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a little confused?

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Messenger: joc Sent: 11/9/2006 4:41:15 PM

hi every 1, its just that i have read a lot of things, on the internet and in books about rastafari but im confused on one thing. I have read that rastafari believe in black supremacy, but this contrasts with what jah said in his war speech. can any one please explain further thanks

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/10/2006 1:58:35 AM


First off friend, ask yourself this question. What does a "rasta" believe period? Because if you ask every Rasta the same question, depending on the question, you will get different answers. This is also consistent with all other religious traditions. The first thing that the I must overstand is that there is no such thing as a perfect religion or purity in religion. The only purity to be found in religion is those in the religions who keep them pure!

This is why the Rastaman has focused so hard to keep the faith of Rastafari known as a 'Way of Life'. This is because InI are realizing that religion and spirituallity are related but they are not the same. InI are also realizing that religion is really just institutionalized spirituality that has been used as a mask for those who wish to build upon special interests.

So what I'm saying is that if you go talk to Sihks in India and America, you will find certain similarities but if you ask each Sihk the same question you will also find varying answers and different views of the same thing. This has little to do with religions, but more the over all patern of man and his/her thinking. Every religion in the world contains inconsistencies and faults, so we should not look for them to be pure, but rather make it pure in InI. Many "Rasta" out in the world today doing things that is agianst the faith and InI creed. But it should not surprise us.

So to answer your original question, as to why, "rastafari believe in black supremacy" and why this may differ "with what jah said in his war speech."

To answer the first part of the question, one must be equiped with the knowledge of African history and the Slave trade which then engaged Capitalism. It is from this lineage that white supremacy was formed, or as they tried to butter up in school "manifest destiny". What would be the perfect weapon against "WHITE SUPREMACY"? ??? BLACK SUPREMACY!

White supremacy teaches about a dead white god.
Black Supremacy teaches about a Living Black God.

White Supremacy says all but whites are inferior.
Black Supremacy says all people are One in Rastafari.

White Supremacy says dependence, servatude, and pillage.
Black Supremacy says self reliance, soverignhood, and prosperity.

It was created with such a name to drive fear into those who were guiltly. That is why this doctrine is taught in the Nyahbinghi (death to white and black oppressors).

Because white supremacy is an attitude not so much the color of skin, so we must also realize that Black Supremacy is the same. It is doctrine of Black people, but the supremacy is in the doctrine and the doctrine is a product of Black people hence the title. It is not racism.

A white man can attend a Black Nationalist party (watch Malcom X speeches) and he won't be appreciated but he can be there none the less. Lets see a Black man at a Ku Klx Kln rally. Don't think so.

Thats the difference.

Hail Haile Selassie I First!

Messenger: joc Sent: 11/12/2006 5:52:00 PM

thanks a lot for the reply dreadnut, this has helped me a lot, much respect

Messenger: sean Sent: 11/12/2006 10:59:47 PM

no that is beside the point there should be no supreamacy of any race we arre all jahs children

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/13/2006 4:59:28 AM

Blessed Love,

Sean this has nothing to do with supremacy of race, it has to do with the supremacy of the doctrine that is being upheld. I have already stated several times in my post that Black Supremacy is simply a term and to argue against the title and the words contained is merely playing a game of semantics, because regardless of what the title may be, it must be the principles and morals that are found within such titles that must become the object of examine and study to futher determine whether Black Supremacy is racist or not.

Like I stated previously, white supremacy is a attitude and a philosophy and it does not soley pertain to skin color. When we say white supremacy, we are talking about a doctrine. And this doctrine is held not just by whites but certain blacks and other nations as well. Seriously, do you not think that there is a black preacher somewhere in America who is stealing money from his followers in the name of Jesus and maintaining the white falsified images of adam and eve and Jesus etc...??? This black preacher who opperates in these fashions as well as others are participating in the same doctrine that was expoused on them in slavery by the white colonial oppressors, and now they are preaching it to there own people. It is white supremacy that teaches these things. These concepts of kill and rob are not acts of the preslavery indigionus African peoples.

Are there not African people who have been taught to hate themselves and their history as Africans? And if it true, and we know it is, then if the African has been taught to hate himself, then what could he possibly think of his brother?

