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Mental illness and Babylon medication

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/13/2004 10:18:36 PM


What I am about to write is my opinion, based on what I have observed and the inspiration that I have in I to Iverstand I observations in the world. So I may not be correct about what I am saying, but I believe that I am.

I am first going to speak about depression and other mental illness, and then I will speak about my views on the medication for these conditions.

I donít believe that chemical imbalances cause depression or schizophrenia or the many other mental illnesses, at least in many cases. Some people may have a natural weakness in a certain area, so they are more sensitive, but I think that people's behavior and the way they react to the world around them causes the chemical imbalances. I must acknowledge the possibility that some people may have the chemical imbalance because of a physical cause of imbalance that can't be corrected by behavior alone, but I think that in many, if not most cases (accept for brain injuries), persistence in certain behavior caused the imbalance over time.

If a person is suddenly startled, their body increases the production of the adrenaline hormone and then we feel the effects of adrenaline. But the adrenaline didnít cause us to be scared or startled, our reaction of fright caused an increase in the production of adrenaline in our body. But if a doctor was to test the hormone levels when in this state, then they would see a higher then normal adrenaline level, and they would see that the person is scared, worked up and excited. So they could then conclude that the person is excited because their body is producing too much adrenaline.

When a person goes through an incident or a series of incidents that cause sadness, I believe these feelings alter the production of hormones in our brain and body. Some people get over this sadness, but others dwell on it and increase these feelings of sadness within themselves, thereby increasing the changes in their hormone balance. And if the personís outlook and reaction to their environment doesnít change, and these feeling continue to worsen and are not managed, then it will cause a greater problem with the balance of their hormones.

I believe that the change in production of hormones as a result of these feeling eventually cause an imbalance. Or maybe a better way of saying it is that the balance is changed. So this new balance becomes the norm and the altered hormone levels affect the body and mind and add to the feelings of sadness.

And when a person is stressed in their life, this too causes changes in our hormone production. So if a person doesn't know how to handle the stress, and they build up these feeling within theirself, this will cause a bigger change in the hormone production and cause a new balance to form, a balance that is suited for a person that is stressed. This can lead to a wide array of problems, from a heart attack, to a nervous breakdown, to other mental illnesses.

The medicine that the medical community uses affect the result of the problem(hormone imbalance) but not the problem itself(behaviour). I don't know a lot about depression medication, but I did some research about medicine for schizophrenia after a friend of mine was diagnosed. They have chemical blockers that they use for people with schizophrenia that block the serotonin from reaching the serotonin receptors. Since this medication isn't bringing a true healthy balance, the people using it have other problems that are caused because the serotonin receptors are being blocked. This causes both mental and physical problems that affect their daily living. And after doing research some time ago, I found that if people stop these types of medication abruptly, then they will likely have a more harsh return of the problems associated with their condition. And many have other problems added to it, for example, some people who previously never had hallucinations, have them after stopping the medication abruptly.

The problem is that when the medication is used, the body produces more serotonin to try to "balance" itself, according to what the body percieves as the proper balance. So when the medication is removed from the chemical reactions, the body still produces the excess seretonin, but it is no longer being blocked. So the person has more problems afterwards as a result of this abrupt increase in seratonin, possibly leading to hallucinations or other mental problems.

To compare it to an example more familiar. If a person washes their hair every day, then the body produces more oil to compensate, so if the person doesn't wash their hair for a few days, it will become oily. But if the person washed their hair once a week, then the body will adjust after a couple of weeks, and produce less oil. So the person's hair won't become too oily. Our body adjusts to the environment around us, and the chemicals that enter into our body, but it takes a little time to adjust. So if a change happens quickly, the body will be out of balance for some time afterwards, and this can be dangerous when dealing with hormones that affect the mind.

So if a person wants to stop using medications that affect hormones in the mind, they should wean themself off of it slowly over a year or more, and do some serious work on their physical and mental foundation to correct the original problem. The work on the physical and mental foundation is essential, because if this is not taken care of, then the person will go back into problems, and it would be better to just continue with the medication if the foundation isn't fixed.

Whenever I hear of people who want to stop this medication and are told by the doctor to go ahead and stop cold turkey. I see it as something that is done on purpose by the doctor, so that the person will run into greater problems and then believe that the medication is necessary for them. If the doctor was dealing honestly, they should advise the patient to wean themself off over a year and council them so they can learn to deal with and react to the environment around them in a better way.

One problem in this society today is that people don't care enough about their brothers and sisters to spend the time and effort required to help them through their problems. So Babylon just prescribes some tranquilizers (I call them tranquilizers although they are technically not that) to numb the peoples mind so that they don't cause a problem for society. This is very easy for society, it requires a minimal amount of time and effort, and it fixes the societies problem. It might not fix the persons problem, but it makes it so that they are not a problem or burden for the rest of society.

