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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/5/2007 6:48:43 AM

in all peace and unity,

philosophy flowing through my head. i was thinking of Muhammed whom muslim say is chief prophet. How do the I feel on him. In meditation i saw him as a false prophet with false prophecies. Aksumite Kingdom and Ark of Covenant was in Ethiopia and was establsihed before Muhammed was born. Why would there be a need for a ''perfection'' of any kind shortly after Iyesus Kristos fulfilled prophecy. Its as if he took Christ out of the picture, putting himself before iyesus.

Blessings be to the tree of Jah

Messenger: MacChrist Sent: 4/6/2007 12:10:23 PM

I have studyed that muslims praise the Almighty God, InI say glory to them. However,I recall 3 years ago a friend of mine decide to become a muslim, but he eventualy stoped going to their place of worship. I sayed to I,'' they have this fraise that they repeat 100 times to curse some one who steel any of their possessions. It seems equal to the witchcraft actions to me!'' InI added on that that true worshipers pray for their enemies, not to curse them. No offence, we all are He's.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/6/2007 3:52:10 PM

Yes, Tadias!!

Maybe we're all she's, what are you saying?

Muhammed was a prophet sent for the hearts of those inspired by the divine words delivered to them. Iyasus is regarded as a prophet by Muslims as well as Muhammed. Muhammed is just a vessel for the deliverance of word power, and places himself on the same level as any other man who is of Right. When a prophet comes many will simply disregard them, so if Muhammed's words don't touch you then pay no attention, for you will find yours somewhere else. All roads lead to I. Loving thine enemies is a very honorable principle, Yet Iyasus come with the sword too. His Majesty didn't sit idle when His enemies came around now did He, one can only be pushed so far, forgiveness is always possible.
There are many types of different Muslims, from fundamentalist to mystic, His Majesty always treated the Muslims as his spiritual kinsmen, and Muhammed even decreed that Muslims should never harm the Ethiopians as they protected his family when they were being persecuted in their homeland and had to flee to Ethiopia.

Christianity doesn't exactly promote thievery either now does it?

What kind of Muslim was your friend, anyways?

By witchcraft are you referring to actions that you deem negative? a statement like that usually comes from some kind of fear of some demonic force, no? well we've got plenty of evidence to show the demonic actions, outright bloodlust, of so called Christians, so if you identify with some kind of Christian ideology then I would focus of the wrongs closest to your spiritual home as opposed to making assumptions about the faiths of ones whom you don't overstand. In the end Islam is from the same Abrahamic root as Christianity and Judaism, all of which are rooted in something I'm reluctant to get into right now. But regardless, the Muslim is everyones spiritual kinsmen striving for righteousness in self resulting in union with the supreme divine being.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/6/2007 8:35:40 PM

Ises I

All roads lead to I.? where you get them teachings from. So why is the world in the state it is today?
The thing is i overstand what you are trying to say....but i say it time and time again but it seems my words fall on deaf ears....Take more care of your is so easy to be misinterpreted
when u say to someone...especially the impressionable little youths... all roads lead to the same place....what are they going to think next?
It dont matter what you do? It dont matter what you say? It dont matter whom you praise?
No..that is not Ini way...everything matters..what you say, do, eat, everything has a consequense...everything has cause and effect

It would be good if the idem learn to seperate the ideology from the people.
No one said anything bad about muslim ppl....that would be a judgement on your own head....for it is still matter the religion

when a religion comes and writes in its holy book....that it is acceptable that a man should beat a disobedient woman....I say Fire burn

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/6/2007 9:01:15 PM

Im glad the I remember what Muhammed said of would be good if you could tell that to our own African brothers in Somalia who are calling for religious war against Ethiopia
Muhammed did say woe be unto those who war against Ithiopia.....and its not only because Ethiopia gave them refuge from the arabs...but also he knew, though most muslims today will deny it,, where he got his teaching my question is....why change and rearrange the teachings? why take Christ from His rightful place and demote him to just a messenger, lower in status than muhammed himself?
ofcourse you cant argue cause they will tell you Muhammeds word is the Word of God Himself
And most of dare a man say he is the last prophet of God?

seperate the ideolgy from the people.....this is why when u say
" the Muslim is everyones spiritual kinsmen striving for righteousness in self resulting in union with the supreme divine being." i agree with you long as we seperate the ppl from the ideology

It is also good that you remember how King Selassie I treated all Ethipoians, whether christian or muslim....However...have we not learnt the lesson of Lij Iyasu ?

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/6/2007 9:59:57 PM


power of philosophy still flowing, Aksumite Kingdom, holy christian kingdom centered around belief of iyesus kristos in Ethiopia. The arabs at that time i bet had sort of jealousy or hostility against the Establishment of Holiness against Ethiopia, so why not send followeres of muhammed and islam to Ethiopia to seek ''refuge'', when actually all you want to do is spread Islam and destroy christianity, which did come true when they start fighting and holy war soon erupted. I see muslims try to go around the fact of the diviness of iyesus kristos, cant go against jah. well seen everything leads to the I.