White supremacy can be taught by a person of any color as I have already proven and could continue to prove but ones should see the point that people like Condaleza Rice and Collen Powell who support George Bush are also supporting a white supremacist doctrine, but yet aren't they of African desent? Point proven. So if it is possible for white supremacy to be evil and present among the minds of not just whites, then we must also be able to conlcude that Black Supremacy is good because as we see in the Rastafari Houses, Elders and Ones who practice this Doctrine do not hate whites, and yes I have met them and discussed this issue with them. So if Black Supremacy is really racist then why is there an such an abundant absence of racism amongst the practishioners of the doctrine? Because Black Supremacy is not soley related to skin, as we have already demonstrated that white supremacy is not being defended by whites alone.

It is true that we are all one, but we are not the same. Does not the Bible maintain that when a man and woman come together that they become one? But should we conclude that they are the same? Obviously not. Unity is much different then uniformity, and it is important that they not be confused. No one is better than another, but at the same time Africans deserve the right to an independent goverment and country. If Whites can have Europe, America, recently China and India, at least as far as territorial claims, then Africans also maintain the right as equals to the right of an independent African nation! Africa must be run by African people without any outsider influence. Africa cannot afford to sit at the dinner table waiting for Europe and America to prepare, cook, and deliver her food.

Is it racist for Africa and its people to be self reliant? The bredren (I assume) reffered to His Majesty speach on racial judgements. But what about the Shashamane Land Grant presented by His Majesty that allowed Blacks and only Blacks in the diaspora to return home to Ethiopia? Is it racist because His Majesty alone allowed people of African descent? When are Africans allowed to have something they can call their own?

Are we to assume that His Majestys speech was saying that the color of ones skin didn't matter period, or that skin color shouldn't be used in making assesments and judgements about others? Because the reality is that skin color does matter.

Would you ever paint a picture of a white Malcom X, or Marcus Garvey?

If skin color really didn't make a difference at least in some way then a white Marcus Garvey wouldn't be contradictory.

Marcus - African Fundamentalism
Saturday, June 06, 1925

Fellow Men of the Negro Race, Greeting:

The time has come for the Negro to forget and cast behind him his hero worship and adoration of other races, and to start out immediately, to create and emulate heroes of his own.

We must canonize our own saints, create our own martyrs, and elevate to positions of fame and honor black men and women who have made their distinct contributions to our racial history. Sojourner Truth is worthy of the place of sainthood alongside of Joan of Arc; Crispus Attucks and George William Gordon are entitled to the halo of martyrdom with no less glory than that of the martyrs of any other race. Toussaint L'Ouverture's brilliancy as a soldier and statesman outshone that of a Cromwell, Napoleon and Washington; hence, he is entitled to the highest place as a hero among men. Africa has produced countless numbers of men and women, in war and in peace, whose lustre and bravery outshine that of any other people. Then why not see good and perfection in ourselves?

Ours the Right to Our Doctrine

We must inspire a literature and promulgate a doctrine of our own without any apologies to the powers that be. The right is ours and God's. Let contrary sentiment and cross opinions go to the winds. Opposition to race independence is the weapon of the enemy to defeat the hopes of an unfortunate people. We are entitled to our own opinions and not obligated to or bound by the opinions of others.

A Peep at the Past

If others laugh at you, return the laughter to them; if they mimic you, return the compliment with equal force. They have no more right to dishonor, disrespect and disregard your feeling and manhood than you have in dealing with them. Honor them when they honor you; disrespect and disregard them when they vilely treat you. Their arrogance is but skin deep and an assumption that has no foundation in morals or in law. They have sprung from the same family tree of obscurity as we have; their history is as rude in its primitiveness as ours; their ancestors ran wild and naked, lived in caves and in the branches of trees, like monkeys, as ours; they made human sacrifices, ate the flesh of their own dead and the raw meat of the wild beast for centuries even as they accuse us of doing; their cannibalism was more prolonged than ours; when we were embracing the arts and sciences on the banks of the Nile their ancestors were still drinking human blood and eating out of the skulls of their conquered dead; when our civilization had reached the noonday of progress they were still running naked and sleeping in holes and caves with rats, bats and other insects and animals. After we had already unfathomed the mysteries of the stars and reduced the heavenly constellations to minute and regular calculus they were still backwoodsmen, living in ignorance and blatant darkness.

Why Be Discouraged?