Before I used to say that people should not use those kind of medications at all. But unless a person has an alternate, effective means to help them in their situation to fix their foundation and change their thinking, then the medication may be the only way for them to live comfortably, without so many difficulties. But to seek for a way that will truly free themselves from the problem should be their greatest effort.

Blessed Love and Guidance,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 1/14/2004 6:19:12 PM


Surely treu treu words,Bro Ark I.....truth must be revealed itinualy

Iman haffe so much things to say pon this,ye know....Been argueing a lot with some of them babylon shrinks...and evry time they just keep on denying,and not giving complete answer to the I,when i ask them...Cause them know iman speak the truth....Iman went tru hard times,ye know,not meself was ill or weak,but a good friend of mine is once inna,cause he{I bro}couldnt defend him rights and so,nor couldnt observe any at all,cause of them drug.Iman did it fe him.
Medicines for use in the ``physical health question`` are just developed to mek money out =of it...So,first them haffe find people who wanna buy those..Next thing Babylon knopws that there are people in need of physical strenght,evry day again ,evrywhere and all the time...So,Babylon build them Hospital,which buy them medicines..These medicines are produced at a factory,so it gives a lot o f work fe the people who work at the factory also,that seems to be good for the unemployement..Next thing them a go brainwash the people,with tellin them that they are not really ``okee`` or so,or not reaally ``sane``,when ye haffe certain signs of a certain sickness/weakness of the spirit...Than them tell ye that the ONLY solution is to use them drugs,and to live ye live,but always use the drug.And the things Ark I said about the drugs,are treu,sadly...Them dokters,and whatsoever they call themselves,never talk about the spiritual being,bout our innerselves,that that will help ye inna ye inner struggles ye facing..Cyant blame them either,them nah know what them doing,,Ignorant again...But even after i did me speaks,them still defend Babylon ways,so them also choose to be ignorant....And these are the people that had a good eduacation????NAH MEK I LAUGH,PLEASE
So y all see,it a just a commercial bussiness,just to create jobs and means to use....Them only haffe one thing in mind...``MEK PROFIT ,MEK MONEY`` Culture -vultures ,i would say...i m gettin angry..Babylon so foolish inna all their doings!!!!
Just beca me Rasta and say them i opinion ,i beeen accused many many times,or been send away,tellin the I that i see these things wrongs and so...NAH NAH nah deal with folly and Babylon studys,me deal with JAH....Ital is how it a go be,nah just some tranquilizers fe but only remove the problem fe a while,but not completely///Cyant dig that,,,and the whole society just follows that protocol.
Thats also their excuse all the time ``..we overstand ye,but we just haffe do our jobs withoin our restrictions and ways...````
Then i tell them they sold their souls fe the wicked blood money and so...and if they reaslly should care,as them do say,then them wouldnt act like they are doing all the,evrytime me bounce against that bigg babylon wall,them so ignorant and foolish.Me nah wanna fight,but to such iman haffe say straight the truth,and nothing but JAHTRUTH

I would recommand to all that think that they should need a shrink:

Face thy times of trouble{it wont be an easy task,but after completeing,ye will be healed FOREYVA},inna ital way,come to know thyself,and you will know JAH...then,if ye know JAH,just simply follow his words,and i can tell fe sure,if ye are upright..eeeh,that JAH will strenghten ye,He will lift ye up ,out of the pit,back into The Light
Remeber to always keep faith,no matter how harsh the crisis may be,always haffe give JAH all the thx and praises,even when ye days seem to go wrong....ALWAYS KEEP FAITH IN JAH

About the shrinks and their protocols,me nah gonna say nothing no more,cause it meks the i really getting upset,me nah want that,but that how it a go,when i discuss things like these,it can mek i so mad,ye know...Me is peacefull rasta,nah deal with violence,,but there are some of these moments,that i really want to pull one of these shrinks from his desk and really threathen him,or let him eat those chemicals he gives to the patients....Fortunately iman can control the I.....BUN DOWN BABYWRONG,BRIMSTONE AND FIYAH A COME DOWN




Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/14/2004 6:42:35 PM

yes it is a good speak the truth.

