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Ba Beta Christos Haile Selassie I Church (Rastalogy)

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Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/18/2004 1:14:12 PM


The Father I-rated InI in HIM image... so each of one can be CHRIST...annointed.....and at that moment "pray" and request of the Father.....automatic because of ONENESS. The spirit is within the BODy of flesh, yet it be energy that is always moving changing and in the human mind man has put limitations on this in defining what is RIGHT PURE and WHOLE. THE Ancients yes be annoited, (CHRISTOS-Greek MESSIAH-HEBREW) but site that thier flesh lives were not perfect by our own standards, but that did not defer them from speaking what words Jah put in the mouths, with HIM Spirit. SITE. So IN Idon;t worship

INI site that there be more "agreement" than dis in this reasoning, since the LIMITS of verbal language hinders often ones from radiating the SPIRIT of oneness, besides all of man's chosing limitations to thinking. Just as TIME is a limiting factor by man.. because man numerates it and sets things by it, tries to stop it and relive it and yet...night and day continue on and on without any regard t amn's deadlines and such.

I site that no one here is siting "betterness" than others. No one can be "Better" than u without your approval. SITE. If I own thoughts are challenged by the B-LOVEd, what a blessing, because the TRUTH is NOT CHANGABLE. It strengthen the mind to greater anchoring of what the I know. On e cannot be taken down by that whichi is not true. So the discomfort comes from within, not without.

King of Kings Lord of Lords COnwqueirnglion of the TRIBE of JUDAH

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 2/18/2004 2:03:07 PM

Greetings I

I make it short... cause Iman nah waste time on this assertions without any proofs.
I follow RastafarI... I do not know what it is you are dealing with...
If this church follows Ras TafarI in righteousness... then fine.
But Iman do not need this Foxe to worship Selassie I!
I have no problem when this guy open a new house... but why do people always come with that "we are better"? They need something that makes them better... and they even use Selassie I.... and I bet an Angel also talked to this man...
come on man... more humbleness.... never look down on your brothers!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/18/2004 2:42:17 PM

Who is looking down its like you like putting words in my mouth.
And I'm not here to prove NOTHING to you 12 tribeman! Lets get that straight!
But I given the info. that is nessary for you to swallow your words!
Now prove it to yourself! I here to reason the way of Selassie and how HIM gave it the the JA elders period. It now obvisous to me NONE of you have be to JA or have been there for a good minute. Or have come to Brookyln USA to build with the rasta here. But all of these areas know of what I speak of. I'm not saying you are in a bad place or whatever but damn........TRAVEL get out all the time. If you are in one area for at least a 6 month period you are due for a visit somewhere make that visit to other Rasta community I have been traveling to Peru, Braszil, Ethiopia, London (brother lives there),Cali, Caribbean all over. And sit and built with complete strangers about this whole rasta thing. I have so many ways and views of rasta from many people. And I see the large body of Rasta thoughout the world. Some people talk in thread show me they only been to JA about once or twice and they are NOW devoted to that particular sect. But you need to go back and build with another sect and another. You can't do this in one trip you have to keep going back. Cause if a dread from one sect you were with see you with another they may think you trying to do something you really not trying to do. So bro Jahphet/Whiteman I see you take the name of 12 tribes founder and have the name of the anicent fair skin son of Noah. I would guess you went to JA sit with the 12 tribes and that all the guidence of rasta you need ( a few days) from someone else/elder and anything that elder told you is gold and no one can go against it! Well I feel pity for you!
The church you know nothing about except what I told you....
but you pass judgement and say nah true.........
You don't need Foxe to worship Selassie but you need order to do it that what FOxe has and you don't......
If you did you would have CHurches open.......
The only for that to happen if HIM ordined it himself......
If you go to the Churches I believe in some of them there is picture of Foxe and Selassie....
But I guess you want to put it on the Web right......
NOpe I'll let you keep getting info. from the web......
While I get it from Selassie I.......
Forgive dem Father for they know not what they do- Lauren Hill


Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 2/18/2004 3:19:44 PM

This church sound good, interesting...... Za-za, please explain more slowly and simple. I am getting plenty info from what you are saying, but it is coming over confusing.
I see that man come from out of man during conception and birth, but I see this as Jah is the creator. I have a son, but I did not create him, I just loved my sister, and Jah create the youth. I did not put his spirit and flesh together, but Jah used me to do it. I cannot say I did it, because I don't know how it happened. So Jah is the only creator.
I see myself as one with Jah, the Father. And he is my father, and I am his son and we are one. But I am not Jah, fully, in the sense of being the same as him in quantity. But I am of the same essence of him, just a small part of him. It is difficult to explain, but this is the main idea.
And I see His Majesty as Jah, too, just in the same sense as me. I see His Majesty as King, so I follow him, and me following him makes him my king. We are one in the direction we trod, and we are one because we are both one with Jah the Father.
First of all, do you agree with all this, and then what can you add, if anything? I know that I am seeking fulfillment, which is the full realization of my identity and self as the son of Jah. Right now I have partial awareness of it, and I have the faith that the rest will come in time. I am seeking the fullness of Immanuel, which is Jah in I. Do the I see like this?
Africa, rastafari, Haile Selassie,that is the only way,the I is definitely right about that. Please give the full message. Slow down though.

Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/18/2004 3:43:05 PM

Look at the first thread of this reason. I started it and put all the info. I know so far. Than ask any question and I'll try to anwser


Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 2/18/2004 3:51:47 PM

Why should HIM be worship as God? Is the I saying that HIM is equal to Jah, because I do not accept this. How do the I see Jah, god and man, what is the meanings of these words? And what is meant by christmen, and so on?

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 2/19/2004 12:37:58 PM

Greetings I


Funny... the I call me TTI... donīt you hear my words so far away from TTI doctrine?

I follow my God and King Selassie I... is that ok for you?
I worship him now for years without hearing of this Foxe man.... ok for you?
I follow I n I Eldermons.... I see the pictures when Jah Selassie I spoke to them inna JA and gave them medals.... I see the reasonings of I n I bredren who met Jah himself inna Addis, Planno and the others from ī61... and others like Bongo Noel... ok for you?
All this I saw and heard for myself.... seen?

But shure... when I am in one of this church-areas one day I will visit them...
And it was not very humble for I to judge without have concret informations..... but let us agree on that.... You do not speak agains I n I RastafarI Elders and I n I RastafarI Faith, and you wonīt hear Iman speak against this Foxe and his church!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/19/2004 1:10:50 PM

Well Gad don't start none don't be none!!
Wow HIM give them metals and picture taken and than Land in ET
But who ask for wisdom?
Why did HIM didn't visit Dreads in Shashamene EVER!
Why all the physical gift history of HIM? What difference would that make for rasta?
I just see HIM visit as something different. My good friend who I grew up with father was a cop in JA at the time of Selassie visit and he got a metal as well and picture taken of HIM. I just don't see the significate of that statement.

And you saw and heard all this for yourself?
So you mean to tell me that you were apart of the visit by Mack ,Planno & others???


Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 2/19/2004 5:42:29 PM

It's a funny thing that when you learn the truth from some group you want to follow everything they say. But not because they bring one true message mean everything they say is true.
Whoever want to tell people that they have something true need to explain properly. Say why you know what you know and why INI should see it the same way. It don't make no sense just repeating things you heard and accept without giving good explanation.
All I know is that Selassie teach me the truth, which is that I am alive, conscious and knowledgeable, and that the Most High Jah is the creator. And I see oneness and everything else I see just from my meditation, and in my heart I can see it is true.
So please teach something that I can know to be true when I hear what you say. If it is not that you want to do, then it can only be that you come to spread destructive vibes.
I am not for or against any teaching or group, but I need to hear every single teaching and see it for myself one by one. I cannot just accept a group just like that and then find out what they are about later. That is folly.

Messenger: JosephI Sent: 2/19/2004 9:00:08 PM

Greetings Breden, Iman read with great interest your comments on HIM Selassie I being a very powerful mason. Could the Iman point to somewhere where I could find info on dis? Being a Rastafarian follower and believer in the Almighty father Jah, Yeshua Christ, and Jah within InI, I find it somewhat disturbing to think of Selassie as a mason. or Solomon for that matter..True, Solomon was a very powerful and wise King, but did not he fall from the grace of Jah when he started using mysticism to conjure demons etc? Over time, have not the masons and all their offspring gradually controlled the world for hundreds of years? When Iman think of masonry, I think of secret societies who use stolen Kabbalah mysticism to practice dark mysticism and belief in what they believe is God, but really is Lucifer...even though Iman myself never cite up satan and darkness whatsover, nah believe in dat. Is not the whole concept of freemasonry at complete odds with belief in Jah, Yahweh, Yeshua, Yahoshua?
Respect, Joseph I

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