The world today is indebted to us for the benefits of civilization. They stole our arts and sciences from Africa. Then why should we be ashamed of ourselves? Their MODERN IMPROVEMENTS are but DUPLICATES of a grander civilization that we reflected thousands of years ago, without the advantage of what is buried and still hidden, to be resurrected and reintroduced by the intelligence of our generation and our prosperity. Why should we be discouraged because somebody laughs at us today? Who to tell what tomorrow will bring forth? Did they not laugh at Moses, Christ and Mohammed? Was there not a Carthage, Greece and Rome? We see and have changes every day, so pray, work, be steadfast and be not dismayed.

Nothing Must Kill the Empire Urge

As the Jew is held together by his RELIGION, the white races by the assumption and the unwritten law of SUPERIORITY, and the Mongolian by the precious tie of BLOOD, so likewise the Negro must be united in one GRAND RACIAL HIERARCHY. Our UNION MUST KNOW NO CLIME, BOUNDARY, or NATIONALITY. Like the great Church of Rome, Negroes the world over MUST PRACTICE ONE FAITH, that of Confidence in themselves, with One God! One Aim! One Destiny! Let no religious scruples, no political machination divide us, but let us hold together under all climes and in every country, making among ourselves a Racial Empire upon which "the sun shall never set."

Allegiance to Self First

Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths. Let no influence but your own raise you in time of peace and time of war. Hear all, but attend only that which concerns you.

Your first allegiance shall be to your God, then to your family, race and country. Remember always that the Jew in his political and economic urge is always first a Jew; the white man is first a white man under all circumstances, and you can do no less than being first and always a Negro, and then all else will take care of itself. Let no one inoculate you for their own conveniences. There is no humanity before that which starts with yourself. "Charity begins at home." First to thyself be true, and "thou canst not then be false to any man."

We Are Arbiters of Our Own Destiny

God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own creative genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law.

Let the sky and God be our limit, and Eternity our measurement. There is no height to which we cannot climb by using the active intelligence of our own minds. Mind creates, and as much as we desire in Nature we can have through the creation of our own minds. Being at present the scientifically weaker race, you shall treat others only as they treat you; but in your homes and everywhere possible you must teach the higher development of science to your children; and be sure to develop a race of scientists par excellence, for in science and religion lies our only hope to withstand the evil designs of modern materialism. Never forget your God. Remember, we live, work and pray for the establishing of a great and binding RACIAL HIERARCHY, the rounding of a RACIAL EMPIRE whose only natural, spiritual and political limits shall be God and "Africa, at home and abroad."

Marcus - The Image of God

If the white man has the idea of a white God, let him worship his God as he desires. If the yellow man's God is of his race let him worship his God as he sees fit. We, as Negroes, have found a new ideal. Whilst our God has no color, yet it is human to see everything through one's own spectacles, and since the white people have seen their God through white spectacles, we have only now started out (late though it be) to see our God through our own spectacles. The God of Isaac and the God of Jacob let Him exist for the race that believes in the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. We Negroes believe in the God of Ethiopia, the everlasting God - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, the One God of all ages. That is the God in whom we believe, but we shall worship Him through the spectacles of Ethiopia.

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/13/2006 4:38:29 PM

"Opposition to race independence is the weapon of the enemy to defeat the hopes of an unfortunate people."


Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 11/13/2006 5:38:24 PM

Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation is the Knowledge means that the Black Nation is the First Nation upon this earth and the First Nation brought all other Nations and NO other nation can bring the Black Nation.

Black Supremacy means Black Govermnent, Black Parliamant, Black Sovereignity in Black dignified powers of Majesty.

I and I the Black World were the First Ruling power on this earth, and our ruling was in Equality and Justice for we ruled with the Laws and Precepts of the Almighty Ruler of the Universe.

Black Supremacy stand for Freedom, Redemption and International Repatriation, we want the people to leave a world of darkness and come to a world of light of salvation where everyone eat black, talk black and walk black in black dignified powers of the black celestial structure of Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

Black Supremacy is not contrary to His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I speech. Quite the contrary His Majesty, who is the Triple Crowned Monarch of Black Supremacy, was defending the Black Nation Wealth Kingdom that is His, for He is a Black Man.
He was appealing for the freedom of His people, scattered in the West through slavery and is condoning the Imperialism and Colonialism that has caused social, economic, mental, physical and spiritual imbalance and problems on His continent, for King Selassie I is the Father of Africa and Africa is the Mother of the Earth.

