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calling yourself rasta ????????

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Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/26/2004 5:57:10 AM

@Ark I
When talking about doubt in this case I was not referring to "nonbelieving" as it is meant in Matthew 21:21 for example,but to not knowing HOW to believe and WHAT to believe.Even as I doubted JAH to be WHAT HE is, I still did believe in HIS existance...otherwise I would not have talked to HIM.
Doubting means to constantly question oneself and check ones belief and order to find truth, opposite to the pharisees who more or less thought themselves perfect....meaning they did not doubt their ways and beliefs.
" Ein zweifelnd Herz hat Gott lieb" as it says in German....A doubting heart is what JAH loves-
( I thought it to be in the books of Salomon....but couldn`t find it there in a hurry ....but I will give Th`I the correct quote , once I`ve found it )
So as I wrote to Rasta Man , his doubting -searching ( not nonbelieving) is a good thing in JAH eyes.
Just as Th `I says, one must constantly strenghten ones faith...not waver around....( be hot or cold ...not lukewarm )but this is done by doubting and searching.I feel I and I are actually saying the same...
just in different words.
Doubting ones ways and seeking truth is different from doubting JAH as such, THAT was not what I was talking about-seen?
JAH Love

Messenger: sizzla kalunji Sent: 3/26/2004 11:49:05 AM

"A strong nation and a free nation can only base itself upon education.

In order to make life worthwhile it is also necessary to acquire other things that can only come about after the acquisition of learning. Learning and technical training must be nurtured by faith in God, reverence for the human soul, and respect for the reasoning mind.

There is no safer anchorage for our learning, our lives and our actions than that provided by divine teachings coupled with the best in human understanding. The leaders developed here should be guided by the fundamental values and the moral power which have for centuries constituted the essence of our religious teachings.

These are crucial times when nations rise against nations, tensions increase and disaster is possible at any moment. Distances are shrinking. Peace and life itself are threatened by misunderstanding and conflict. Now is the time when man's relationship to God must be the foundation for all his efforts toward enlightenment, and learning the basis for understanding cooperation and peace."

Now Idren's, the words of His Majesty had said it all. A rasta should not limit HIS limitations to HIS surroundings. The $hit$y$tem is there for us to educate ourself Idrens. And to educate I'n'I Idrens, Sistren, and even the pagans that are willing to hear the truth about us, as people with one cause, that is to LOVE Iself and Idrens as God as LOVED us. It's the Idren's faith in the Most High that will make the $hit$y$tem crumble at the sound of HIS name,JAHAH...RASTA FOR I'n'I for Iever more on Iration.
Oh Zion is calling.

Love and Oneness
In HIS name for Iver more.
Sizzla Kalunji.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/26/2004 11:59:34 AM

thanks for the post..JAH LOVE


Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/28/2004 4:52:23 PM

BeLOVE-d community....JAH RASTA FAR I

a world without borders without nations without adjectives of gender, race, age, materialism, ethnicity, religion, the radiance of pure love.......

LIVITY....with INTENTION of perfection of Creation of INI is the ONLY education that man sites INI.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/28/2004 8:55:58 PM


I site what the I is saying Benjahmin. I and I should doubt some of our thoughts, because not all of our thoughts are from Jah. That is the problem with the pharisees, they let their own foolish thoughts take the place of the righteousness of Jah.

The more I and I examine our thoughts to know what is from Jah and what is not, the easier it will be to recognize the thoughts from Jah. So in time, when the thoughts come, I and I will know, based on the spirit it comes with, which thoughts are from Jah.

Jah guidance is great and mighty, I and I just need to learn how to sight it.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 3/31/2004 1:59:07 AM

"..Some are also calling themselves the voice of the voicelesses, but the only time they open their mouth is to criticise what others have said..."
I mean these kind of people are there only to criticise without reasinning and are danger to InI reclaimation of our superiority and civillization.
Sizzla kalunji spoke about education in a right and explained words for everyone to understand but others can only critisize him with a one sentence to all he have said.
Him did couple education with Rasta faith what it must do for us and what it means to us, although others site only InI as the only education that exists they are right for themselves but not to everyone and need to convince others about their views.
Omn my reasoning I reasons that ...most Rastas do not know who they are and what is their destiny...
Jah love.
Sellasie I.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/31/2004 9:52:27 AM

"Now is the time when man's relationship to God must be the foundation for all his efforts toward enlightenment, and learning the basis for understanding cooperation and peace."

