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A Game of 21

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/18/2004 8:03:22 AM

21 is a basketball game. I play this game almost every day of the week, to me basketball is like chess, you also have the chance to meet all kinds of different people. Yesterday I played with this guy, at first I thought nothing of it till I start to watch his movements and as soon as he opened his mouth he started talking about religion, so he told me his which was Christian and I tried to tell him that I have no religion that I have a walk, he did not settle for this. In the game of 21 you have to score 21 by twos with the last point scoreing a free throw, its a long game if your talking, so this game lasted about 2 hours. He gave me a testomony of how he had found Christ and I thought that this was all he had came to do, but as I say I was watching his movements and he seemed to change, his mannerisms. He asked me of which faith I was of and I told him, of Althys, Africa, RastafarI. I didnt just tell him the names I told him to look them up, but instead, he just kept talking. The man told me that the only God that there is, is the Christian God. He was on a one dimensional path were all he saw was Gods energy in only being able to be obtained by death. As I said here on this forum and I said to him.. If man shakes the curse, leaves the lack of respect behind him and steps forward to almighty Jah comfort then Him not have to worry about no sin of man cause him living with God, walking with God in a natural order. This man wasnt satisfied with that, he started calling me a liar in so many words and the things that I was sayin was an illusion. This conversation went on for a long time and ended with the man being bitter still professing his allegance to God. I explaned to him no building holds the spirit or holds God. The only vessel God breaths life into is Man. Man is the chapel that encaps the spirit from Jah mighty ( Selassei I is the Chapel InI Father) the man asked me if he could pray for me I told him that were praying as we are speaking although my goal was to uplift this man, our conversation turned to an advisarial meeting, instead of a meeting of Jah children. This is what I mean when I say some people hear the spirit and some dont. Like Peter Tosh said, we are not here to judge the people from good to bad, we are here to do the things that are right.

Jah Love

Messenger: Roots Dawtha Sent: 2/18/2004 9:35:38 AM


I like how the I handle yourself and the man who was trying to convert you to his way of thinking. There are many people with such mentality. I was amused by it all eventhough it was serious. I acutally saw myself on the court with this man. He seem difficult. As I have always told my friends,neighbors and some stranger along the way never try to change a man's mind but give suggestion and leave it for them to think upon it. Jah bless the I for being humble while the man showed his true colors. One Love!

Roots Dawtha

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Haile Selassie I