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Chase Mystery Babylon out of Earth

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Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 6/21/2006 10:11:38 PM

Rasta chase mystery Babylon out of Earth

The Rastaman is the first son of Mother Earth and as such Mama Afrika. But mystery Babylon says that it is the boss of the physical world of the 5senses. So Rasta has been forced into the underground to champion the laws of the invisble world that Babylon has no control over. If out of the invisible world comes forth the visible world, then Babylon can keep laughing foolishly and keep taking Rasta as nothing but a dopey-head joker. Before Babylon realizes what is going on in the underworld that it has no control over, the foundations of their Luciferian kingdom would be melting from within---right under their very feets!

Babylon says that is already 'highly developed' and 'technologically advanced'. Yet we all know that whatever goes up has to come down eventually. And whatever goes around in a circle has to come back to where it started from. If the Earth is spherical and not flat, then Babylon has to be brought back to where it all began from...or shoot itself out of the Circle of Life.

Since the monster created by Lucifer called mystery Babylon is already gotten bigger and more advanced and stronger than all who dwell on Earth, it's place on Earth is no longer bearable for the inhabitants of Earth---for it has evolved from the pitful weakling into the big bad terrible bully. It has also become too big in it's shoes and becoming impossible by each day, for longsuffering Mother Earth that was brutally raped by Lucifer to continue to accomodate this over-grown monostrous freak.

So now the eldest son, the rightful heir and ruler who was robbed of his authority and inheritance by Lucifer, has to step up for the sake of One and All, and bring the healing to the sick and suffering inhabitants of the Earth.
This reminds INI of the the song sung by one of the I-dem, that goes like.......
''we gonna chase you out of Earth,
Lucifer son of the morning....''
For just as Lucifer was chased out of the Most High's habitation when he got too big in his shoes---and felt he was now fit to govern over not just all of creations but the Creator, as well; so likewise, Babylon has to be chased out of Earth. For all Babylon uses the fruits of the Earth for, is to manufacture costly weapons of destruction. Instead of bread for the hungry, Babylon rains bombs on their heads. Babylon honours the devil who invented the atomic bomb but would discredit His Majesty. More guns and less bread is Babylonian policy of maintianing 'world peace'.

Mother Earth is panging, moaning and crying for this big bad deformed baby to be pushed out or surgically removed from her womb. It has to come out of Mother Earth's womb and go find it's own dwelling place outside of her body---or else it is going to kill not just itself but Mother Earth also too.

The immortal Nazirite who dies not has set himself apart to die in place of the Earth if need be, in order to chase this terrible creature out. Let the little children be left alone in Peace and Love. But for mystery Babylon, your final destination is not just out of Mama Afrika, but out of INI-Mother Earth.

Peace N Love to all Jah-Suns and Muns---Imen-Ra! But red hot fire and brimestones on the heads of all the mutant Luciferians and their sons and dawtas.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/21/2006 10:58:58 PM

Ark I

Do you know if a post exists that talks about the babylonian School System? I would like to bounce this off some of the Is to see what my brethren and sistren here think of it and its shortcomings, effectiveness/alternatives/ etc etc. I posted on a similar post on the german rasta site and hope to see how this subject is perceived/seen by the idren on this site. Is there an interest in this subject?

Much appreciation to all god loving brethren and sistren



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Haile Selassie I