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Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 2/12/2005 3:49:30 PM

Blessed Love

The way I and I see it:
---We walk different? I think so. I think as we trod through Babylon, we carry ourselves differently, with a look to us, that we are confident in what we know, truth and overstanding. We walk among the rest like a teacher walks through the classroom of students
---As far as herb: I burn more than the average America dwelling Rasta, but this does not make me any more of a Ras... I just love it, our Holy, Sacred Sacrement. We beleive it was given to us for us to use. To acquire wisdom and life.. to heal and stay healthy. It's not a necessary part of being Ras, but it's there for those who want it. (Like the dreadlocks)
---About the other religions..... I used to be Catholic myself before I actually studied for myself. I never intended to be Rasta, but in looking for truth, this is where I ended up. I think it's all just a matter of perception. When you research history, and take the time to do extra reading, you see clearly that Rasta is not a religion, but a livity. And religions only serve to devide people, cause wars, and.. do nothing good at all. Man and Jah have a natural relationship. We must cultivate this. Don't worry what you call yourself..... maybe give up religion alltogether. Being Rasta is not a religion, seen?

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 2/12/2005 4:06:47 PM

Bredren Rastafari is seperation from all religion. We refuse all dogma and malicious doctrine. There is no where that says a man haf to smoke herbs.

Again my main man Lao Tzu, has a powerful reasoning to offer us on the subject,

When they lose their sense of awe,
people turn to religion.
When they no longer trust themselves,
they begin to depend on authority.


If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
If you aren't afraid of dying,
there is nothing you can't acheive.

Trying to control the future
is like trying to take the master carpenters place.
When you handle the master carpenters tools,
chances are that you'll cut yourself.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/12/2005 8:56:50 PM

Sound reasoning, I have often wondered where Jah said the process of partaking of the herb was to spray it with pesticides, hang it upside down, and then burn it and inhale the by-products into the lungs.


Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 2/13/2005 4:10:33 AM

The temple of the most high begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence. Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people grow spiritually.

Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe and each other. As the essence of our existence it embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny. A people without a nation they can really call their own is a people without a soul. Africa is our nation and is in spiritual and physical bondage because her leaders are turning to outside forces for solutions to African problems when everything Africa needs is within her. When African righteous people come together, the world will come together. This is our divine destiny.

No Yeshewa was not religious, nor was Haile Selassie. The pagans were referred to as religious.

Religious- Threskos - superstition.

Religion- threskeia - outward expression of SPIRITUAL DEVOTION.

International Dictionary of the Bible

But an outward expression of spiritual devotion could go two ways. A satanist could show devotion through what he considers spirituallity.

We must not look to religion, but to rightousness and the preservation of life.


Ras Zion I

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 2/13/2005 6:14:08 AM

Do you want to improve the world?
I don't think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can't be improved.
If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object you will lose it.

There is a time for being ahead,
a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being in rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being exausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
He lets them go their own way
and resides at the center of the circle.

Trying to reform the world without discovering one's true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thornes. It is much simpler to wear shoes.

Some say that my teaching is nonsense.
Others call it lofty but impractical.
But to those who have looked inside themselves,
this nonsense makes perfect sense.
And to those who put it into practice,
this loftiness has roots that go deep.

I have just three things to teach:
simplicity, patience, compassion.
These are your three greatest treasures.
Simple in action and in thoughts,
you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward youself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.

I am afriad that you can not educate someone on the truth of God. Because what is the truth of God. Only God knows the theology of God.

Throw away holiness and wisdom,
and people will be a hundred times happier.
Throw away morality and justice.
and the people will do the right thing.
Throw away industry and profit,
and there won't be any theives.

When some people are called saints, other people think of themselves as sinners. When one fellow is called wise, others imagine that there is something they need to know. The Master doesn't have these catogories; for HIM, no one is wise or holy; thus, in His presence everyone feels at home.

Blessed be

Ras Zion I

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 2/13/2005 1:42:05 PM

True I

Well spoken, Ras Dreadnut. Very well put

Blessed Be

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Haile Selassie I