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for those who can handle the truth

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Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 5/11/2006 11:58:13 AM

check out


Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 5/11/2006 1:22:47 PM

the truth of what is going on is overwhelming!

Iman happen to have just read Orwell's 1984 again (my son had it around from school) and O MAN did Orwell see it comin!
They call it the Patriot Act and it is for spying on citizens!
We now essential have achieved a state of continuos warfare, not only through the creation of actual enemies, but also wars against ideas, i.e., War on Terrorism, War on Drugs, War on Poverty (what a joke that was!) etc. Unwinnable wars which concentrate power in the hands of a ruling class.
People get assaulted in public for questioning the official version of 911 or the invasion of Iraq.
This posting is probably being monitored and could one day be used against I.
This government can and does "disappear" people, what more power could they weild?

Messenger: Irey Iditation Sent: 5/11/2006 1:55:15 PM


truth be spoken from dread lion. i feel the I on that matter.
Babylon cannot take back what they themselves have created. It leaves us I's on the brink of becoming involved with what we do not take part in. let Jah wipe away the things that bring other I's down, let Jah clear it as the smoke clears.

Praise to Jah for the clerity for which has been brought to I and I.

Irey Iditation

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 5/11/2006 3:52:27 PM

If you refuse to accept an illusion the cannot ever take your truth.
Check the proles, nobody cares about the proles because they don't need government, seen.
Find a patch of dirt that is unused and plant food.
Put out a barrel with a screen on top to collect rain water.
Start your own business or non-profit and stop paying taxes.
Community organize.
Be self sufficent and sustainable.
Remember that nobody can change your mind for you, they can only make you choose to change it yourself or kill you. But they can't ever make you accept the lie as truth.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 5/12/2006 8:28:27 AM

sound words empress


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Haile Selassie I