary African statesman, but there are those who were clouded by power and became corrupt in their ideals Amin tried it and see what that did to Uganda tore the people up instead of uniting them, Mugabe altohugh well-intentioned has made his own African people suffer in the process. But even having said this I still nah know how we define African is Africa is the Mother of All Iration and from where all humans sprang. And even though some may have colonial ancestors who settled on African land, sometimes these people have a closer link to the land, culture and language than city-bred Africans who in twisted shame deny their Mother Tongue and adopt 'white ways'.
There are no easy answers, but change begins in the heart, for anything to happen it must be accepted be it repairation, reptriation or Africanness.

Messenger: kglass1 Sent: 11/2/2007 8:24:52 PM

Yes Bredren. The situation is very complex. Reparation is different from dropping Africa's dept though, because the fact that any country could claim that Africa owes them is absurd. The whole European economy rest on the pedestal of the slave trade. Many of the institutions gained their wealth from the slave trade. Insurance companies, banks, etc. You made a very good point about where the money would go and who would distribute it. That is an issue. I don't think that money would solve or fix everything but it would help to start African based institutions and development. I mean, it's Africa's money anyhow. Right now almost everything in babylon comes from the suffering of Africans. It's the richest place in the world as far as resources yet the people are among the poorest. Why? Because they do not own any of the companies. When slavery ended, babylon just shifted their strategy from shipping people out of Africa to shipping out the resources. That's where we are today. babylon is in Africa so this is a major problem.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 11/2/2007 10:10:47 PM

Blessed Love
First of all correction I, you're reasoning with a Sistren not a Bredren. In this trod some of us are Royal Dawtas and some of us are Royal Sons thus no need for assumption. Referring the I's point abt repairations and Drop the Debt, I was using that as an example of a do-gooder intiative for Babylon's guilty conscience that serves as illusory absolution for the guilty of any moral and criminal wrongdoing, but reality is those appeasements are piece meal and don't really solve the issue but create more problems. Its another cancerous form of dependency for Africa, like we need any more handouts to cripple us! Even if the reparations money comes and its Africa's money originally, for I there are some things I just don't want. Its blood money, its tainted and its too little too late, it can take away racism or the brutal sufferation of I n I.
Money I can certainly do without but justice I cannot. The Babylon would equate this with justice and sealing off centuries of oppression with a simple cheque. And money is not what this comes down to, but sadly in this capitalist world it is and that's how Babylon operates. As the I rightly pointed out resources are from the Motherland but there you find I n I brothers and sisters dying from hunger. I'm inclined to think its all in the design of Babylon - how many wars in Africa has the US funded? Why was Madeline Albright so slow to react when 900 000 Rwandese died in ethnic violence? And why was the West conveniently deaf to Wole Soyinka's pleas when Ken Saro Wiwa was murdered by the Nigerian govt because of his activism against oil company Shell? And how many leaders have been killed by the US in order to put in the regime they prefer? how many dictatorships in Africa are propped up by the US and UK?
And speaking of resources, I like the way you put it I. Its so true its just a change of strategy but same game and more technology while divide and rule is still the tried and tested formula of ruling Africa from a distance. The cases of Sierra Leone and Rwanda are good examples. Its up to us as Africans to fix Africa's problems not to look to the West. His Majesty managed to keep Ethiopia a free land, HE brought reforms when neccessary and Defended ancient custom when need be. HE lived a very frugal life, especially for a King of HIS stature and I feel many leaders taste money and forsake their principles. Some like 'Mwalimu' Nyerere, Lumumba, Nelson Mandela and Samora Machel (these are only a few examples) really live by their word and not by the lure of money and power. For I n I as RasTafari children our task is to reparate and reptriate ourselves and give back what we can to I n I people in our communities not wait for the West to do it. No one knows your problem better than yourself, hence oneself is the best to fix one's problems then others can help. As we live by HIS example and HIS word on African Unity then we should seek in all ways to reflect that best. Demanding money is no good if rot and rancour runs in the veins of the community; its only means more death.
Blessed Love

