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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/9/2007 5:58:15 AM

Blessed Love to one and all

What irritates I is not what another thinks of I faith. What irritates I is that a next rasta is saying "If Christ/Girmawi Qedemawi Haile Selassie is God to you..." and " I will tell you straight up, Christ Girmawi Qedemawi Haile Selassie is most definitely God to Me."
What irritates I is the "to you" and "to me" parts

I pray the I overstands I

Ark I,,glad to see the I in the vibe to reason again

Rastafari Is

Messenger: inajahlove Sent: 4/9/2007 8:58:21 AM


There is fear around it, belief in it for it to unfold. Inturbulated souls who would possess their fear and anger and unleash it. You must believe in it for it to be real.

I lived my whole life around this type of thing. I know others here where I am now who do readings, and all sorts of things, if I sense there is negativity I politely stay away. I get a myriad of signs from the Angels about whom to trust and whom not to.

Walk proud with a knowledge that you can encircle the I with positive protective light - chant Jah Guide and Protect and believe it moreover.

To walk in the light with the I held high

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/9/2007 9:09:29 AM

My apologies, i miswrote your name, SunofMan

Messenger: MacChrist Sent: 4/9/2007 9:48:20 AM

Yes I, Jah Guide and protect. Thanks for the spiritual upliftment. The thing is that I was pesformed such retuals when I was an enocent baby. And now my elder want to do the same on my child knowing that it has never worked for me. I would do anything possitive to keep my son ritually clean, away from these traditional pagan worships. My wish is to remain ritually clean by keeping my son clean, it is not that I fear evil spirits. inajahlove, please tell me if I will be accepted in open arms with my wife and son when I go to a rastafari camp.

Messenger: inajahlove Sent: 4/9/2007 9:49:12 PM

I cannot say if "you will be welcome with open arms..." I do not know.

I know that I too was raised around it, perhaps the same, perhaps different. I changed my orientation to the positive, and, I am the first to walk the Rasta I Lifestyle. My son is young and I teach him to walk with a consciousness and respect about him and to trust his intuition/vibes. I too know how protective you can be of your youth. I raise my son alone. I have stepped away from all other family consciously for now. I forgive from a distance. I politely stepped away from my son's great grandmother as she is very inturbulated and her energy is not with Right I Livlihood; not a minor disagreement. But she used many ways to seek communication with the ancestors. I found a means that was positive by allowing it naturally with my own gift and still living Right I Livlihood.

Pagan is the aspect of culture that predominated the Goddess Era and therefore, I do not see it as an evil, just a difference. It is an evil in old school fundamentalist Christianity. Pagans looked toward dieties (energy sources) and that was highly twisted by church and state.

Personally, I did not allow several people and they were elders which felt a bit threatening to hold my son for that reason. I simply with no punitive intent asked them not to touch his fontanelle and to enjoy him in my arms.

Do what must be done for your family, keep breathing, keep focused and set aside some time to reflect and ask for the protection which you shall receive.

Thought forms of the Most High in Your Third Eye Guide You There

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/10/2007 6:19:57 PM

Ark I, My Lord, Please....

Perhaps the I read the entire thread or not, but if you saw that the first time Ras Kebre AB asked that I not make too vague a statement for the sake of the youth, I agreed that I could have said "All righteous paths lead to I", after that I clarified my statement in response to Ras Kebre AB, and assumed that readers would not jump into the reasoning without reading from the beginning and learing the true meaning of my statement. Now the I has brought the notion back as if it had never crossed My mind, I'm not sure why. True, the fault lies with Me in that the first time I made the statement I simply "assumed" that readers would not take my statement like I was telling them that they can jump off of cliffs and find the creator (although one never knows until they try it), kids I'm joking don't try that. However, you've now accused Me of making up my defense in reaction to opposition that I got from the I or elsewhere. Now what would make the I think that I have been blindly going around telling ones and ones that they can just follow any old mischievous way and end up at the gates of one's enlightenment, it would be foolish for me to do so, and foolish for one to even make the assumption that I would be doing such things, I mean, why on earth would I make up the idea that "all righteous paths lead to I" or that "a path is a place to go, as opposed to going nowhere" for the sake of defense now or before? If I already had thought on the subject of path, then surely I had already formulated my thoughts on the subject and not just tried to sugar coat it to save face.