Nothing stands strong without a foundation......

A tree without a roots dies
A mountain without base is a valley
A lion without a pride goes hungry
A baby without a mother starves
A human body dies within 3 minutes without air, 10 days without water, a half a year without food.

Educate INI about the THINGS that are ESSENTIAL.....Babylon offers no essentials things that are not already available to INI.....Be aware that BABYLON actually witholds from u, the essentials to entice u to buy a "new and Improved"(POISON) such and such....bumba klatt. What is so "superior" about buying water ? No one makes water and yet u have to pay for it. Air, now u have to pay the same people who polluted the air to clean it. Earth, u pay to attain it, from whom? No one made it here......SITE THAT WICKED "EDUCATION" of Babylon $hit$tem......WICKED WICKED WICKED.......charging u to use what Jah already gave to INI. Fless fromt hat Babylonian education.....RUN....Site The fruits of that Babyloinaina....NOTHING but Greed, Pride and Vanity. Those educators did not create wisdom...they just speaking what is already there. Site. THe man makig the bridge is no "superior" being... the river already there, the need to get accross is apparent and so anyone can do such to bridge. Doctors dont; have any "secil" knowledge...they just paid someone to force them to stay focuses on one track thinking of the body....u can figure that out too and at the very least go read the same books as they have read.......


KNOW yourself in the inner most roots--that is the meaning of the locks that everyone be hailing up. Site the roots, Be a tree today...KNOWLEDGE WITH LIVITY---that is wise up......WISE UP RASTA MAN. Knowledge without Livity is just another book on the shelf, looks pretty, sounds nice, makes u feel good for a minute.....but is just paper from a tree....washed in water.....not a tree.

Who do u serve ????

Haile I Selassie I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/1/2004 11:33:54 PM


For those that decide to learn from babylon education, they must always keep Jah close to them. Because part of babylon education is brainwashing to take people away from Jah, and into babylon thinking. Always give time to Jah, and keep Jah in your mind. Filter out the parts of babylon that try to take I and I away, and leave only with the knowledge to accomplish what the I needs to accomplish. And also, rise up higher with Jah and make time to grow spiritually, this is a must.

Selassie I accepted education from many countries, but he always spoke about doing things as Ethiopians, not as babylon or someone else. The useful parts of the education was used, and the useless part were left behind.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 5/7/2005 3:47:52 AM

Rock...I was checking out the archive...great post man.


Why are you getting so mad.. no matter fact let me just speak on it.
Rogers Athlyi at the time of writting the Holy Piby did not have a dread. period. Halle Sellasei had dreads when he was a young man when he grew to be a govener of state, Him had hair but InI not see no pictures of Him with dreads.. so why we fussin bout hair. The people in the old days did things in a matter of symbolence or symolicness reminding the people with a culture style instead of a word written. its for them who cant read and write but the words is not the biggest thing, the biggest thing is the contribution that one makes from whatever stands they take in the war. Each man (or Woman) got their own battle. Marcus Garvey didnt have no dreads, is that to say he is difficiant in character and his contributions are not.. say that and your being a hypocrite. If we study deep enough, weather Islam, Buddism, or what ever Rastaism any ism, the root of all of them is to bring all nations to the light. If I said all nations did not come from Africa Id be a Hypocrite (Continental Divide). I see that we have jumped way off the focus of unifying, directing, working in a Jah, in a Mystical sense (an eternal spritual sense) I see some of the people is a little weary from the long trod. So Ill speak in street terms, if you are with, me ride with me, if not stay out the mix. But you cant cause you part of us.. lets mediate. if you dont smoke Ill smoke for you .. one love to the people.
Peace to all, all to peace ... Jah Jah Jah



Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/7/2005 12:53:00 PM


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Haile Selassie I