Messenger: kglass1 Sent: 11/3/2007 6:29:50 AM

Greetings. Forgive I for my assumption. I am well aware that there are sons and dawtas on this site for I have greeted both in the past. Respect. I can see that InI has a lot of work to do yet to overcome babylons mess. Give Thanks. Don't give up the fight.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 11/3/2007 4:39:26 PM

Blessed Love
Its irie still Aya, reasoning vibration is there still. And yes I much work is to be done and I n I must never grow weary, always vigilant in our struggle for mental, physical and spiritual freedom as JAH people.

Messenger: Land of the bow Sent: 11/3/2007 6:05:58 PM


In order for serious discussion of Reparations to start other things must happen 1st. IMO, this time is not an economic time, it is clearly a spiritual time. Besides my Ethiopian ancestors didn’t leave behind blueprint plans for no 401K (etcetera) solution. What they clearly left are spiritual documents for us to return to the one.

If you're bible based, then the declared tenet is for every man, woman and child to return to his/her/their vine and fig tree. This makes a lot of sense to me, but will realistically be fulfilled?

Africa under Black-African government doesn’t mean things will improve. There lots of lawless, greed thirsty counterfeit Blacks whose only interests are securing wealth. Aint nothin’ wrong with getting’ paid, but at what expense. The OAU was funded by a wing of the Rothschilds in the following after WWII and was likely heavily infiltrated. Like the League of Nations and its successor organization, the OAU was not exempted from the influential banking elite.

Messenger: Jah Elect Sent: 11/3/2007 8:00:18 PM

Blessed Love ones and ones.

I agree that reparations and repatriation are both a most, but I wouldn't agree that they are unrelated. Repatriation could actually even be a form of reparation. That was the whole idea behind Liberia. I wouldn't say follow that model, but resources could be used to assist in the African Diaspora returning to the Motherland. On this issue of who is paid and by who for reparations, that is a very good question. I think if we opened up the idea beyond just dollars and scents it would be more beneficial. This has been done is many other instances of reparations. For instance, instead of the government and corporations writing personal checks to everyone, reparations can be done in many ways including Schools, Education funds, housing funds, land funds, scholarships, grants specifically for the development of our communities BY people in our community, repatriating people, forgiving debt (which i agree are proposterous in the first place) ecomonmic support for struggling African countries and others affected by the slave trade, i.e. Brazil. I will respond some more later, I have to dip now. Blessings to everyone! Jah, Rastafari!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2014 10:18:09 AM

Reparations can not amount to cancelling the IMF debt. A problem With reparations is the government systems hide behind the fact that the profits from slavery were mainly in the hands of private investors / traders, not directly into the hands of the govt. In other words they try and shift the blame and say it wasn't them. The thing is in THIS time we know exactly who the main benefactors were. The Brown family, the De Beers and such. We have this information. We have the (hit)list.

Anothr problem is who to pay. All black people? (they will then hit you with 'well what is black') All people inside the continent of Africa? the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade? The jewISH community recieved reparations for the Holocaust beause they are enlisted as JEWS. We as black people have no Nation. Black is not a nation and African simply refers to a continent. It sounds like semantics but LEGALLY reparations can only be given onto individuals or onto a Nation. Some of us don't even subscribe to being called 'African'. Smh...

Look at what I found for a Babylonian excuse for not giving reparations:

"Another argument against reparations (though this is not a legal argument) is that few African-Americans are of "pure" African blood since the offspring of the original slaves were occasionally the progeny of Caucasian male masters (and a variety of White males) by means of rape, concubinage or threat and forcibly slave-breeding of African female slaves"

- What this has to do with Reparations I don't know? Apart from vexation..


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/26/2014 10:04:03 PM

I doubt Babylon will ever be willing to pay even a fraction of what they owe, they owe too much. There is nothing they would be willing to offer that would be even remotely acceptable.

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