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A Poem 4 U

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Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 5/22/2006 8:47:27 AM

Liberation Day

If this is a moment
Then it is momentous
If this is a movement
Then move with it
Launch it from the hip
Dip low and let go
Crouching tiger
Spring into motion
And go
If you want to be free
Then let go
If you want liberation
Lead a personal revolution
Become the person
You always wanted to be
Just do it
What have you got to lose
Why are you saving a life
You can’t stand
Why wait for a hero
When you can be your own
Pay people you know and love
To do the things you know
They can do
And charge them to do
The things they know you can do
Stop throwing away money
Stop giving money to people
Who don’t give it back
Start giving gas money to friends
Instead of cabs
Carpools, jump into one
Get some soil and seeds
And plant some food
Find a community garden
Join it
Can’t find one
Make one
Don’t like the police
Keep your streets peaceful
Neighborhood watch it
Stop committing crimes against
Your own people
If your neighbor lives in your neighborhood
Then they’re in the same situation as you
Unite for a common good or agenda
Community organize it
Hate drugs
Don’t sell ‘em
Don’t buy ‘em
Why sell something you don’t use
And wouldn’t buy for personal use
Need a favor
Give a favor
And collect one in return
Love thy neighbor
And call them friend
Don’t like the education system
Teach the truth to the youth
Love to play but got no players
Come outside and start a game
Or join a game
Don’t like what’s on TV
Turn it off and do something else
Video games too violent
Play sports
Play cards
Play anything
Just don’t play boy
Retired and bored
Start a day care
Teach a creative art class
Tutor student in need
Take on an apprentice
Sit on your porch or sidewalk
And police the block
Plant a garden for someone
Housesit for friends and neighbors
Who have to go away
Walk a neighbor’s dog
While they’re at work
Be a crossing guard
Read to children at your local library
Help young mothers through pregnancy
Help young fathers through newborns
Be a superhero
Hum your own theme song
Sing your own soundtrack
Be your own back-up dancer
Be a one human show
Cause you’re a superstar
Shine like you mean it
Want change than be it
Hate government than supercede it
Act like you don’t need it
Or you could even be it
Run for office
Any office
Your own office
A desk with your name on it
A picture with a frame of a relative you love
Or even whomever your God beloves
Because no matter what you call gloves
They still fit on your hands
And your shoes go on you feet
So get out your cape and beret
Shout hooray
And celebrate your liberation day

By Empress Nzingha present Hunny-Brown Sunshyne

Messenger: EmpressCarla Sent: 5/22/2006 9:38:56 AM

Great poem, sistren...good to read first thing in the morning! :-)

Be blessed.

Messenger: Irey Iditation Sent: 5/22/2006 9:54:38 AM

praise for the I's poem. its very nice.

Messenger: JAH Coyote Sent: 5/22/2006 2:11:40 PM

Blessed love... give thanks for the I's humbling words.

Messenger: JAHbeba Sent: 5/22/2006 4:42:48 PM

Thanks for the inspiration to this little poem :)

This mystical power of the night
Helps me to separate the wrong from the right
So tell me, do you feel it too?
This power, which enlightens my world-view

In those nights, I start to realize
I have to grow up, be strong and arise
To claim, that there is so much wrong
To change something, and chant a powerful song

So speak up for the voiceless
And fight for the defenceless
Let us protect the helpless
And be aware of our powerness!

praises to the most high!

Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 6/1/2006 10:44:47 AM

Good Peoms.
Meditation: Can we remind all of us and others about the Afrikan Liberation Day to make as big as X-tians Xmas?
Most afrikans in afrika have no idea of the great day and those who do are reminded by newsgroups that yesterday was afrikan liberation day as Iman was.

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