''he who does not go through the door, but instead tries to climb up some other way to get through is the same as a thief''
''Assuredly i tell you, before Moses, I AM''
menfes kidus egzabhier iyesus kristos

Messenger: MacChrist Sent: 4/7/2007 2:00:51 PM

Mr. If I would have had any fear of evil spirits, I would'nt be who and where I am now. I am just a young man trying to be sure of my facts. This site seems to have many answers to my questions. But since I have offended you I will not post any message, I will only browse in to read the reasoning forum. I have absolutely nothing on any religion, infact I have friend who are Muslim, Christians and Rastafar I members. I expect positive answers to my questions, to be able to contradict those who insult the Holy spirit. A great pleasure brethren and sistren.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/7/2007 7:20:54 PM

Wow, Love the responses....

First of all MacI, I did say that the statement USUALLY comes from ones who fear some sort of demonic forces, wasn't implying that you definitely do or not, and if you don't then good. MacI, I'm certainly not trying to run you off either, wouldn't make sense. I'm sure you have something to offer, reasoning is learning, if you put something out there and I rebut it's not meant to make you shut up, bring something back I'm not a stone wall, quite the opposite. Tell me what you really think witchcraft is. I'm totally open to conversation. Selam to you I

Yes Ancient Lion, aka Lij Ambessa....Those who took refuge in Ethiopia weren't just a pack of zealous Muslims they were Muhammed's close family members who were fleeing the Arabian peninsula because those around them weren't open to the word Muhammed was delivering, they were being persecuted by those who are now the Muslim majority of this world. This had nothing to do with converting the Ethiopians, who sheltered and fed these Muslims. These Ethiopians who not only followed very Christly precepts, and by doing so have been forever honored by Muslim scripts for following their Christian ways, I see love here without the subplot to convert. The Muslim Christian battles which took place in Ethiopia, Much later, are the result of political, and land control, and I really don't see one side as being more right than the other, blood was on both their hands. The words HOLY WAR are used to mask political agendas and suck the masses into following the side they are religiously connected to. The fact that Muslims don't see Christ as the messiah is strange to the I same way your belief is strange to them as they wish to only praise Allah, who is by the way the same Father that Christ is leading you to.

Ras Kebre AB...ABat...A Blessing in word sound, give thanks,
I overstand your point on misinterpretation, it's the same reason why the world is in the state that it is today. So I could have said all RIGHTEOUS roads lead to I, sure, I guess I assumed nobody would read a negative into that, but you never know, so point well taken. The Bible and Qu'ran are books passed through the ages that have seen much tampering, that said, In all common sense one should be able to discern the good from the bad. If the Qu'ran is advocating the beating of a disobediant woman (please site that if possible), well the Bible has plenty of male superiority going on as well should one choose to interpret that way, plenty negative things going on in the Bible, and while reading anything one must give time to contemplate meanings, I'm very wary of taking anything at face value. People always have the choice to choose good from bad, so if one isn't separating the people from the ideology(which may be good or bad as well) then they are already playing with fire.

And yes, Lij Yasu, what can we say for him. The man saw his position jeopardized by the existence of His Majesty and Zawditu so he choose to set himself apart, of course he still needed military support so he allied himself with the Muslims, who were still heated after the beating they got from Menelik II. Lij Yasu was directly challenging the entire royal family and the future of Ethiopia's Christian Legacy, the man left His Majesty with no choice at all. Personally I think the man was suffering from mental illness, but it should be noted that Ethiopia's Muslim population were always skeptical of Lij Yasu, and he was always putting on a show for them as to keep them as allies. I never heard of any great outrage from the Ethiopian Muslims after Lij Yasu was deposed, and I'm sure His Majesty found no joy in battling the man.

As for the "Last prophet of God," well if they, the Muslims, see Muhammed as such, and all the teaching they need is in the Qu'ran, then why should they not have it so? Are you concerned with the person of Christ or the teaching which you can apply to yourself? Another man's title is not going to separate you from the creator. If it is by Christ's name alone that we enter the gates, could the name not be an analogy for all that the name stands for?
Give thanks to all the I's for the food!

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/7/2007 10:01:08 PM

Greetings I idren

let me just deal with what was addressed to I
Frst, no i cannot give you chapters or verses where it the Quran states that, but i can assure you that it does. All you have to do is ask the closest muslim around you. Still, i will accept your statement that the Bible has its share of faults.

