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Babylon Lies

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/9/2004 4:05:29 PM


Here is an article I saw posted on the I-RASCOM website. It is from a Jamaican Newspaper.

Little difference between the taliban and the Rasta
Michael A. Dingwall (

After the bombing of the world trade center in 2001 a little known group of people, the Taliban, came to the fore of world attention. The Taliban, which has been ruling Afghanistan for quite some time before, was seen to have a direct hand in the attack. This group of people uses religious zeal in its quest to convince others that its way of life is right

The Rastafarians, who identify with Jamaica and the black race, is also a group of people trying to convince the rest of mankind that their way of life is right. Here in Jamaica, they have many representatives doing all they can to convince the rest of us that we must turn to Selassie, and “bun out” the wickedness that is around us. The Rastas continue to gain considerable power in Jamaica. This being the case, should the rest of us, who are sane, worry?

Lets take a closer look at these peoples, the Rasta and the Taliban, and see why, if we are not careful, Jamaica may end up being another Afghanistan.

The Taliban is notorious for its insistence that everything must be based in the Koran, the holy book of the Muslin faith. However, unlike other Islamic societies, the Taliban believes that the Koran must be taken literally. During its stay in power in Afghanistan, Men are superior to women, the Taliban argued, and as such, women had no place in public. A woman’s place is in the home and her main function was to produce children. On top of that, they were forced to cover their bodies, from head to toe, as stipulated in the Koran.

But what of their men? How did they fear? They were to “be fruitful and multiply” – even if they could not afford to have any. They were not allowed to shave, cut their hair, wear shorts or speak as they wished. Since the women were driven out of school, the men were the only ones. Plus, what they learned changed radically. All educational efforts were directed to “spreading the good news of Allah”. Men had to wear a turban – a length of cloth, about a mile long, to tie around their heads. They were effectively forbidden to participate in many sports, as these would expose too much of their bodies and “offend the great Allah”.

Their society was tightly controlled. Only the Taliban could hold power. All other forms of opposition were crushed. What little media was allowed was completely under the control of the Taliban.

Needless to say, the Taliban was not known to have brought prosperity to the people Afghanistan. On the contrary, due to their outrageous religious policies, there was constant opposition to their rule. Afghanistan had one of the lowest standards of living in the world. It had one of the highest infant mortality rates, lowest life expectancies, its currency was worthless and its people lived in constant war, disease, filth and hunger. The Taliban was notorious for completely mismanaging Afghanistan. They were an ignorant bunch of fanatics, who only understood force and genocide and came very close to destroying the Afghan people. Little wonder, then that nobody was sad to see them kicked out of power. Even the Islamic Republic or Iran, a very conservative Islamic state, branded the Taliban as “an insult to Islam”.

Now to our Rastafarians. Here in Jamaica, we have seen how “intelligent” they are. They are very prominent in our popular music – dancehall. They are known to openly advocate the killing of people they don’t like. People must be killed for very trivial reasons – like being disrespectful to Selassie, being a homosexual, a policeman (or Babylon, as they call them), or anybody else they don’t like. Despite well-established facts, including Selassie’s own denial and Marcus Garvey referring to Rastafarians as a bunch of “fanatics”, they still believe that the late Ethiopian emperor, Selassie, is god. They detest anyone who says otherwise. Recently, in St. Lucia, some of them even attacked a church, killing several persons, all the name of their dead god. These twits are very fanatical in their religious beliefs and the word “tolerance” is nowhere to be found in their dictionary.

Like the Taliban, they still refuse to come to grips with model fashion. They insist that true Rastas must not cut their hair, as “cutting hair is not found in the bible”, as one silly Rasta puts it. In addition, they refuse to practice proper hygiene – the hair is also not to be combed. Many of them these days wear a turban, like the Taliban.

Their choice of fashion, however, is totally irrelevant, especially when compared to what they want civilized people to put into their lungs. The smoking of ganja, contrary to well-established scientific facts, is supposed to be good for you. Here in Jamaica, our ignorant Rastas believe that smoking ganja actually makes one a smart and brilliant person. They believe in this nonsense so much that many of them call ganja “sensimania”. They purposely refuse to acknowledge well-established facts, that ganja is harmful. They even attempt to legitimize its use, quoting ridiculous bible passages to justify smoking it.

