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to Ras kebreab I

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Selahssie i son Sent: 4/19/2007 11:19:01 AM

Well I even I read all kind of versions of the scriptures,I read and study the scriptures.I read the dead sea scroll and some other scrolls.Scrolls was before the book which is called the bible,There were Translators before king james of England the wises fool of england,noted in the stundents companion book.So I read the Maccabees,the Book of Zorah,the book of Protovangelions,the Apocrypha,the book of Helaman,Alma,Nephi,Jacob,Enos,ether,Zenos,Mormon,Moroni,Jarom,Mosiah,Omni,the Kebre Neguast,sometime the koran,the lost books of Moses etc.,so many scrolls,testiments and bibles I even I read.A Scroll is different to a testiment and a bible is different to testiment.A bible Contains the Old testiment which is the most important part of the bible and a new testiment which come after the Old testiment.The old testiment was a scroll and still a scroll but for some reason they called it a testiment to make up their bible.When I read all these versions I saw reasons why they are not in the king james bible,the old version of the scriptures is more better than the european king james version and for this reason the king james version is incomplete.That is why when rasta read a king james bible we overstand it more than them who say they read the bible.Rastafari said it does matter how old or new the bible is,it remain one and it is enternal,so me read alot of bible everyday.If the black people continue to look through the white people spectecle all the time,they will not see the holy one the prophets was talking about.If U look through the white men spectecle you will become a sevant of Saul instead Of King David the son of Jes,se.

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Haile Selassie I