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New Season

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Messenger: Jah Virgin Sent: 10/9/2007 8:28:21 AM

'judgement is now'


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/23/2007 5:00:24 PM

Some people might want to talk about freedom of speech and say that I shouldn't be restricting people so. But I am not stopping anybody from saying anything, people can go anywhere else inside or outside of the web and say whatever they want.

But when people come here and distract I and I with things that I and I are not interested in wasting I and I time with, they prevent I and I from being free and they prevent I and I from trodding forward in the direction I and I choose. They prevent I and I from trodding forward in the direction I and I choose by causing I and I to go around in circles that I and I have already gone through with others.

Some might say that those that don't like it can ignore it. But if it is ignored, then it might give the appearance of agreement with the idea. So because of that, the only choice is to waste time discussing it, or prevent it altogether.

And as I mentioned before, I have already wasted too much time in the past on such things, when I would have preferred to use I time for more fruitful things. So now I will do what I prefer.

And I will not go back from this New Season. I gave Iself two choices before I wrote this New Season post, either stop any new posts from being posted on the forum so only the older posts would be available, or work to make this forum a place for I people to trod in I and I desired direction without fruitless distractions.

People may notice that I don't stop all posts of distractions. This is because I don't want people to feel that they can't say anything here that is different from I and I views, because that is not the case. But if I feel that the distraction has gone on long enough, then I will end it, whether after one post, or after a few.

RasTafarI is a trod that consists of an Order. Some people want to always push people away from Order, but I and I will always keep RasTafarI Order. And as I said before, if you would be blazed out of a Nyahbinghi or Bobo gathering for saying something, then there is a good chance that it is not acceptable here.

I am not concerned about who will leave this forum because of this "New Season", in fact, I welcome it, because in time, the only people that will want to be in this forum is people that will Rise I higher.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nnee Sent: 11/25/2007 11:25:42 AM

yes I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/12/2007 12:40:18 PM

Here is a reasoning I made in another topic, that will explain more about I reasons for the recent changes. Some of it may be already spoken of in this topic, but some of it was not specifically mentioned before.

I have recently made some changes to the forum so that I and I don't spend days arguing about things that distract I and I from more important reasonings that will rise I and I to a Higher level.

For example. I view and the view promoted here is that RasTafarI is God. Those that say RasTafarI is not God are welcome to reason here, but they are not welcome to bring arguments here that say RasTafarI is not God. Those kind of arguments have already gone through here several times in the past and every time it basically goes through the same circles that it went through before. And instead of reasoning about more useful things that will rise I and I, people go through the same circles of the past repeating the same things said before.

I can't just ignore arguments like that because I never want to appear to support the opinion that RasTafarI is not God, so I have the obligation to show that I don't support it. So because of that obligation, I have to join into that circle that has already gone through here several times before.

Too much time in the past was taken up on those circles, and everytime those circles appear, useful reasonings tend to be ignored. Because people are too busy defending their position to spend time on anything else.

In regards to the existence of Jesus Christ. Haile Selassie I shows that Jesus Christ existed and so do I. And whether or not He existed, I main focus is to Live by His example and teachings, and I know that His example and teachings are righteousness and are the example of the Creator. And if you look through the reasonings here, I don't spend I time trying to show that Jesus Christ existed, unless I am responding directly to the claim that Jesus Christ doesn't exist. I spend I time reasoning about His teachings and example, and showing why they are the example for I and I to Live.

There is no proof that my great, great grandfather existed other then the fact that his descendants are living today. So if we look into somebody that existed 2000 years ago, unless they have a preserved corpse(like a mummy) that is still around and the location known, there is no concrete proof that they existed, even if they did in fact exist.

So in the case of Jesus Christ, the only thing we have to say he existed is the fact that he is written about by others.

If people don't want to believe that Jesus Christ existed because of that, then that is there choice. But it will just be vanity to argue about it, because after all the arguments, nobody on either side can prove with solid physical evidence that what they believe is true.

If a person thinks that through discussions they can eventually come to firm and undisputable proof of either position, then they are welcome to do it elsewhere. But as far as this forum is concerned, those things were finished after the previous Season, and in this New Season time is too short for I and I to spend it on that anymore, I would much rather spend I time learning to Live closer to the example of the Most High and spend time on reasonings that support that direction and also other reasonings that will be more useful for I and I.

That doesn't mean that I have a problem with any reasoning that doesn't support that direction, because if a reasoning is made, commented on and then people trod on to things that are more useful, then the distraction is minor and doesn't matter to I. But if the distraction will go on for days, and the old circle just repeats again and again, and people don't have time to spend on more useful things, then I do have a problem with that, especially if I feel the need to waste I time also.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: soul traveller Sent: 12/16/2007 2:07:02 PM

I give thanks for a New Season on this forum too. I have visited here since the early days to read His utterances and the useful reasonings many times. I have also read some of the distracting reasonings too.

From early on I decided not to post here. With the useful reasonings there was no need for I to reply with anything but Ises and thanks that the divinity of Jah Rastafari was being revealed to I and that I was open to accept HIM and His truth and righteousness. I was only beginning I trod and I knew that it was Jah guidance that I be silent and instead listen and learn. I mostly steered clear of distracting posts, being sometimes unsure of I path and still finding I way I knew these discussions would distract I from I rising to oneness with Jah. If I read them sometimes they magnified the doubts and temptations that I and I was trying to separate Iself from. So I tried to concentrate I reading to His speeches and other words and to the reasonings that made I open to His wisdom and teaching, that raise I and I consciousness and make the path that I and I trod clearer. Sometimes weakness and doubts would arise and I would find I was reading these distracting discussions, a failing that years of Babylon conditioning had created, but slowly Jah truth would also be revealed to I through the reasonings that those who challenged the babylon thinking of the distractors would bring to the thread. I give thanks and Ises that Jah strength worked through them to help protect I and make I and I see and find resistance to the falseness that they peddle.

This is the only argument for the distracting posts – they make Jah people stronger and awaken oneness in those who are opening their eyes and starting to overstand what Jah has revealed to them. They have sometimes helped I ask for Jah fire to blaze out the wickedness that the distractors’ posts have helped I identify within Iself. They have also helped I and I see where I stand on certain things, such as the recent postings on TTOI and Vernon Carrington. But as has been said, many of these circles of argument have happened several times over with the same circular result so I welcome a New Season where they do not take hold any more. So many words have been posted here creating doubts about the divinity of Selassie I and the importance of following His example and teachings that anyone new to the forum can search for them and see if both Babylon wickedness and Jah truth is revealed to them. Then, they can choose whether to blaze out that wickedness or, as Ark I suggests, take the chaos and confusion they’re following to another place.

This New Season has provided I with a time to reflect on the path I have trod for a while now and to see how Jah has guided I away from distractions and burned away doubts and wickedness. There is still much that I have to ask Jah to help I change in I life, doubts and wickedness for I and I to blaze out, and babylon chaos and confusion to be resisted and separated from. Little by little Jah reveals Himself to I. The start of a New Season has helped I stop and see where I and I have trod (and to give thanks for this) and to seek Jah guidance to guide and raise I to a deeper oneness with Jah Rastafari Selassie I.

Thanks and Ises
Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari

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