Messenger: MICHAEL Sent: 1/14/2004 7:42:35 PM

ONE LOVE ArkI......hope InI am reading ArkI s post are saying people should ween slowly off right....InI had problems sleeping 3 years ago....InI was 39.....InI am the Father of a 5 kindred got to work to support thy family.......needed at least 4 to 5 hours sleep a nite to function....never did sleep too much...InI love to see the gloriuos SUN arise and drink Ijava an smoke Iganja an listen to Ireggae life...too important than sleep.....medicine was a low dose tranq.....being on medicine 3 years and then tellin my primary doctor InI wanted no more......he immediately took me off..prescribed very low dose of a weaker tranq......after 1 week Iman am off.....THEN bronchittis jumps in InI body...5 days InI am good but a stomach ? sternum pain begins......25 days...just got back from hospital ......reead your post an it was MYSTICAL......after 25 days of suffering non-stop in level 8 to 10 pain.....they did every test.chest x-ray......EKG........CT scan wholebody........ultra-sound.....all negative like the doctors that were performing EKGs ...endoscopy.......antbiotics...everything all negative......was so depressed( and in level 8 to 10 pain ) and feelin that way cause every doctor kinda just sayin we cant find it so go down the road but always kept they give me a small tranq on the way out of the hospital.....the same tranq that Iman was on for 3 years.........seem fine now.....been home 3 hours.........dont get InI wrong is not xanax or valium or anything strong.....its just that InI took medicine every night for 3 years .......they need to break it down far as the mental and physical foundation that you say....mine has ALWAYS been of good nature and kind...InI am a loving man and have always been so.....thanks for the post ArkI......Hail RAS TAFARI........peace to all my bredrens and sistaws

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/14/2004 10:39:17 PM


Yes Michael, the I Iverstood I correctly. I am saying that a person should ween them self off the medication slowly, to give the body time to adjust.


Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 1/16/2004 8:45:37 AM

Iman trying to figure out how can a man loose his concise and become mentally ill?
I almost connect it with failures and loosing hopes. In this world with all it's inequalities peoples suffer from what they cannot explain. It is like a vission you get as when you are high on the herb. You get confused with everything you see and noone understands you. If the world was just this would not happen in such a rate. Poverty ,which to me is the result of unjustness is also the cause.
We have to fight for a just world to eradicate this.

Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 1/16/2004 12:38:55 PM

I always think a lot about this subject. People talk about mental illness, but first of all are we sure that such a thing even exists? What is it then?
Different societies call sifferent things crazy, as times change. Long ago in Europe they used to call Homosexuality insane, now they say it is normal. Today they say it is insane to like young children sexually, then they define a child as under eighteen, or sometimes under sixteen. But personally I think that puberty is what the Father ordain as the sign of physical maturity. Mental maturity can come at any age.
The point is that it seems people just use that word "insane" when they see others doing things that in they point of view is not rational. So if you leave them praying to the Most High might become insane to them because they might not see that as rational.
It seems that every society has its own definition of what is insane. The question is if there exist a real definition of insanity that apply to all people at all times.
I say yes. And I say that the only definition of insanity is being a follower of Pope paul. Slave master is insanity. Faith in Jah and love for the brethren is sanity, and obviously slavemaster is the opposite of that, so it is insanity.
That way, what I say that each society has its own definition is still true when I say that slavemaster is insane. That definition is the African society definition. It is irrational in our point of view and insane to follow pope paul.
How do the I's see it?

I accept fully what Ark I say about medications. It is not logical to think that the chemical imbalances cause the problem. I see that the problem is not knowing Jah, and that is the cause. The chemical imbalance and behaviours are both symptoms.
Definitely to get rid of the problem the doctor should go to the root of it, which is not knowing Jah. Getting rid of the symptoms is not the answer.
Also I am against eating pieces of earth that they put in the "medications". It is ordained to eat things that grow from the earth. Some say vegetables alone and this is my view also. Some say meats are okay and at least that is rational. But eating dirt and stone that people call medications, that is just pure folly, and everyone should see it.
I do agree that it is best to wean off those things slowly to make adjustment easier. Seek a cure from the source.

Messenger: ijah Sent: 1/16/2004 1:16:59 PM

Selassie I JAH LION

Iman think the I know what ye trying fe say,jonas,and i agree that following the pope is insanity...but what about following false gods them worship and where they put their trust in??
-Collective security`s
-all kind of materialism

Me wan fe say one thing:

In this world,a lot of people just tek Babylon brainwash,and mispholosophies and so,as the truth and nothin but that,and therefore them a go put them trust in following illusions,and all the wickedness that plays part INNA these illusions..seen
Them not even aware of it.and if one teach them the truth,stiff they nah wanna that is insanity, i would say!!!

There are lots more example fe mention,but InI just wanted fe mek clear that there are much more things that afflect ones behaviour,in being insane or not...

The things that are tekin place right now,and which are not refereable in any way to H.I.M. teachings,:Iman think that InI can say that all of such deserve to be called ``insanity``



Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 1/16/2004 2:19:50 PM

Well said. All corruption is insanity. Natural true freeness is sanity and reality.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 1/16/2004 2:52:02 PM

Blessed I-dren, Jah Rasta FAR I

Garnett Silk once said..(Iparaphrase)

to be wise is to be insane to majority.

I have been searching for the song/album that that is from ?

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