"well if they, the Muslims, see Muhammed as such, and all the teaching they need is in the Qu'ran, then why should they not have it so?"

we really need to overstand what it means when it says muhammed is Gods last prophet. That means everything that comes after is not of God. Thats it. you cant say anything. no argument. no reasoning.
Even if Jah Himself came and whispered some wisdom in the ears of a muslim person tomorrow, its of no consequense. Has Muhammed said anything like that? no? then throw it away.....i do not know how anyone can defend such a teaching

seen thats my whole point. That is why ini burn out all religion.
To i, personally, there is no way no how that man can contain Jah in a book. Seen,what is a book? It is a beginning, a middle part and an end....from cover to cover. But Jah is without beginning or End
Seen, i will forever be a faithful disciple of Christ...but i would never be so foolish as to think that the bible contains everything, every wisdom, every knowledge, or even that Christ alone has something to teach I.. This is what makes InI more than just a christian but a RASTA. InI seek for JAh in everything, in the bible, in the quran, the Tipitaka,,etc...anywhere where the inspiration of the MOst High has touched the mind of mankind. And yet still , I remain a faithful disciple..this means that there is a certain line i wont cross, certain teachings i will never accept. I love the teachings of love and unity contained in the quran, but when it elevates Muahammed more than the Begotten One, then we have to go our seperate ways.
And if Ithiopia has taught i anything, it is that...we can all live together, christian, Jew, muslim etc in peace and harmony...but the HEAD is Christ JAH apology. I am a believer that JAh does nothing without a reason and a purpose....and there is a reason why He preserved Ithiopia. Let us not forget that for a large part of its History, Ithiopia has been surrounded by muslims, and its not for lack of trying that they have never been able to change its course. Jah set it so

"Are you concerned with the person of Christ or the teaching which you can apply to yourself?"
I would like to ask....say for example,, i was to take all the teachings of Emperor Selassie I, teach those same teachings as if i am responsible for them and at the same time elevate myself over the Emperor, would you have any respect for I ?

Blessed love
Rastafari Is

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/7/2007 11:34:29 PM

Yes Ras Glorious AB...

I believe you and I will reason with my Muslim bredrin on the Sura.

It's not necessary for me to defend Muslim teachings because I'm not a Muslim, and thus, there's no reason for me try and analyze it, or worry about it at all, if it's right for them....then I'm so happy for them. His Majesty never went around challenging their beliefs but rather strengthening His own.
If God does come and whisper something into a Muslims ear I can't imagine they would disregard it, I think that would be a very life changing experience for them. I must also note that it was not God but rather the Melak Gabriel who whispered into Muhammed's ear, and I will also note that it is the Orthodox Tewahedo that have a huge reverence for Gabriel, build so many churches in honor of Gabriel, and attest that it is through Gabriel that so many blessings are bestowed. Should we now find fault with the Tewahedo for revering Gabriel as opposed to Jah alone. I have to assume that Gabriel is but an extension of the Lord.

Anyways, I don't blame the I for leaving religion for the infinity of Rastafari, that is truly the right move for you. But a Muslim is merely doing what is right for them, for someone to challenge their beliefs is just giving grounds to have your own challenged and starts to seriously take away from the need for tolerance. If someone finds all the guidance they need in a book, and their livity is Right then let them have it, there is no negative there. The Muslims I've spent time with really live very beautiful lives, similar to many Rastafari.

And, Yes, Most definitely is it a source of wonder that Ethiopia's Christian legacy is preserved in such good stature. However, it is not Muslims who have been the greatest detriment to Ethiopia's Christianity, but rather, other so called Christian nations. It is the true balance of nature/will of the Allmighty that preserves the ancient Christian glory as it is today. I myself do give thanks for that too.

Last but not Least.

If you were to take the teachings of His Majesty how would you even be able to deliver them with any credibility. His Majesty's words were coming from a man of Great Stature, a man with Honor built over years of great action, and a man who came bearing titles that only He could bear. Now if you were to present the same speeches backed without the same actions and the same stature, then I simply don't know how you could claim responsibility for them and be taken seriously. People would say you are saying good things but I doubt many would elevate you regardless. Yet if you embodied the teachings and walked as righteous a road as His Majesty, the sure I would respect you, for you would no doubt be spreading the good vibe just as His Majesty did.

Now are you saying that Muhammed took the teachings of Christ and elevated himself over Christ, why then was he taken seriously and ultimately respected so? I could also argue the origins of Christ's teachings, and the origins of the figure of Christ too for that matter, but it is not my wish to do so, as I'm not challenging your faith. Keep in Mind, Muhammed never said he was God, he only said that he was a Messenger, there is a great difference between Muhammed and Christ in the natures they claimed. But like I said, Muhammed is leading Muslims to the I same way as Christ is to the Father/I. This is the same arguement that Jews make, yet everyone is going to the same place. Christ does however speak of The Father/My Father, and refers to himself as the son, this implies that something greater proceeds Him, so what are we to make of that? If Christ/Girmawi Qedemawi Haile Selassie is God to you then I am so happy for you, you have found your road, other faiths differences need not distract your focus, for like you said it is the similarities that uplift you. I also want to mention His Majesty's denial of being God, this, my own interpretation, is merely to lead the Rasta back to the divinity within the self should we choose to find it. "WHO AM I TO DENY THEIR FAITH" says His Majesy, so I must say that surely all roads lead to the I, whether we see that or not, I believe His Majesty did.
I do appreciate the reasoning it is always a source of growth as we forward.

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