I and I Africans, at home and abroad have been unjustly abused and wronged and still being abuse and wronged in this evil white world, run by evil white supremacist secret clubs and cults.
I and I Culture, Heritage and History has been robbed, stolen, from I and I when I and I was taken from I and I heavenly home of Africa.
Now I and I is demanding that all nations, the UN and the OAU to free the prison doors and to set the Black people of the West and anywhere that they have been scattered through slavery.
Free Black People, fulfill the Human Rights and Justice of the People granted to one and all by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and give us free transportation of 7, 9 or 13 miles of Black Starliner High water ships, through the Voice of the Rt Hon King Emmanuel Charles Edwards.

Slavery is the most wicked human rights violation ever commited. Reparations for the socalled jews were fulfilled, yet 7 times more Africans have been killed through the 2000 years of slavry and we still are being denied our rights. Why? We have feelings, we have hopes, we have dreams just as any other nation.

Repatriation Now and Now through the Voice of the Black Iam the Iam, the Black Powers of Black Supremacy, the Freedom Fighter of the Black World, the Prophet Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Our Statesman did set it and they sabotage Him, Our God and King of Glory Selassie I Open the door and say we free to come home and the Holy Priest, the Black Moses, the Black Christ plead for the rights of His people.
Three in One and One in Three, Divine Ruler of the Earth Sky and Sea, the fullness of Rastafari is the Trinity, which is the fullness of Black Supremacy IN Righteousness of Salvation in Royal Majesty, without the King the people perish, without the Prophet there is no vision and without the Priest there is no ceremonial order nor anyhope for salvation.


Hon Pro Pascal
Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress
True Divine Church of Salvation
Melchesedek Righteous Kingdom
Ethiopia Royal Nation Wealth Kingdom

Messenger: joc Sent: 11/14/2006 6:01:33 PM

thanks for all the replies, id just like 2 say that i was not saying black supremacy was contrary to HIM's speech i was just confused on the issue, and thanks to these replies i am a lot more clear on the issue

Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 11/15/2006 12:24:50 AM

i see the illustration in the word thread is pink not red and that diamonds exhibit both red and pink so let it be that the word is white and black

Messenger: gideon Sent: 11/15/2006 7:45:13 AM

If out of one came many, then the many are still part of the one. So there can be no basis for considering the groups as distinct categories. If you claim Africa in the name of Ham, then I claim the world in the name of Noah, and Adam.
Sharing out the world begins with the realization that the world belongs to everyone, and if you know that they you shouldn't be talking about Africa belonging to only some of the people, or a special relationship between Africa and only some of the people.
It's just common sense, and we all know it.
If the whites came from blacks then they are black; there is no room for discrimination and separation. If you think of whiteness as a state of mind and blackness as a state of mind, then it is the same: Whiteness comes from blackness, so it is blackness, and there can be no separation.
Now, I understand that for the sake of expressing the nature of the Kingdom and the revolution we need to use certain metaphors, and that is where the white state of mind and black state of mind duality is useful. But you have to be careful when using metaphors that were created for a specific purpose. If you try to extend the application of these metaphors beyond the points where they were meant to be applied, then you wander into error.
This is what happens when people try to make the world about black and white, or try to make some real, tangible thing about black and white - whether it be colour, or mindset. It is a metaphor to show the direction of progress. Since none of us is perfect none can claim to be black-minded, and since we are all alive and real, and we are all living souls, none of us can be called white-minded. As soon as you try to misapply the paradigm of white- and black-mindedness to the real world, you are trying to divide what cannot be divided.
It is important to be clear about what you stand for. Begin by saying we are all one, and do not stray from this. Do not condemn your brother, and do not try to call him by another name from the one you use for yourself. If you do so, you become the aggressor. Remember, just as there is more to collective security than just material aid, aggression takes place on more than just the material level. Your brother needs to hear you call him "brother", and you need to hear yourself call him "brother". Don't let the system confuse your mind so that your brother becomes your enemy. Never call a man a "white man", for whatever reason. Say he has fair skin, if you need to refer to his colour, or say Caucasion, since there is less division attached to that name.

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