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I am a student of prophecy...

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 6/24/2007 5:15:44 PM

The bible teaches ini that prophecy is jah way of showing he is the creator. I an the lord declaring the end from the begining and from ancient times the things not yet done...isa46v9-10. Christ warning started' let no man deceive you' matt24v4 and all through the chapter he even said even the elect could be deceived v24rev13v13-14. Peter said we heard a voice from heaven but we have a more sure word of prophecy where we do will who take heed. Know first no prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation. 2pet17-21. Read isa55v10-12, whom shall he teach knowledge isa28v9-10. Read 1john4v1-6. For as lightning cometh from the east and shine on the west so shall the coming of jah shall be matt 24v27, i saw another angle come from the east having he seal of the leaving God saying hurt not the the earth, sea, and treas till we seal the servant of our God on their foreheads. Rev7v2-3compare Eze ch9,38-39. His majesty and ww2. He is called the man in fine linen also dan10v5. Rev8v3-4 is that same man his majesty compare Eze10v2-7. During the war his majesty said: the errors and the delays which accompanied impose collective sanctions so incomplete and suddenly withdrawn not only left ethiopian people totally at the arbitrary mercy of the aggressor, but caused also the disorganisation of europe, brought about the aggression in spain... At present time, when all states are passing through a tragic hour, I rise to almighty God my fervent prayer that he will inspire all states o such measures and decisions as will assure all people of the earth, be they strong or feeble, justice and peace. King Selassie I is the almighty. Read my posts on daniel lets study and bring out the truth.

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Haile Selassie I