Many of them now claim that Jamaica is now ripe for a Rasta government. However, based on how they behave, if they should ever get power, we would be doomed. Recently, a well-known Rastafarian musician was asked what he would do if he was Prime Minister for a day. His response, on public television – “everybody have to pack up and go back to Ethiopia!” This is the stupid, yet typical, pre-occupation of most Rastas. They would enforce a society where our women would be treated as dirt, if we can take what many of them preach in their music. Since we would all have to worship Selassie in music and ganja, Jamaica would immediately see a complete halt in its intellectual development. There would be no need to pursue knowledge, as Selassie would provide us with everything we will ever need. All homosexuals would be killed and, oh yes, there would be no Babylon policemen to harass “di I”. Our Christian churches would be emptied of their laughable and naked Jesus-effigies and replaced with very black and dread locked Selassies. Nobody would have use for a barbershop or a comb, since we would all be forced to become mop-heads. Our beards would become longer than Moses’ and we would all have ganja-breath. People would no longer greet each other with “good morning” or “good evening”. The new greeting would definitely be “more fire!” or “slew dem!” Our National Family Planning Board would be disbanded, seeing that we would all have to fulfill the biblical “edict” and “be fruitful and multiply”.

Seeing that all of this is likely, should our Rastafarians become more powerful, and seeing what the Taliban did to Afghanistan, we in Jamaica should keep a close eye on these crazies. Our population has already proven that it will put up with any amount of garbage that it is given. It already has a very ignorant population and life is getting more unbearable by the day. The population is being thoroughly “ignorantized”, mainly by our musicians (of which our Rastas are a major part) and with the help of the media. We may not like to hear this, but Jamaica is indeed ripe for a Rasta government, not because these Selassie-fanatics are capable of improving the situation, but because the population is too ignorant to resist.

It is of the utmost importance that we Jamaicans remain very vigilant. Afghanistan was so obliterated by the Taliban that it eventually necessitated external intervention to halt the Taliban-inflicted suicide. Our Rastas continue to gain increasing power. If allowed, they will destroy our society. Then, it would be too late. Everybody knows it, but no one will admit the fact – that the Rasta is an obstacle for and an embarrassment to the black race.


These wicked Babylonians trying to discredit RasTafarI with lies.

Like Culture sing.

They never loved, they never loved
The Lord nor the prophet from such time
How do we expect them to love
Jah RasTafarI this time

Babylon will not stand but will fall.

Jah is the Most High,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 2/9/2004 7:27:39 PM

Yes I, Greetings in Selassie I His Dreadfull Name

Treu barbarian propaganda this,typically babylon!!!!
``well established scientific facts``.....Babylon so full of shit,but tricky with them words also....BUN THEM
This also prooves that the author of this column not even knows a little bit bout Rastafari,otherwise him wouldnt write like that a just a game,and it a stupid game,where them always draw bad card,propaganda spreading over ones name...Marley sang it,ye know

personaly,iman think that if ye worldwide question one about these 2 groups being compared to each other,it nah gonna mek sense to the majority of the questioned ones...But that this way of propaganda spreading is still going on,is a big disgrace,and one big stumbleblock in InI way,but if Jah is with the I,then tell I,who can be against I????? Thx an praises itinualy....RasTafari


