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Letīs follow Jah Call!

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Messenger: ijah Sent: 3/3/2004 5:03:25 PM

Treu all that.....nah complaining,nah strifes,just live InI life as Jah wants InI fe live...Upright and honest inna the Haert,towards JAh and thyself,then JAH will guide and lead we on and on.....Rastaman vibrations are positive



Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/9/2004 7:09:37 PM

Yes I Bro. Japhet Ambassa.....
Give thanx fi opening this thread.....I am late in registering here..
since I never found the time to deal it seriously yet.
To all it is time to plan to go home.I ( and I Queen) have spent some time ina Ithiopia allready.....I did live there for three Years....and have I house and Land there....
So there are plans and actions done allready to forward many Idren to Zion, just to make it known once more.
Different actions are taking place to accomplish it through the African Carribean Self Help Organization or through plannings and organizings by Bro Gad I ( Japhet Anbessa)and I as well as I Queen and many others....

So any Idren....not talkin`Bout Africa...but actually ready and willing to go...please contact one of we.
RASTAFARI Love and Blessings

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/17/2004 10:28:54 AM

Yes man!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/24/2004 6:54:11 PM

See Bro. Gad ?
That is what Th `I and I was reasoning about.....
Everybody is talking about Repatriation and about Africa....
Now once a group of people start true actions towards this...Interest falls rapidly.
Too many Idren are not ready to go at all....but they love to talk big.
They feel well ina Babylon....and love it`s food....but talk a different language than their Behaviour shows.
Respect to Ark - I ......he said right in the Beginning, that His Job has to be done right there , where he lives....and I respect that greatly.
But where are all the other Big Mouthed People....crying for Africa and Repatriation ? Once it gets serious.....and at Danger of truly hard work and even stake of life...they shut them Mouth quickly.
It is a folly to rely on peoples matter how many years they did talk them...the actions shown, speak louder than any talk.
Rough Business in the End I will have to teach Th `I how to survive in the African Bushlands....rather than how to build up a new settlement for I n I to dwell in.
Sorry to say that.....but that`s the way it is moving.


Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/24/2004 10:43:56 PM

what are you talking about ..years of talk .i think that for anyone to think just cuz they live in one place they think every thing going to be good you surely JOKeING yourself ..i live ina babylon i eat babylon food, but i tell you every day is one to the next...the people every were saying the samething don't eat this move here ..thats good for you. i hope that you are doing what you are saying.i hear you ,but you do not hear your work..i will do mine.


Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/25/2004 3:32:41 AM

No Man ! Surely life is not better in one place or the other, and surely no man should tell another what to eat or where to live seen ?
But if one looks at the Rastafari-movement worldwide, too many people keep talking bout Africa respectively Ithiopia and repatriation...Almost every Reggae-singer has a song about it....
( just look at Burning Spear alias Winston Rodney )
But when it actually comes to moving they step back and rather stay in Jamaica , London or whereever.
I am not trying to get anybody to go to Ithiopia who feels to have works to do elsewhere seen ? But I am weary of constantly hearing Idren talk about it....and when it comes to actions they fail.
It seems as if they are afraid of the reality of their own words.
So nobody should feel accused by I words here....I am not talking about people personally but about the state things are in in general.
And there is a great gap between what people talk about and what is happening in reality.
Th`I do Thy works...I do I works. Yep ! I agree completely!!
And I works right now is to help Idren go home within the next 3 years.But up to now it is not even 10 actually ready to go , of which I know of....and that`s a quite disapointing ratio.
So I`m not trying to talk anybody into anything...but I keep spreading the message and I keep saying how things are. Nobody needs to be offended...unless he feels he`s into what I`m talking about here seen ?

Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/25/2004 6:28:34 AM

thank you for you work.
iam not offended i am nataral(SP).i just wanted to put i words out there.i do not speak for all i just speak what i sight that jah have i write.



10 will one day be 144'000

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/25/2004 7:23:30 AM

@The rock ( of Gibraltar ? ) day 10 will become a 144,000.
Maybe I am unpatient..........but time is running and the Ithiopian Millennium is which I feel serious things may Idren should be prepared to go.
Thanks fi Thy Overstanding.

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/25/2004 2:34:09 PM

Greetings I

Oh Brother Benjahmin, I do not like hearing the I so hopeless!
Because who would then share his hope with the little Iman? ;)
We will make it... conquer all problems! It is Jah work I n I do... we canīt fail!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/29/2004 9:39:43 AM

Ites Bro.Gad I
Never worry....I am not hopeless. In the contrary....I am sure that those who wish to go will in fact go too.
Maybe it will not turn out to be a hundred or more....meaning I n I might have to alter I n I plans. But that possibility did exist right from the beginning.But be JAH will , I n I will make this move!

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