I'll tell the I honestly it is not my aim to encourage wickedness in any way, I figured that ones on a forum called Jah Rastafari reasoning on religion and spirituality would be intelligent enough to discern the meaning behind the concept I was presenting within the context I was presenting it, but perhaps the I's have witnessed differently. Anyways, I know the I has peoples' best intrests in mind while you reprimand, so I'm not trying to hold it in a negative light. But just as I assumed that ones would overstand My meaning of the word path without My having to explain it, the I has assumed that I would be trivial enough to throw out a word without having thought of its meaning and then creating a meaning just to back myself up. I'm not thrilled with the I's assumption, but like I said I know the I only wants the best for the readers here. So without dragging it out anymore.....ALL PATHS OF RIGHT LEAD TO THE HIGHER SELF ....I can't be any clearer than that, and that is what I meant from the beginning, no apology.
Blessed Love

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/10/2007 6:24:49 PM


It's a joy to reason with the I, and I shall only refer to the I as such from here on.....ONE I to another...


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/10/2007 11:07:31 PM


I did actually read what you replied to KebreAB before. But then afterwards you said again,


I don't exactly know why I bothered to bring it up again. It was a reaction to the quote above. And then when you made the comments of paths to wickedness not really being paths, then that prompted I next reasoning.

Now that I think of it, your reasoning reminded I of somebody else and I think that was the main reason I responded the way I did. Sorry for reacting in that way.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/11/2007 7:17:02 AM

Give Thanks ArkI...

I appreciate the I no apologies needed.

Blessed Love

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 4/11/2007 10:43:55 AM

There is no such thing as a path that leads to evil. If someone is on a path that does it is simply because they are going in the wrong direction, turn around and go the other direction. Every path goes from one place to another, the traveler must decide to go forward or backward, but you cannot blame the path for that.

It might be a wise thing to know and come to understand that many of these Muslims/Arabs which have been reasoned about here are in fact the original Hebrews.

It is extrodinarily easy to dismiss that which is different from ones self once one has found their path, it is the cornerstone of many religions. It is the concept that there is only one path that causes many to miss righteousness and fall right into exclusivity, as though there is not enough God to go around.

What religion is God?

The man called Jesus the Christ was a student of KMT, a Carpenter (a lesser degree of Architect, which was reserved for the Pharaoh and other such top ranking royals), and a mystic (or magician). It is often believed that the mystical acts he performed were specific to the messiah but there are two major problems with that theory. The first problem is that these acts were not part of the requirements for a messiah. The second problem is that most of these mystical act were already common knowledge in KMT. In fact some of the famous quotes attributed to Jesus the Christ are written on temple walls in KMT. Not to mention the fact that even the Bible itself states that John the Baptist was already practicing this same sort of mysticism, to a degree that caused many people to believe that Jesus was a reincarnation (of some sort) of John the Baptist. The point is that Jesus the Christ was a "pagan".

H.I.M. Haile Selassie I was a Christian who made it quite clear that religion was a construct for the purpose of finding spirit, or Spirituality. Spirituality is almost always concidered to be pagan.

In fact any prophet ever who became the central figure of a religion or faith was something other than whatever their followers became. And that original belief usually falls under the catagory of pagan.

All paths converge at the point of enlightenment just as all history agrees at the point of truth. Being narrow minded misses the point and sees only the path ahead. A horse wearing blinders can't tell who is following and who is keeping up, only who is ahead and therefore seeks to be the only one in sight.

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