Blessed greetings

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/10/2004 8:23:28 AM


Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 2/10/2004 12:24:22 PM

Did any of you really read that article properly? It is easy to see the mistakes in the person thinking who write the letter, and we all know about that, but we should focus on the truth in it. Please listen to what I have to say and don't react emotionally.
When you tell somebody something the important thing is not what you are saying only, but also what the person can hear.
We want to teach the people the truth. The way I see how most rastas behave today is like slaves who are angry that they are slaves, and most of us do not behave anything like kings.
What sense does it make to go through the streets telling people mo' fyah and so on? It makes no sense. It only says that you are angry. And the only thing that other people can possibly get from it is that you are angry with them and hate them.
A king is someone who rules by his word. That means that people follow his words and accept them. A king does is not angry and speaking about hatred and so on. And I know that many on this forum would like to say that rastas are not angry, but that is a lie.
HIM is not angry, but the majority of people I see who say they are rasta are actually caught up in anger and hatred. I can see it clearly.
And the person who wrote that article can see it too. Anyone who live around many rastas can testify that there is a focus on anger and destruction. Fire, which originally means purification by truth and love, now people use to signify death and hatred. Slew them... what meaning can people take from that.
Now, those who have read other things I have written here should know by now that I am a true rastafarian. And I am not talking like a bald-head would talk. I am talking black reasoning. I can see that it might look like a bald head reasoning but that depends on how you read it.
Listen to reggae music today, and you can hear most of the tone is very angry. That is the reaction of a slave who just realized he is a slave. It is not the reaction of a king.
Now, I understand that when you are enslaved from childhood and you find out that you were tricked it is natural to get angry. But the truth is that an angry reaction is still just a part of the same slavery. When you free yourself you will not be angry.
The way of rastafarian today is not hatred and anger and more fyah. And we do not need to destroy the networks of government and economic order that exist today. Those networks are not babylon. I said those networks are NOT babylon. We need to speak words of reason in a calm and convincing manner, something like what I am doing here. I could easily send the same message in angry terms, but that would be combative and futile.
Rasta is not here to destroy, but to strengthen the people. We are here to build upon the order that exists already, and not to destroy that order. His Majesty said all these things that I am saying.
Please don't respond telling me that they have stolen our land and our power, so they started the war.
As Marcus rightly said, this world is run by bluff. No one stole our land and power, but they only hold it by bluff. So it is not a suitable reaction for us to wage war on those who are controlling us by bluff.
Remember, only a slave rebels. A king rules by his word.

In summary, what I am saying is this: When someone who is by right a king has been enslaved and realizes that he has been enslaved, the first reaction is to get angry. However, for us anger is only a part of the same slavery. When we realize internally that we are kings then we will no longer be angry that we were slaves. When we are angry we are not kings, but slaves.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/10/2004 1:45:04 PM

not all rasta wake the same.
for my self iam walking with JAH.

if i say shit it does not mean iam mad,some one else it may not be the same.when i writes the word and letter how i fill The children hear what i am saying.some use word thereway.
the babylon man act happy speak happy but is nothing but devil.

so i see what you are saying just wanted to add my 2cents...LOL..
love to all

Messenger: Roots Dawtha Sent: 2/10/2004 2:38:31 PM

Yes I,
I & I agree that there are some rasta and the music that send messages of hate and war. But to the I it all boils down to FEAR! I & I have to continue to set examples of how a King, Queen and rasta suppose to act. I & I have to live it and talk it. Stop responding out of hate.listen,meditate and I & I shall overcome this oppression that I & I have been suppressed under.

Roots Dawtha

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/11/2004 1:48:35 AM

Jah Rasta Far I

Sen bredrena nd sistren. INI oneness and site that not all who callup the name, locks the hair and smoke the herb are Rasta......Rasta INI live in oneness...breathe oneness....

The write like those he write about are lookig for division, under the guise of unifiying two "groups" he defines as separate from himself.

INI don't have to prove anything to the man.....INI speak the truth and INI power of sound will manifest mere words are nothing anger is nothing and senseless.....and that is mi sin, ya check ? So before i go to make peace witht he misguided man, i must have peace within INI.....Becasue INI CANNOT be defeated by the mere words of man....Words from within INI be spoken at the right time.....

From the "ART OF PEACE"

"To injure an opponet is to injure yourself. TO control aggression without inflicting injury is the ART OF PEACE."

Jah rasta far I---power of the trinity------

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/11/2004 8:07:24 AM


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/11/2004 4:13:12 PM


Yes I, whenever I and I can heal, that is what I and I should do. Because it is much better to heal than destroy.

Ezekiel 18
23 Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?

But I and I Fire is still there for it's purpose, so when Fire must burn, it must burn. I and I just need to let Jah control the Fire, and blaze when Jah call on I and I to blaze.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 2/25/2004 11:30:21 AM

Iman is always there in I-RASCOM also. There was an article comparing Rasta and Taliban! it was very ridiculous for me. We and them are two different things totally and all of us knows this. I almost had a sleepless night to be late work next day.
There was also another article warning us of the enemies tracing our footsteps and wolves in sheep's skins among us.we must take care who is with us or speaking for us, Ark I did reason this in I-RASCOM, thanx jah for that.
Let's be sensitive with who is speaking for us.

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Haile Selassie I